Hello Counselor – Boom, Jeongyeon, Dahyun [ENG/THA/2017.06.12]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Lol in the third corner Jeongyeon is horrified by all the messiness!!! (She’s the one who cleans the most in their house)

  2. Only watched this even though I've seen this on my recommendations many times before.
    I feel so bad for the father for having not one but both of his children as his additional "problems" aside from the ones he currently has. 😭

    Decided to finally watch this after a long time because I'm really craving for some Jeongyeon-based videos right now. She's so pretty. Love you baby girl!!! 😍😍😍

  3. i wish the son thats skipping highschool etc. saying "i want to start a business, i don't think i'll need school grades to do it" was my son. the fact that he figured it out by himself is quite an achievement. 90% of things u learn in school (at least here in germany) are useless, timewaste and its a shame that the school system hasn't changed yet. i myself only finished "college" because i got paid a lot of money to do it. but guess what, literally 90% of what i learned is completely useless. german history, art, general history, french, sports there is so much useless BS that is so unnecessary to learn. i'd support the sons decision 100%. and especially nowadays we have the internet, if one wants to become whatever they can just learn most things for it from the internet..

  4. Why do i keep focusing to the mc with black shirt?… I mean look at the picture on it. I can't concentrate watching this.😅

  5. I'm always so surprised at the prices, is dollar somewhat low in value in korea? Like from the first concern 500$ for a 1 hour lesson that's like 25,000-27,000 pesos here in the philippines •-•

  6. This is super random, but the doctor in the second concern is so handsome lol

  7. "Since we will live 30 more years together anyway"… That's actually more than what most people can say.

  8. Please come and talk about your life problems via this slide into a ball pit…

  9. And then there is me – preparing for graduation exams and sitting in school for 9 hours…… It's not pleasant for anybody. But we have to keep going and graduate, this is the minimum we can do.

  10. Praying for the first family ✝️❤️ no program has made me cry like that in a while 🙏🏽 I hope we’re all doing well.

  11. no one asked but the friend of the 2nd concern is handsome 😶👀

    in other news, daaamn koreans are rude as fuck lmao. if people straight up made fun of or pointed out someone's weight on american tv, they'd get cancelled lol

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