Hello Counselor EP.412 Part.1 [ENG, THA/2019.05.13]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Out of topic but the men 2:42 in the right is so handsome. Even men like me also feel fascinated 😁

  2. Why can't employees answer rude customers?…I feel like some abuses the "customers are always right" policy, and it's pretty irritating….I think that disrespectful and rude customers should be put in their places.

  3. I completely understand the son, I’m glad they came on and where able to communicate, I would love to do the same, but I hope he gets rid of his habit and becomes happier 🙂

  4. She had a baby around 15-16? That’s looked down more upon than being a single mom. You’re basically still a child yourself.

  5. I like this program very much. It is a program in which my country is flowing! Looks very enjoyable👍

  6. The owner of bar were acting same with me. I hate rude customer,always complaining, sudenly angry. I will talking rudely too. Even im just an employee, I dont care. Hahahaha

  7. Like i always say if you don’t have the ability to raise a child, dont do things harshly. You’re just gonna make them suffer in any ways.

    Although people always say that abortion is bad and killing a life. But if you think about it a lot of people end up abandoning their kids after giving birth to them or do things like this concern and make the kid suffer. It’s better to abort them while they’re inside and is not really developed yet then letting them enter the world and put all your concerns n anger on them or abandon them or abuse them where they can REALLY feel it because they’re breathing and REALLY alive when they’re out of your tummy so please think twice if you don’t have the ability of course it’s better not to do things if you’re not ready but accident happens so i’m saying this for all the people out there. How you treat your kids is how they will probably be like when they grow up so please don’t develop more people like yourself if you’re abusive so we can live in a beautiful world with no abusive people.

  8. I am trying to understand this woman but I cannot. like how are you putting him down, and at the same time want him to do better.the pressure on his shoulders is pretty heavy….

  9. dear boy please stop stealing your mom money. its hard to raise you. be a big boy who protect your mom and work hard. games is not a solution

  10. I have never seen in my whole life people that so obsessed with age like these Koreans! I live in Korea currently and i lost count how many times i told total strangers how old i’m!! I’m an Italian but i was born and lived my entire life in the Middle East, asking people especially women about their age considered inappropriate or rude according to Arabs, i miss my life there

  11. Just came here for golden child ❤❤ Y look like jungkook so much omg cute

  12. I think he gets bullied at school and his step mom and dad didn’t treat him well either I think he’s doing this out of frustration this child has gone through a lot of shit in his life time and this show will not solve the issue it will get worse she needs to take him to a therapist

  13. The truth is I clicked because of SungYoon on thumbnail 😅 ouh there's my girl NC.A too 😆😆😆

  14. The first concern is concerning but understandable. So idk what to say coz everything they do is for reasons but kinda heartbreaking in the same time 😔 . I Wish nothing but all the best things in life happened to them. Amen 🖤

  15. KBS world please broadcast this show regularly on TV you keep changing the show time

  16. I'm sending wishes for both mother and son to push through this hurdle together~💕
    They are a small loving family, both of them. ✨
    Of course, every mother and every son….all around the world, have their own shortcomings… But as long as there is still love, trust, and respect in a family, things can still be fixed out, no matter how complicated the problems are! Leave no regrets in life, especially with your blood ties and kins!!
    This family just needs more honesty in expressing their problems and feelings in their communication together….I hope both mother and son keep cherishing this family they got and never give up understanding & supporting one another, Fighting~! 💖

  17. 33:36 wow sometimes i get the idea that koreans can be the most annoying people on the world

  18. It seems like co parenting in Korea needs to be talked about alottt. Most of these episodes the parents get divorced and they leave their kids with their grandparents or the parents get divorced and the kid lives w the other parent not being in their lives it’s insane to me

  19. Yeongja hit it on the nail with first concern, how was she able to understand all that soo quickly. The kid is traumatized and lost interest in what mom wanted him to do. Like he just went to school to hang out with friends. Probably because he was lonely This is very sad I hope the mom and son develop an unbreakable bond. I feel bad for both of them imagine what the mom is going through as well. She must be lonely also and she doesn’t have a partner to share her concerns with. They should be giving comfort and encouragement to each other. Instead dealing with on their own instead of working together. 🙁 I wish them best don’t give up you have each other.

  20. i don't know why everyone's hating on the mom. I agree she should be more careful with her words but she is still caring for him while the dad got a second family and treated his son like a maid T_T

  21. This actually made me kind of mad. Being a single mother myself. My child’s father bailed but I have my parents who help watch her while I work. Yet, even though I’ve had he toughest times, went through ppd, I would NEVER blame my child and lie. That as you can see will effect them for their life. Another thing the boy is only 16. Teaching him to be independent is great but she’s treating him like he is much older than he is. He is still a child learning. She needs to guide him and help him. Okay rant over lol

  22. The thing that hit me the hardest is I have very similar behavior as this boy. I won’t go into detail but I hope we both pull through, I have so much sympathy for him.

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