He doesn't drink water for 20 years. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.01.21]

Glenn Chapman


  1. He has really nice friends that still stuck by him even though he doesn’t follow what they say…hobbies

  2. Lol she’s funny she attempted to smell the bottle of water lol

  3. When I was little I didn’t drink much water because of the taste…but until I got in kpop and how it’s important for your health and skin….it’s my everything….but it’s cheap and healthy 🙂 and our body needs and is water…so I think education is important…he should mix it with something else and slowly drink it like it is

  4. Take him to a secluded area, point a gun to his head and give him a 2 liter bottle of cold water and ask him to drink but before that; do not forget to whip his ass off with a strong stick so that he believes you when you say you would shoot him.

  5. I was in pre school every time it's recess my mom has cold water for me and before going to school I drank hot cocoa and every time I have my cold water at recess I vomit so I always come home in civilian clothes and not my uniform my mom stopped when I went into grade school

  6. Did the goat that had the kidney stone get it removed??? I hope so.

  7. i didnt realise but i was literally drinking water non stop while watching this

  8. i get the water tastes weird thing cuz i couldnt drink boiled water and almost vomited from it cuz of the taste, my mum refused to let us drink tap water and bottled water has this other weird taste to it so i couldnt drink all of those for yrs when i was small and only drank the filtered water we had at home but it wasnt serious at all.and now i can drink them all and drink a lot of tap water without my mum knowing. bottle water is still weird and i dont like it much but i drink it and boiled water is ew but i can deal with it…sometimes.

  9. Who else got em self a water after watching this??? HAHAHAH LOL

  10. I came here because of Yewon (ex Jewelry), Yuju and Umji (GFriend) ❤❤❤❤

  11. he was traumatized due to GROUNDWATER. was nobody listening? GROUNDWATER! of course he'll throw up. groundwater is so different from water u drink smh.

  12. Exactly why I stopped drinking soda a few months ago. I feel more energized and less crashing later

  13. that alcohol makes you looks old than usual age. you are good looking and lean man before bro. get up and become healthy person. we root for you. btw their friendship is goal. 1:00 aww our gfriend 💗

  14. Omg I have a friend just like this. Since we started college, she told me she never drank water since 6th grade. We have graduated from college for 2 years now. I see her drink green tea and soda. But never has she drank water before..and since I have met her, my water intake has increased. I drink 1 & 1/2 or 2 gallons of water daily. I dont want my skin to look like hers. She's 24 but won't change💔

  15. This gave me anxiety just by thinking of not drinking water for a day

  16. really?…not drink water 4 20 yrs?…r he crazy or from outside world?…….i can't brain witrh this kind of people

  17. WTH, I even drink water after drinking cola or juice. Can't he feel the blandness of carbonated drinks? Lol can't relate.

  18. I can understand him tho. When I was 4-5 years old, my family made me try Durian for the first time, they put a small piece in my mouth by surprise and i thought it smelled horrible and spit it out. And something like 10 years++++ I still don’t even think about touching one, it just so disgusting(from my memory) that I think I will just hate it forever. However, Durian is not needed to my health but Water do so he needs to drink some even though he hates it. He should try flavor water(the smell is better like fruits and etc).

  19. i kinda feel disgusted with this guy who keeps hesitate to drink those glass water, i bet he dont have a desire to live much longer. =_=

  20. Whereas me who drinks water every 5 minutes & water is 95% of the liquids I consume

  21. God u should take hypnotherapy or something,like phobia cases..usuly it works..coz the problem is in his mind

  22. This is so stupid. He drinks plenty of water it's just in other drinks like beer and flavoured drinks…

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