Hello Counselor EP.413 Part.1 [ENG, THA/2019.05.20]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The couple is so cute haha uwu and i hope they can live happily ever after please bless this cute couple with many love

  2. AWW that couple are so cute I love them.. and the wife has TASTE stanning car, the garden

  3. I wonder how I am gonna look like a old crazy women fangirling BTS ..

  4. This is outta topic, but I high-key think I have like problems bruh…whenever I see someone cry in public like on a tv show, a presentation etc… I'm always cringing instead of like being able to just watch it. Like I feel bad for em…but I physically cringe. I don't cringe if it's private tho…idk if I have a problem or what…? I'm starting to worry that I may have empathy problems?

    The first couple is cute af tho

  5. Actually frisby has become a sport. Its not just for dog 😂😂😂

  6. I remember my dad from the 1st story. He used to be a cook in merchant ships and was always away abroad. He would only be home to be with us for just a month or two then spend the rest of the year working. When he died, I was only 13. If I could count the years I spent with him, it would never be over 2 years. This is why I feel bad for the husband. I feel like, he just wants to spend the remaining days of his life with his family after years of being away from them. We don't know how short life is or how it'll end so I really do hope the wife will realize this.

    Also, I know how in some countries, parents are not expecting their kids to provide for them when they start earning on their own, but in my humble opinion, I think, it's always better to give back to your parents just so they would never have to work their asses off again for their own food or whatever. They're old and they deserve rest and comfortable life after years of working to put their kids to school or provide for the whole family. It doesn't necessarily mean giving them a luxurious life but, at least, a comfortable life wherein they can enjoy their retirement years.

  7. the husband and his wife are so cute i laughed a lot i wish the wife would spend more time with her husband ♥️

  8. I love this couple ♡ May God bless them one family ♡ And btw his daughter so pretty, I can see she got it from her good looking parent ♡

  9. Does anyone know where to get that green sleeves sweater shes wearing?! @3:30

  10. Are you sure you're not waiting for her to be there for you as cooking, cleaning and taking care of your person instead and solely? Just asking and saying! 😛 If he was a sailor, she must I felt the same when he was away and now she found another purpose: working! They have to adjust, especially him!

  11. My heart melts everytime gyuri with her puppy smile show up😍😍

  12. That first concern… I'm kind of on the wife's side. Not sure if this is just a translation thing, but the husband says he wants to talk to his wife, and the daughter says she wants to tell her mom about her week. Both of them are thinking of the benefit for themselves. I wonder if they listen to her as much as they talk? The wife has a musician she loves, and the husband and daughter are so dismissive – why would she want to talk to them if they react this way?

    The wife said she was the middle child – not as loved as the older kids, and she had to help the younger kids – and that she started working early. It feels like her life has been all about other people since she was very young. If she wants to work and enjoy her time alone, away from (possibly) nagging family members, and enjoy her fandom life, I say good for her.

  13. Car the Garden's songs are really wonderful. It's emotional and has very deep meanings that touches ones heart. Most of his songs are about life that makes you reflect about yours. He has songs that talks about his love for his parents and even gratitude towards his aunt. He has very sentimental songs because he has a sensitive heart.

    I'm not a hardcore stanner like the mom but I deeply appreciate Car the Garden's music. It's very healing. 💕👍

  14. 아주 오래 오래 건강하시고 행복하세요~~~! 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

  15. Ahhhh being a captain of fromis_9 is not easy for Saerom 😢. You already at this far Saerom.She really want to became an idol as she gave up before, and only Idol School only her last chance. Idk that she roled at drama before as I heard by some fans. People always talk about Saerom and now she becomes leader. Thank you for your hardworking Saerom 👍. And….. Gyuri, you're so cute😍

  16. What the helmet is $700 OMG I can just buy that for like $20-$50

  17. i started crying when Car, The Garden sang to her.. 😭🗿

  18. Ajusshi why don't you go sleep at the restaurant if you miss her so much?

  19. At first I thought if the husband help the wife at the diner then they could work and be together at the same time, and then he said he was working on merchant ship and only had time off less than a month in a year for 26 years. It's understandable why he feels lonely and he worked for so long he deserves to rest in his old age 😢

  20. shes really living the dream life. doing the job she enjoys and fangirling ;;;;;

  21. 아버님이 너무 귀여우시다
    이런 남편은 또어딨어요 어머님ㅠㅠ
    앞으로 두분은 같이행복한시간이 많이 보내세여😳💙

  22. That guy has a same vibe as my grandpa have. He resembles of my grandpa so much.

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