Heart of Sharjah – The largest historical preservation and restoration project in the Sharjah, Part1

Hello welcome to my new vlog I’m in a project by Sharjah Investment Development Authority, which runs parallel to Sharjah Creek With all the antiques in the club But by incorporating what has become Sharjah’s Modern This is a project that shows us what Sharjah should be like fifty years before and after There are four museums and three souq’s That’s the views we are going to see today So welcome to my new video Sharjah is a city rich in history and heritage We are seeing the houses that they lived in old times They have reproduced it exactly where they were See, here we can find a park.
Even here they have incorporated all the their Traditional Heritage A lot of kids come here to play and have fun in the evening To protect and restore Sharjah Sharjah, like the 1950s, can be revived Heart of Sharjah is a cultural heritage project aimed at bringing back Heart of Sharjah is a 3500 square meter project. It is also the largest heritage project in the Persian Gulf

Glenn Chapman

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