Hello Counselor – 3rd Anni. Special w/ Sung Sikyung, Suzy(Miss A) & Jeongsin(CNBLUE) (2013.12.09)

Glenn Chapman


  1. What happen?? I just saw the last episode but the winner was a butcher not her!!! Did you deleted that ep???? Please help me!!! Pd I watch the playlist of Kbs did

  2. i want to watch the episode with the girl with the name 0, does anybody know what episode she appears in?

  3. Wasn’t the winner change already from previous episode? I don’t get it.

  4. Dad in the last concern if he can't provide his own living expenses then let him run away. I'm not a parent but I was a teenager and I never did something like this. If I talked back to my mom she would TKO me . The dad is lower his status as a parent. Lay down the law and if he can't deal don't let the front door hit you on the way out.

  5. What make me amaze more is that I already know all the problem that they reviewed (even with the concerned people in the studio). Am I an Hello Conselour's maniac? 😆😆😆

  6. Volviendo aquí después de tiempo … este episodio es muy gracioso ~
    This episode is so interesting !

    Suzy is so cute❤️

  7. What episode or season is in the 48:55???
    Please… Anyone… Hoping😭😭😭

  8. I hope the son doesn't take his father for granted. He doesn't deserve someone so precious.

  9. That son is such a bratty, spoiled, ungrateful little piece of sh*t. You think you're gonna own a business with that attitude and work ethic? F*ing dream on. You'd be rotting on the streets if your dad didn't care about you so much. I almost lost it when he couldn't compromise and take the 10:30 curfew like really? What kind of life are you living if you have so much to do that you can't even come home 30 minutes before the time you wanted? Too busy smoking and sucking your dad's money dry?

  10. I keep coming back because of Jungshin ❤️ I can't handle his cuteness 😍

  11. Jungshin's face at 32:36 hahahahaha Jungshinie you're the cutest 💙😂

  12. been binge watching these and quite to say i am in love with this show XD anyone can recommend other korean shows like this?

  13. Another dumb ass in the making. What a disappointment. His dad doesn't deserve a joke of a son

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