Healing Humanity | Spoken Word Poem by Natalie Patterson

-Life is complex. You should know that up front. There will be tears
and hurt and joy and pain. So much love and magic
and heart break. Did I mention
life is kind of weird? It is this cacophony
of people and things, ideas, and promises we meant to keep. Think of it like —
like a symphony. We are each members
of this perfect sound. But individually,
the song just ain’t the same like Drake
without the corny dancing. Okay, that’s a terrible example,
but you know what I mean. We are a symphony
having a part to play. And should we give it our all, we get to bask
in the goose bumps. Get to settle into the magic,
and speaking of magic. This is the best part,
but it’s tricky though. Because — Because magic
is this illusion, right? This crazy blend of intoxicating
allure and hard work, sometimes you’re gonna feel
like a prop. Feel like an unfinished trick, but should we execute
masterfully, we get to understand
the bigger picture. You get to stand center stage
while the whole world claps and that feels fantastic! Even if the whole world
isn’t actually clapping. Picture yourself in the face
of your next heartbreak but equipped with the knowledge
that it all works out. Would you still
feel as devastated? Looking back,
I wish I would’ve known how good my life was gonna get. How each hurt prepared me for
the next best version of myself. I might have seen rejection
as God’s protection and let that fool go
with greater ease. Your perspective
is your saving grace. Press your sprit
against your faith and promise yourself
that something more is coming. This is how you heal. Do not sulk,
do not give up, do not invest your energy
in people who do not value you. Your duty is to place yourself in the best-case scenario,
but not on some creepy, capitalistic
crab-in-a-barrel tip, but by proving that you’re
actually worthy of magnificence especially when
your faith is wavering. And I mean faith like only
visualizing positive outcomes like praying to your God
prayers of thanks even when nothing is working because you know
that something will. Faith like not losing hope
for recovery, like staying the course. And when we do this work,
it’s hard to describe the work of — of not letting our past
define the outcomes of our futures we heal. If we heal individually,
so do we collectively. And on the other side of pain,
we find love. We find joy in
the laughter of children. We find balance
because we did the work. It ain’t easy my friends. Healing is not easy. But it can be the best thing
you’ll ever do for yourself and humanity.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Very inspirational and powerful. Loved it. Kind of reminds me of Prince Ea on YouTube as well.

  2. I need more people like you in my life honestly… You're an amazing human being <3
    Thanks for sharing


  4. SHE'S BRILLIANT!!! I love all the videos she's in!!! She has a beautiful relationship with words!

  5. Thank you. I'm grateful for people that believe in a better future for all of us.

  6. This is powerful and heart-touching. Thank you Natalie for your heart and courage to speak from your heart.

  7. Natalie, your poetry means so so much to me. "Press your spirit against your faith and promise yourself that something more is coming" wow wow!! Thank you so very much, you touch a chord with so many of us out here.

  8. I find it rather pretentious to call a poem "healing humanity." All she did was write a bunch of generic motivational statements, sit in front of a camera to record them, then added a stupid slow song in the background. There was barely any rhyme to it either, which while not being essential in poetry, is basically a requirement in spoken word. This makes me feel as though humanity is only falling further.

  9. I have no clue what I just watched it all went so fast but it made me happy and excited all at once XD

  10. I put watching this off cause I thought the title of the video was pretentious (like I know best sort of attitude). I am glad that I put that assumption aside and listened to your wisdom. I even shed a tear. Because like a lot of people I have been through a lot of pain and your truth is as real as mine. Thank you Natalie x

  11. I love everything SoulPancake creates, but by FAR these videos are my favorites. She manages somehow to make perfect sense of everything. "Your perspective is your saving grace." What a perfect line.

  12. I love Natalie. I was having a crappy day when I saw this on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  13. I needed this. Your words move me more than I can describe. I always try to help everyone else around me to heal through the hard stuff and have forgotten about me and my pain. It's time to put in some work and heal me too! Beautiful poetry, you are a very talented woman x

  14. "I didn't know how good my life was going to get how each hurt prepared me for the next best version of myself".I must of listened to this a thousand times the words are spoken straight to my heart. Thankyou Natalie you are so beautiful <3

  15. Something about Natalie makes me actually want to listen. I usually turn this stuff away because the speaker never seems interested. Natalie has the passion to look into a camera and change the world. She's awesome πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’—

  16. amazing this is one of my favorite spoken word poems what is your religion? (i'm just curious)
    again this is amazing!! πŸ™‚

  17. Your words are so uplifting and powerful! I love your videos, you are truly inspiring ❀️

  18. "Your perspective is your saving grace
    Press your spirit against your faith
    And promise yourself that something more is coming
    This is how you heal."

    Thank you. This is very inspiring! I really needed this.

  19. You are so amazing! You are exactly what I need to hear, so glad I found you

  20. I need this beautifully intelligent woman to come be my friend! This was amazing, and I might have shed a tear or two….MIGHT HAVE

  21. I can not put into words how much healing this poem has brought into my life.

  22. my goal as a young women today is to take your words and embrace them tomorrow

  23. I moved away from my hometown and was crying tonight because I felt so alone, but this poem turned my night around. <3 Thank you.

  24. I remember when I first came across her videos. they are all so beautiful and they inspire me so much!

  25. Natalie Patterson I have said this several times before. you inspire me to be better. and to keep performing my own work. much love and positive vibes your way.

  26. "Do not sulk. Do not give up. Do not invest your energy in people who do not value you. Your duty is to place yourself in the best case scenario but not on some creepy capitalist crabs in a barrel tip, but by proving that you are worthy of magnificence, especially when your faith is wavering." Love, love, love this!

  27. The most amazing video I've ever seen. This is honestly helping me so much.

  28. "Do not invest your energy in people who do not value you."

    Spoken in this context, in this beautiful poem, it makes sense.

    I wish I could have learned this years ago.

  29. I've been watching Natalie for nearly a year now and I love her so much… I know 10 Things Every Female Should Know by heart. We are so blessed to have a kind and wise being like her in our lives. Thank you Natalie xxx

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