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Is there a supernatural
dimension? A world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Welcome.
Welcome to my world where it’s naturally
supernatural. My guest was so stuck because of
past hurts, trauma, pain, her marriage, her family,
unbearable. But she got supernaturally
unstuck and she says she knows how to not only get you unstuck,
but when you get unstuck, your marriages will be the way God
determined them to be, your relationship with your children
will be unstuck and your relationship with God will be
unstuck. So Trisha, did you agree that
your husband, who is now in Heaven, Jack Frost, was an
amazing combination. He was one of the most
adventurous humans on Earth, but he was also one of the most
wounded humans on Earth. That’s quite a package. And he went to a conference. Your marriage was like most of
your marriages, kind of good one day, bad another day. You know what I’m talking about. And he went to a conference, and
it totally changed him. In fact, Jack was such an
adventurous person, let’s go a clip from the last time I
interviewed him on television. [Begin video] Jack Frost: Father
God comes into my closet and takes me in his arms, and helps
me. And for 45 minutes…
Sid: Excuse me, Jack, I’m hearing what you’re saying. What do you mean God helped you? What does that mean? Jack Frost: God helped me and I
had such a need of comfort. I had never felt comforted. I was 44 years old and consumed
with fear. Sid: Are you telling me that you
felt like I just felt, that God did that? Jack Frost: Yes. I could feel the arms of God
around me. [End video] Sid: I tell you, I
told you he was adventurous. But I have to tell you, Trisha,
I’m still not comfortable with a man jumping in my lap. How tall was he? Trisha: 6-5. Sid: 6-5. How would like a 6-5 man to jump
in your lap. But now, Jack’s parents were
alcoholics. He was almost a tyrant at home. Is that fair? Trisha: Pretty much, yeah,
pretty much. Sid: Okay. Your background, now you were
raised in a very Christian family, but very legalistic. Trisha: Right. Sid: And your father had a, what
was it, a heart attack at a young age, and you went from
middle class to barely getting by. Trisha: Right. Sid: What is it about us humans
that whatever our father is like, that’s what we attribute
God to? What causes that? Trisha: Well I think it’s the
first relationship with a male figure in our life. You know, it’s our earthly
father and it’s out of that relationship that we learn how
to be comfortable in the presence of love. And if we don’t have that, you
know, that love, you know, expressed to us, you know, in
ways that nurture us, you know, that cause us to want to live,
that cause us to be affirmed and feel comfortable, you know if
our basic needs aren’t taken care of in this relationship, it
kind of helps us, or really it really makes us see Father God
in the same length that we see our earthly dad in. Sid: So you know, she gets
married like everyone, and what is the image of a marriage? Not your parents. The image of a marriage is
Hollywood. So it wasn’t Hollywood, was it. Trisha: No it wasn’t. Because Jack grew up in a very
wounded home with wounded parents and they didn’t know how
to get, they did not know how to meet his needs. You know, we all have needs of
love, affirmation, security and purpose. And Jack’s family only provided
those conditions if Jack was performing. You know, if he was being the
best kid or if he was the best tennis player, or if he was
living life doing everything that made his parents look good. And so Jack was kind of, you
know, he wasn’t rebellious or whatever, but he just never felt
valued just because he was guy, just because he was a kid, you
know, he never had that place of security. Like when Jack jumped in your
lap, it might have made, you felt uncomfortable. Sid: It did. Trisha: But Jack was very
comfortable at that time in his life. He was very comfortable with the
presence of a father. Sid: Okay. Both of you, we might say, were
love starved. Trisha: Right. Sid: And you were literally each
sucking the life out each other because you were so love
starved. Is that unusual? Trisha: I think that it’s very
usual. I get to travel all over the
world and everywhere I go, I see marriages in the same shape. Some marriages were in worse
shape than ours because so many people were wounded. And here’s a great statistic I
learned not too long ago. Eighty percent of kids under the
age of 18 years old today are living in homes where the birth
father is not there. So can you imagine what’s going
on in that home, you know? Whenever they’re put in a home
or an environment to where there’s no environment created
for them to feel value, for them to feel like, okay, somebody is
proud of me. Somebody sees what’s inside of
me and they want me to have a purpose, and they want to affirm
me. Where I travel, that’s most
places. That’s most homes that I see. I mean, over 80 percent. That’s unheard of. Sid: When Jack went to a
conference, he comes home and he does something, well he repents. Candidly, because I know you’re
a transparent person. Trisha: Right. Sid: When he came home, he went
out a tyrant. He comes home. He apologizes for his actions. What did you think initially? Trisha: I was suspicious. You know, I mean, I had seen
Jack say I’m sorry, you know, before, but his “I’m sorry” was
“I’m sorry, but if you hadn’t had done this I wouldn’t have
behaved that way.” Or “I’m sorry for this, but…”
You know, there always was an excuse attached to his
repentance. Sid: A justification. Trisha: Right, a justification. Why he did what he did. This time he comes
in and there’s, his demeanor is different. There’s a gentleness,
you know, there’s not a hardness, you know. And
so I’m suspicious. I’m like, okay, this is going to
change any minute. But then he comes in and he
humbles himself, and he takes ownership. See, Jack had never done
