Healing Trauma in Veterans with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

HEALING TRAUMA IN VETERANS WITH MDMA-ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY NON-PROFIT RESEARCH MADE POSSIBLE BY YOUR SUPPORT I’m Rachel Hope. I live in West Lost Angeles I was one of the original subjects in the clinical trial in South Carolina, testing MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy to treat PTSD. My name is Tony Macie. I went to Iraq in 2006 and 2007. When I got back I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was diagnosed with acute complex post-traumatic stress disorder and that’s because I had many different kinds of traumatic events that collectively created a really complex and difficult one to resolve. The first eight hour session I had with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, I immediately had a reduction of symptoms that was obvious. A lot of different participants have stated over and over is, this is like having three years of therapy in one day. And with MDMA, we’re really offering a very short term treatment that requires only taking a medicine two or three times. Well in our first study people had to have had psychotherapy and medications for PTSD and not been helped adequately, and the average duration of the PTSD in that study was nineteen and a half years and most people had to have lots of therapy and a number of medicines. Once they got MDMA-assisted therapy 83% of the people who had not responded to other treatments, responded to MDMA versus 25% with the same therapy but without MDMA. I remember during the therapy one of the first things I said when it kicked in was, this is what I’ve been looking for. I reconnected with myself. I, I did a lot of internal work and afterwards it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. For like 20 years, I was trying to use all these other therapies and wanted to be free. I wanted to be able to have control over myself. I didn’t get any real healing until MDMA. Since the MDMA-assisted therapy, even the first session, it was like 75% of all that just went away. I went to the VA on and off, I don’t know how many times, and did the therapy that they had, did the medication therapy, and then I kind of just fell off the radar and secluded and did my own thing and got really dependent on one of the meds. The emphasis is on MDMA assisting psychotherapy rather than MDMA being the drug that is given automatically by itself. We see the MDMA as a catalyst to help people have a therapeutic experience, not just we give a drug to change the symptoms but we give the drug to help people have an experience that then gets at the root of what underlies the symptoms. That MDMA is really the, the support, the support that then allows the participant to go fully into their, the expression of their trauma and their emotions, and that as a therapist we’re just holding that container for them to be able to go through that process. By adding this tool it might not be the end all but it’s going to be a tool that can help a lot of people drastically, and that’s what we’re looking for right now is new or different approaches that will work. I’d say it’s important for the study to be completed just because of the world we live in. We need evidence based data for this to go forward and the evidence is pointing to really, really good results, better than a lot of other things. Almost all of the study subjects in both studies have said, especially I think the veterans, have said that they’re doing the study for themselves but they’re also doing it for other veterans. I think that we all owe them to do something for them. Since I’ve been cured with PTSD I only suffer from one thing from PTSD and that’s kind of this survivor’s guilt. I got help while I am surrounded by people who are suffering who don’t know they have any hope. For people that are considering making a contribution to this study. I would say that your donations will be highly leveraged that first off you will help us finish this study. It’s total cost of about 1.4 million. We’ve already raised almost 900,000. We have substantial support. We have a fair ways to go but helping us complete this study gives us the evidence that we can then use with the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Mental Health, foundations and other donors to liberate millions of more dollars for the furthering of our study. If you put on one of those yellow ribbons on your car, or say, if you support the troops and you have the ability to actually support them. Here’s your opportunity. Help transform the lives of
veterans, firefighters, police officers, first responders, sexual assault survivors, victims of violent crime, natural disasters, terrorism and many others suffering from PTSD The sooner it gets finished, the sooner we can help more people. Help complete this study Support MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research for veterans with PTSD on Indiegogo mdmaptsd.org/healingtrauma Subtitles by the Amara.org community

Glenn Chapman


  1. First time I took it was with 2 very good friends. I had so much energy and we talked for hours, I cried a lot – but it was all good, extremely healing and I reconnected with myself ♥ An experience I needed so much! Thank you for the amazing work you're doing ☼

  2. lol of course…weed start to become legal and you drugheads gotta try pushing it into harder drugs XD love it…get a job

  3. In a recently completed study, 83% of subjects receiving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy no longer qualified for PTSD. We need your help to complete more research and spread awareness about the need for more effective treatments for PTSD: http://mdmaptsd.org/healingtrauma

  4. MDMA changed my life. Six hours helped me more than the years of therapy I had been through previously. Thank you Anton Köllisch.

