Healing Through the Art of Photography

Welcome everybody my name is Dave, Grenier, and this is photo heal, healing through the art of photography Let’s get started There’s a lot of us out there that are suffering from something: depression, Epilepsy, Cancer maybe even just a broken heart. Mine is a story of depression through a Epilepsy at one point I felt absolutely useless. I lost my job twice. I wasn’t able to work. I wasn’t able to drive I wasn’t able to go out and just see my friends I couldn’t even help my wife by going to get groceries when she was at work. I know what it’s like to feel useless, but that’s just it you feel useless You aren’t useless There’s a little secret I got for you. You’re pretty awesome We all have something that we’re going through and It’s really easy to lose sight of how awesome You are and everybody has a perspective of something even if your bed ridden. If you can’t go out maybe you’re stuck in the hospital and you can’t you can’t do anything. That’s where PHOTOheal kind of came from photography is An art form that anybody can do and I think feeling creative expressing your creativity is so important to the healing process It’s so easy all you have to do is Take a camera Pointed at something that you want to share and say look at that That’s awesome. Hey look at this cheese pizza that I’m eating it’s delicious. You should be jealous that’s what a lot of people do I try not to take too many pictures of my food, but it happens once and again. I wanted to do something for people because I understand what it’s like I got freedom from myself. I ended up kind of feeding into the depression because I was going on forums all the time. I was trying to connect with people to feel like I wasn’t alone – and forums are awesome they are great especially when nobody else understands what you’re going through. I was going on these forums, and I was I was doing it so much that I was feeding into the victim mentality. That’s not to say that people that are on the forums are victims or that they feel that they’re victims, but for me I couldn’t escape my Epilepsy because I just kept thinking about it, non-stop all the time, and it was just a downward spiral. It just went down and down so what I did was I stopped going on the forums. That helped me a lot. I took the bull by the horns, and I enrolled in college now obviously I can’t drive I can’t go anywhere, and I actually live in the middle of nowhere right now. So I went online and I looked for online degrees things that I could do From home and that if I were to get better which I am, but if I were to get better What job could I do remotely from home if my epilepsy came back because this was the second time that I came back and I chose graphic design Graphic Design is not one of those things that I ever thought that I’d be. I never thought I’d be a creative I really didn’t. I always thought I was gonna be some sort of scientist, or you know pursue the sciences. But I think we lose something as we get older. I mean when were kids we draw all the time and then we feel like we’re no good at it and we feel…stupid. And that’s that’s dumb. Don’t feel stupid. You’re awesome So anyway on to this whole process PHOTOheall is all about healing through the art of photography right? So what does that mean? I want you to feel like you’re good at something and trust me you’ll be good at this. All you have to do is be willing to let people see your perspective It’s super-simple. So throughout this process we’re gonna learn some of the basics, we’re gonna learn the fundamentals. We’re gonna start at square one and work our way all the way up so you can be an entry level- never touched a camera before in your life and then work your way up until maybe a professional level if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, if it’s a casual thin, than awesome. What I want for you is to develop a skill set that you’re gonna enjoy, you’re gonna be able to share it and you’re gonna feel good about yourself. That’s really what this is all about. This is how it’s gonna work. We’re gonna have about two to three videos per week. One is gonna be “Motivational Monday” which just introduces you to what we’re gonna talk about that week Maybe give you some tips to get you started and the second is”Tech Tuesday” That’s gonna teach you things like what aperture is and ISO and shutter speed That’s also where we’re gonna go over setting up your camera to have the most optimal picture for what you’re looking to do and then three is “Photo Friday”, and that’s what we’re gonna share all of our photos. Don’t be scared. It’s gonna be completely fine. We’re gonna share a photos, and it’s just gonna be a general photography overview or just something to do with the photography. I don’t know, it’s very kind of loose But basically the whole point is that I want you to feel comfortable with something that you can do from your heart. Okay, and I want you to share it. In order to keep this as accessible to everybody as possible then I’m not just gonna focus on DSLRs. I’m also gonna focus on cellphones. That’s primarily what we’re gonna use, because most people don’t have DSLRs. But we all have our phones in our pockets every single day and that’s awesome because I fill up my phone with pictures, especially if you get special lenses for this thing – Oh my god, but we’ll go into that “Motivational Mondays”, “Tech Tuesdays”, “Photo Fridays”, okay This sounds like something that you really are interested in go ahead and click the subscribe button below so then that way you’ll get all the information you won’t miss a video Then you can comment on them, and you can say “Hey Dave. I saw that you did this. What is is ISO? You didn’t explain that.” It’s okay. Go ahead and call me out on it. If I don’t say something, if I didn’t say something here. I won’t be mad. It’s totally cool. If this isn’t really your bag, if you’re not really super into photography or your way and past this stage then go ahead you can you can just click on like say “Dave you are awesome, you are awesome, but it’s not my thing.” okay I won’t be offended. But if there’s somebody that you know that you think might be able to use this, go ahead and share it with them. You just click the Share button and then you can choose if it’s Facebook or Google+ or whatever else it is and it’ll give you a link. Go ahead and look at these photos. All right. That’s just a simple difference of perspective. But what most people do is they say “Oh, I’m gonna take this photo” and *click*, but instead of just taking a photo that everybody else can take, just change their perspective. This is all about your perspective. If you can’t even get out of bed, you can still take some amazing photos, okay? So we’re gonna go over that. I’m gonna see you tomorrow for “Tech Tuesday”, and then “Photo Friday”, and it’s gonna be awesome. All right until next time Be good to each other Listen, I don’t want any, I don’t want any *garbled gibberish* Welcome everybody! My name is Dave Grenier, and this is PHOTOheal. I don’t know, I don’t know what ‘this’ is…

Glenn Chapman


  1. What sort of photos do you like to take? Β I'm a landscape and macro guy myself.

  2. Hi Dave! Dave this sounds awesome~ This will be fun~

    Photos I like to take, shapes fit in a frame. I like finding abstract aspects of nature and framing it in such a way that it flows through the picture-space in a 'right' sort of way. It's fun that you highlight perspective at the end, because that's everything about life and that's everything about photos. By capturing something on film/image, and fitting it to a frame, we can say a thousand words. Seeing the 'same old place' through new-other eyes tickles the funny-bone πŸ™‚

  3. Great great video! My favorite shots are portraits and styled shoots. Now that you mentioned it, it does feel so great out there when I’m shooting. Laughing and making the subject feel great about themselves.

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