that. It was always, “I’m sorry, but if you did
not do…” This time it was, “I’m sorry, Trisha, I
realize that I have hurt and wounded you.” Sid: Hold that thought. Trisha: Sure. Sid: I want to find out exactly
what he said, because it transformed him. I want to find out what happened
to him. What transformed him, because
once he was transformed, Trisha was transformed. When she was transformed, their
family was transformed. Be right back. We’ll be right back to
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It’s Supernatural! Sid: So Jack Frost goes to a
conference on the Father’s love. He comes home and he totally
amazes his wife and family. Trisha, tell me what happened to
Jack in that conference? Trisha: Well at that conference,
there was a gentleman there by the name of Jack Winter, who was
5-foot- 6, prayed for Jack Frost who was 6-foot-5, to receive a
revelation of the Father’s love. What is that? And so Jack asked him, “What do
you mean a revelation of the Father’s love?” So he asked him a question: “Has
your earthly father ever blessed you?” And Jack didn’t know. “My earthly father has never
spoken a blessing.” And a blessing is simple. You know, it’s just saying words
of affirmation. It’s just saying over your child
what you would love to see happen in their life. You know, it’s just like a
blessing, you know. Sid: Well you know, in Judaism,
we do have that blessing. Trisha: Right. Exactly. Sid: I had a problem. You know what my problem was? My father blessed me in Hebrew,
but I didn’t speak a word of it. So I didn’t know what he would
say. But so, he was blessed. When he gets home, what did he
repent of to you? Trisha: Jack had wounded us so
terribly in that same thing, in that driveness. You know, he repeated in his
life with his family the same things that he experienced at
home. His mom and dad were alcoholics. Jack became an alcoholic and a
drug addict. And out of his pain from his
past, he began to wound us, you know. My oldest son, Micah, an amazing
young man, but he never could do anything right in Jack’s eyes. So he would, he was always
trying make us perform for a place of value in his heart. Well we never could do it right. So we never felt loved and
affirmed, and accepted because as soon as we tried to do this
right, it never was good enough. Sid: How did you feel? Trisha: Well eventually, I gave
up. You know, I was ready to say,
you know what, I’m done with this marriage. You know, I didn’t grow up in
this kind of home. And I really thought that my
husband was going to be just like my daddy, you know, loving,
kind and affirming. So I was ready to give up. Sid, the atmosphere of our home
was so totally different when Jack was not at home than when
he was at home. It was so hard when he was home
our kids loved it whenever he was gone. Sid: How long did it take when
you were suspicious, how long did it take with you to see this
is genuine change, and the kids? Trisha: Well not long. I was surprised that it didn’t
take long, because he came home, and for the next weeks, he could
nothing but cry. He was so gentle and he was so
kind that it had never been the Jack we knew. Sid: Did you cry much before? Trisha: No, never, never. You know, cry at all unless you
know, he might have cried if he got a fishhook in his hand or
something like that. But he never cried. And so he cried constantly, and
he was always looking at our kids. And you know, just like so
humble, you know, so in conflict, in turmoil that his
kids, like our oldest son, couldn’t look you in the eye. Well he couldn’t look you in the
eye because he was afraid that if he looked his dad in the eye,
he was always going to be distained. You know, he was always going to
not feel that place of love. Sid: With people that are
watching right now, how does wounding come? Trisha: Well I think wounding
comes first with, you know, someone speaking a curse over
you or not valuing you, or just not affirming you like
especially if it’s your children, you know. And then that place of
woundedness causes us to begin to think negatively about that
person or constantly thinking negatively because we don’t have
any good memories with that person. And then that takes you in a
place to where the enemy really kind of has access to you. Because if you keep thinking
negatively and long enough about someone, then you step into sin
and disobedience because you begin to, I hate to say hate,
because my kids never hated their dad. But they couldn’t think good
thoughts about their dad. Sid: But you know what, and I’m
sure you’ve observed this, someone has a parent that’s an
alcoholic and they say, “I hate him, I hate what he’s doing. I’ll never be like that.” Whatever they hate, they become. Trisha: Yeah, but they judge
that person with a bitter root. A bitter root is a negative
emotion. See, you can have good
strongholds, like you can say Sid: What is a stronghold? Trisha: A stronghold is a
fortress of thought that you continually repeat over and
over, and over again until it finally becomes your truth, or
whatever. Or it’s a negative. It can be a negative emotion to
how you view someone. And you build on that, and you
build on that. But see, there are good
strongholds, too. Like you can have an alcoholic
parent and you can say, you know what, I don’t want to become
that way because I don’t want to hurt or wound my children. That’s a good stronghold. But a bad stronghold or bitter
root is when, “I hate you, you have hurt me, you have wounded
me” and you lose all dishonor, and you can’t respect that
person, and so you begin to disobey that person because you
can’t live, you know, in their rules and regulation, and it
breeds rebellion. Sid: I want you, when we come
back from the break, I want you to explain how people could be
healed. And you know what’s so amazing? As Trisha explains, it’s not
that difficult. Trisha: It really isn’t. Sid: We’ll be right