  5. Although I don't use MDMA anymore I will tell you first hand that it helped me so much. I was neglected and suffered emotional abuse as a child and never dealt with it. MDMA was instrumental in me being able to analyze, work through and cope with it in a positive way that lead to my healing. I was on anti-depressants for years and was even diagnosed as being bi-polar. WHAT A JOKE! I don't take any #drugs for depression or anxiety anymore. They never worked but I was "brainwashed" by the medical establishment and society in general that I had to keep taking these poisonous drugs. I don't drink alcohol anymore either (not because I have to its just the desire completely left me). And thankfully I never picked up that nasty smoking habit. The rest of my family did but I somehow avoided it.

    I do not feel like a slave to any drugs legal or illegal. MDMA helped me in more ways than healing from my childhood but it also felt like it calmed me down and straightened my ability to process my life.

  6. Apparently MDMA helps people become happier and changes their lives.
    No shit. What an achievement. No one knew that…

  7. dude I got arrested for this like 2years after my deployment. Why aren't you guys spreading the word about this? This is so important

  8. the people at MAPS are fucking angels.   thank GOD for the internet and the power of information

  9. Such a shame it is still controlled as sch I (the most stringent control). If found with 50 doses the mandatory minimum is 25 years.. Veterans are offing themselves at a rate of 22 per day and they pass 1000 liquor stores going to the VA to get SSRI's, Oxycodone, Xanax etc all toxic addictive drugs. SSRI's have a black box warning for suicide. Who the FUCK engineered mental health procedure and drug laws? Swear it's like Nazi's.

    MDMA in its pure form is a very benign drug. You take it, 45 minutes later it's warm gentle grasp quietly ushers you into complete bliss with deep contemplation of whatever the users thought process is. If you are hurting, MDMA will find out why you are hurting and figure out or "rewire" a way around that pain. If you are just fine but maybe have some marital problems, Solved.. I think it was banned as the consequence to the typical daily dosing psychiatry.. "Oh boy we don't want a cure!! We'd be out of business".

    Truly is a wonder drug and I'm very glad a very small select few get to be cured of their PTSD. This time tomorrow 22 more soldiers will have done what is terrible. Why don't they have this tool yet? Why doesn't anyone with deep troubles, pain and PTSD have access to MDMA?

    I was railroaded into a 15 month sentence that was hell.. First half I was Beat up daily. Took my food. If I stood up I'd be put in the hole. My Fiancee "committed suicide". Crooked as cop came in and hinted at killing her after another told me he was fucking her.. On and on. Turned into a monster with that experience. Got out and was to see a Psych nurse.. She gave me Prozac and Remeron.. All the sudden I was jumping out of my shoes I was so fucked. Couldn't leave my house without panicking.. I told her I thought it was PTSD and she laughed at me saying "Only people who go to war get that".. Months of prozac left me in a state of numbness that was horrible. Didn't even want to live anymore.

    All I will conclude with is that MDMA is a wonder drug and it needs to become legal for mature suffering adults, especially those at the end of their life. Dr Alexander Shulgin and the unwitting German tech Anton Köllisch at Merck back in 1912 came across one for the books for sure.

  10. Cptsd is not just for people who serve as a job or sexual assault victims, i hate that it's only portrayed that way. I've suffered from cptsd since childhood because of the instability, neglect and emotional on occassion sexual inappropriateness I experienced due to the lack of care and love my parents were able to give because of their extreme and untreated mental illnesses. My grandfather was an alcoholic who suffered ptsd and was also narcissistic who constantly mentally abused my father so he inherited these same disorders and passed them on to me. My mother has a delusional disorder and was a stay at home mom mostly. I was raised by my parents. Mental health wasn't really explored when they were children, but clearly there was something wrong and they both have learning disabilities as well. Now I have cptsd due to their lack of care. I cried every day in kindegarten and was heald back, I cried in 3rd grade evety day and refused to go to schoo. I am angry that there was no help for me at that time, no one offered to have me see the school psychologist. I was left to suffer alone as,I was constantly bullied and abused in school, I threw up on the school bus most days and came home with excrutiating migraines from stress. Teachers were frustrated with me and no one took care of me. I had no body who understood and still resources for people who suffer with what I finally got diagnosed with at 31 are held back. I would die to try this. I have a hard time getting a job because of it. I started college and am alomost done with my bachelores degree in psychology because I wanted to understand my disorxer. Unfortunately college hasnt taught me much about mine. They teach about the amygdala and things, but not cptsd specifically.

  11. True story:
    I took mdma at a music festival and i ended up talking to a emt by the medical tent and I really opened up to the dude and told him about the bullshit I was dealing with at my job and what was going on in my life at the time. We talked for a good hour and it really made me realize how much mdma could help people open up to others and express true emotions without worrying about others opinions
    Mdma assisted therapy could be a game changer for anyone with ptsd

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