Hello Counselor – Cho Choonghyun, Lee Suji, Hwang Dongjoo [ENG/THA/2017.01.30]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The wife from the last concern is very pretty and she looks a bit similar to Korean actress Han Jimin! Anyways I think that husband is the worst! He should be grateful that he has such a pretty and young wife and he should take more care of her!

  2. Lee Yeongja is a wonderful woman! If I was a guy I'd definitely love to date her!

  3. I can relate to seungmin. I love to read comic and draw and always drawing everyday. when I told my parent I want to be comic artist they tell me I can't, and choose another job. I really sad when they told me that and cried alone. but now i'm graduate and adult now, and I can freely choose my path. now i'm comic artist my self :). hope her mom let him do what he really love… the make the child that love the parent so much, hate them. even for a while. it hurt

  4. If I have a wife like her, I can do everything for my wife.. Although I'm sick of feminists, but I still like women who have normal mind set.

  5. I thought the man that was 16yrs older was going to be really handsome or rich but I really was baffled that she fell for him. I know it's not all about looks or money but I would not be able to live like that. She is a Saint for putting up with him for this long. Why is he looking for a job, is his convenience store failing? He also can go out to drink and get a driver or taxi but she can't have coffee 5-6 times a month? I hope she takes that $1,000 and spends it on her and the children! I am so heated right now!

  6. As passionate as he is, he must fulfill his duties and make sure everything is balanced. These guys just pushed mom into agreement

  7. I feel so proud for the second concern. The kid still a 6th grader but he had such big passion. He met his idol and get a fishing rod with his sign too. I really felt his happiness from all of this. He's still young but had great passion, goals and I really do think he's going to be successful. Only if his mom let's him achieve it tho

  8. The third concern piss me off!! Is there any update about them? I’m curious on what happens to them afterwards ☹️

  9. 1.50% of people are just talking about Yeongja and Dongjoo.
    2. 40% people are talking about the last concern
    3. The other 10% is talking about the guy from the first concern.

    And i don't know which group im in…

    This came to my mind:
    'Why do i feel like Taejoon and the woman from the last concern looks perfect together."

  10. I love this episode because i saw the happy feminine yeongja.. 😍😍…

  11. I really wanna know how he is doing now, the first concern….I really felt so bad for him especially when they left him to pack everything al alone…I just couldnt help but tear up a little…this isn't just a normal addiction and the way he was treated ached me…

  12. i googled yeongja and dongjoo but why aren't there articles of them dating?!???!?…i hope they are secretly dating

  13. am a programmer and web designer.. i always bring my phones tabs 2 laptops extra batteries chargers ect and cause am also a photographer so ofcourse i bring all my camera with extra Batteries the stands my sketch tools and wires with different length.. ready in my car everytime i go to a cafe or beach or anywhere with great view..

    but i never bring all my "toys" on my families gathering or when i meet my friends 😂😂 just sometimes i will bring extra batteries for my phone…

  14. At 1:16:59 she was questioning all her life choices. She's young and pretty, but instead of living her best life she's a servant to some old dude, who doesn't even treat her like a wife but a subordinate. And since he's so much older she's going to be his nurse soon too. Just get a divorce.

  15. The boy in the 2nd concern is a genius. I love the advice from his mentor too. Very appropriate and insightful.

  16. Yeongja can pull the hot men also I'm glad that he sees her for what she is both as a woman and MC. She makes him blush so much it's great! You go gir!! Doongjoo I'm rooting for you bro!! Can I find myself a Doogjoo🙄🤔

  17. The only thing I care about this episode is if Yeongja and the guy got together! They looked so happy working together and his smile was constant!

  18. The woman in 3rd concern… she must have had low self-esteem growing up,,, marrying a guy like that… She seems like a nice person, very beautiful, yet married a jerk like him; 16 years older too!

  19. I love how they put hearts everytime they interact, it’s so cute!><

  20. This is out of topic but is that Song Mino picture on the caption on 18:00 ? I swear that dude appears randomly in various tv shows that I watch and in so many places that I go to. He is my bias after all but I find it amazing that he always pops out randomly in any way that he could… Is this fate?😂 I wish it is😂

  21. why did she even marry to someone that is 16 years older than her, I feel so sorry for her living a life like that with her two kids

  22. What are these chics living with abusive men n stay with them?? Theres no changing ppl like this…leave these crazy fucks!!!!

  23. Idk it's pretty clear to me that the guy from the first concern is suffering from some anxiety disorder due tohis hoarding addiction. I don't really understand why no one figured that. He needs some serious psychological therapy. The hoarding is the only thing making him feel in control.

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