back. Trisha: Yeah. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Well Trisha, this marriage
wasn’t made in Heaven, but it turned into a marriage made in
Heaven. Give us some keys on, there are
people hurting that are watching us right now. Give us a few keys. Trisha: Well I think for Jack
and I where it began was when Jack began to humble himself and
take ownership for his behavior. You know, it took the
responsibility and it changed the environment of our home. And as we watched Jack live this
life, you see, it wasn’t just some teaching that he, you know,
he came home with. He began to live a life as a
loving father. You know, we didn’t have to
perform. We didn’t to have feel accepted. We didn’t have to do anything to
measure up for this place. And so Jack brought that freedom
home and he brought it home. And then after he repented to
me, he individually, and now this is after also, you know, he
had done this once before, and he individually began to live a
life of relationship with each child. You know, each child is
different. He began to love each child
unconditionally. He began to bless each child, to
speak life over each child. Sid: What did you see with you? Trisha: With me? Sid: Yeah. What was he doing with you? Trisha: Again, before, I was
always kind of more like the slave girl or whatever. Everything in my life was
promote Jack, promote Jack. And what he did differently, he
came home and he began to see me as important. My desires, my needs, what is it
that makes you happy, Trisha? Want can we do today? How can we live life to where
we’re a team instead of I’m the headship, I’m the ruler, you
know, and you have very little value unless I need you for
something. Sid: Many if not all of us have
been wounded probably from childhood, and many of us have
blocked those wounds out, and a result, we can’t even deal with
them. How, what hope is there for us? Trisha: Well I think as you
position yourself for a supernatural revelation from
Father God, because that is supernatural. You know, I think healing comes
in two ways. First, we’ve got to be willing
to identify the woundedness. We’ve got to be willing to say,
Father God, I see this behavior in my life and realize my
behavior wounds other people, and I really want to change, but
I need help. And then I feel like Father God
begins to put people in your life that will help you. But you know, nothing happens
without a supernatural breaking forth of God’s presence into the
situation. If God doesn’t come into the
situation with help, we are doomed. And so it’s twofold. First, recognizing that you need
help and being willing. Jack had a humility about him
that I had never seen before. He was willing, you know, again,
to take responsibility for how he had hurt and wounded the
people in his life. Sid: You know, you became from a
wilted flower, did you ever in your wildest imagination think
you would be seated right there where Jack was, talking to
people throughout the world, ever, ever? Trisha: That was not something
that I dreamed about. No. I always wanted to be Mrs.
… Frost, IV and the mother of his children, and
that was enough for me. But you know what, Jack, he left
us just an amazing foundation. His healing not only has healed
the hearts of this family, but it has healed the world. We still have thousands of
people that come to us on a regular basis to receive a
revelation of the Father’s love. Well what is that? I want to experience the same
healing that healed your family. How do I get there? And so I get invited to
conferences. I go all over the world sharing
just my experiences. Sid: But you know what? What you have just shared, I
believe if you will take that to heart and with God’s help, it is
the beginning. Is it too late for anyone,
Trisha? Trisha: Well I don’t think so. You know, this happened for us
whenever we were in our 40s, you know. We have people come to us all
the time. We have a testimony of one young
man that was in his 50s. He thought there was no hope. He was in and out of mental
hospitals all of his life, and his parents at 70 years old, got
a hold of this revelation of how do you bring healing into your
relationship? How do you heal the heart to the
very ones you’ve wounded. And at 70 years old, his parents
took ownership of their 50-year-old son of how they had
wounded him, how they had been, abandoned him, all the things
they had done to him. And it not only brought healing
into his life, he has never been in a mental hospital since then. You know, he’s come alive. He’s living his destiny. He’s living his purpose, and it
all was because a 70-year-old mom and dad decided, I’m going
to change how I think. Sid: And it all started with
Jack Frost having the Father’s blessing. Can I pray that blessing over
you? Maybe your father never prayed
that blessing over you. I pray in the Messiah of
Israel’s name, Yeshua, Jesus, the Anointed One, that you would
experience the love of God. You would experience the
presence of the comforter, the Holy Spirit. That you would be blessed in
your work, blessed in your family, blessed in your health,
blessed in your finances, blessed in supernatural wisdom
and dreams, and imaginations. That you would be able to be so
complete in Messiah, that you would be helping other people,
that you would not be the walking wounded anymore. You would be walking as a son of
a Father God that wants to just shower you with His love. And out of that abundance,
you’re not sucking people’s love. You are giving love. That you walk in humility and
you walk in gifting from the most High God. In Jesus’ name I pray this is
your moment. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest gets caught up into the
heavenly and eavesdrops on conversations between Jesus and
Father God, and then he just acts out what they’ve been
saying. Isn’t that what the Messiah
taught? I only do what I see my Heavenly
Father doing. ♪♪

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