HEAL 100

Health basically I think is our number one
resource. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing and whether going to university
or we’re working. Health is a number one resource. The Heal 100 is a new course. It’s called Introduction of Principles to Health and Well-Being. It’s for
first-year students when they’re making that big transition into the university
environment. We want to be able to give them the tools and techniques to really
thrive in the university environment. We offer health programs we’ve got him
kinetics, we’ve got nursing. There’s facets of Health in psychology but this
is more for students to have health competencies. Absolutely a student going
through human kinetics is going to learn some health competencies but not
necessarily a student going through science or psychology or arts or business is
going to learn health competency and that comes right back down you know you think of elementary school about you know your reading, writing and arithmetic. Health is one of those. The course is a very broad based health course, looking at all the
dimensions of well-being and health so there’s going to be physical and
obviously nutrition but there’s also going to be sleep and well-being and
mindfulness and we’ll talk about gratefulness and how all these things
impact health as well. This course really aligns well with UBC’s Aspire, the
strategic plan as well as the Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting
Universities and Colleges. This course, specifically, is a way of putting
well-being as a top priority for our UBC students. To take care of our students. We want them to be well so they can do awesome in their university life and
well-being is linked to academic success. No matter what type of work they go into,
their going to carry that health competency with them and that’s going to
trickle out into the community, into whatever job position that they might be
in. And to me that’s another huge benefit of this course. That can have long-term
health implications in our broader community for years to come.

Glenn Chapman

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