GUIDED MEDITATION SLEEP Lucid dreaming for healing

meditation vacation with christian thomas the
human mind
and body is a delicate and
complex structure always on the run and not enough time to catch our breath from dealing
with our relationships with other people to harboring emotions
that dont serve
a purpose to pursuing our dreams and goals this guided meditation hopes to serve
the purpose of letting go and healing your
mind and body i hope to heal your mind and body

Glenn Chapman


  1. I fall asleep very quickly with this. My friend told me today she has trouble sleeping I made my room dark and played this and told her to be still. I said when your body gets heavy and vibrates your relaxed. After 7 minutes I turned it off and asked how she felt. She said she felt her body relax and got heavy. She wanted to listen to it tonight while she sleeps.

  2. I was listening to the video before this, and then it automatically switched to this one when it was over.

    I didn't realize it, until I was LUCID DREAMING that I was in YOUR Video and actually achieving vibrations. I mean some SERIOUS vibrations. I of course, ended up screwing it up. But still, it was amazing. Thank you so much!

  3. What is lucid dream Christian? what are the benefits of lucid dream to our body (and mind)?

  4. After listening to this twice today I change my mind and recommend this for all. An excellent video with such a relaxing voice. Thanks so much for sharing this video.

  5. Hello in the past I've had lucid dreams or sleep paralysis, Im not really sure. It has happened to me probably about ten times before and for me it was very scary. It randomly happened one night and then it kept happening off and on for about 4 months. In these dreams I would be thinking in my mind to not fall asleep and to try and open my eyes, but it didn't work. I would fall asleep and I could see my room and my eyes were open. I didn't see any figures but I felt confused, scared and a little angry. In these dreams an energy would move my arm or leg up and I would have to try to force it back down. It also happened with my blanket once and my body. I'm not sure why I had these dreams. Do you have any possible answers or conclusions to why this may have happened? It hasn't happened for about 2 months. Please respond. Thankyou!

  6. This music put me to sleep and into some of the most intense lucid dreaming I have ever experienced it was quite frightening. It took only minutes. I went to sleep aware that it could send me into lucid dreaming. I didn't not think it would be this crazy! In my dream I was trying to think of things to alter my dream. I had my headphones on lying in bed to go to sleep. In my dream a few things were happening which I was aware was a dream. But then I woke up in my bed to roll over and tell my girlfriend that this video worked to make me start lucid dreaming she started to choke me and crying saying I grabbed her in my sleep. Then I woke up and that was a dream and she was laying next to me sleeping it was Fucked up. I had to wake her up and tell her what happened. I can see as I write this I only made it 10:38 into the video.

  7. Could not get to a lucid state. I'm new to lucid dreaming and I've always wanted to be able to do it. So far all I was able to achieve was my body going almost completely numb, except for my right arm sending out a very painful rollover signal, which after 10 minutes, spread to my left arm and my left pectoral muscle. Upon waking up, my arms were heavy and difficult to move, and for some reason my body temp must have raised and my whole body was sweating profusely. I almost went into a trance on a different night using hypnosis and binaural beats, and It almost clicked. So far, no success but I'll keep trying. Does anyone with more lucid dreaming experience have any tips? I can't seem to get it. I didn't move for over two hours.

  8. Love the voice however the music overpowers the voice and I had to find another guided meditation!

  9. why do i ind male voices more comforting then the female hynosis ones?

  10. works with people and cats i put it on and my cat was out like a light. i use this all the time and it really helps.

  11. Wonderful, except the piano music wakes me up after pauses and keeps me from continued sleep.

  12. Guys please help,i cant go to sleep when i uses any kind of music or guided meditation or subliminals how can i solve this problem

  13. I'm scared of lucid dreaming I don't wan to experience sleep paralysis, can someone help me ease my mind..?

  14. The voice volume is way too low compared to the music volume. Had to keep getting up to turn up the volume, even at full blast with the music blaring, I could not hear the voice. I am more frazzled and awake then when I started. LOL

  15. I had a very vivid dream and even went lucid on parts of it (a part where I made a 2000 meter jump and didn't panick because I was in complete control, my parachute broke and I was able to "unbreak it" mid air! and i had sex with the male version of my girlfriend! very trippy! definitely gonna listen to it again!

  16. Why when im listening this i think about The Stanley Parable and i.Robot '-'

  17. What's going on?? I can't access anytning nothing will play. I need my medititation :;

  18. man this would be fantastic but the voice sometimes has so much Bass that it sounds like someone is banging on my doors when i listen to this with headphones. Hopefully they can reedit this journey and remove all the unwanted bass from the voice than this would be a masterpiece but it wakes me up when i'm trying to sleep listening to this.

  19. I've used this video at least 8 times in the past two years to help me fall asleep. It's worked every time to help me sleep. As for lucid dreams I can recall 4 in my lifetime. 2 of them I did a test to see if I was dreaming.(which was by making myself float off the ground in my dreams) the other 2 happened last night & this morning.(after falling asleep to this video) I know I've had many dreams were I was aware I was dreaming but only four where I could control some of the dream. It's really cool! Keep a dream journal, minutes after waking up write down everything you remember in your dream b4 you forget it).

  20. My least favorite. The noisy, distracting foreground music increased anxiety as I couldn't hear what he was saying. Not calming at all

  21. The voice was very soothing and I thought "this is going to be great, sadly, I found the music too loud and it was really distracting for me. I have tinnitus. So unfortunately I gave up as I could not concentrate.

  22. The most amazing wonderful thing happened while listening. As I dozed off not realizing that I was sleeping, I found that I could fly- float really. In a sitting position while flapping my hands up and down in front of me. I suddenly lifted up in to the air. Although it took a few tries, I kept practicing until I was way up in the air. I started in my house and flew up to the high ceilings and second floor. Than as I gained more and more confidence I went outside. I flew up in the air, I did summer saults. I felt so amazing- I was in awe of the sky and how I felt tingly all over. I was alone and I was worried that I may not be able to do it again and no one would believe. So I hid glittery matchbox up in the highest pitch of the roof for proof. Lol. However, when my husband came home I quickly showed him what I could do- he wasn’t impressed, I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was jealous but come to find out he was afraid of others finding out that I could fly- and me being exploited. So I promised to never tell anyone but him. It all was so real- I truly didn’t realize that it wasn’t until I woke. Slightly disappointed that it wasn’t real, but knowing I can always come back here and fly again. It was just incredible!!!

  23. I know I dreamt last night and I don’t remember the dream. However, I do remember that it was a night terror. I remembered my dream this morning and reflected back on it.. but I don’t remember now. I was shook.

  24. Normally this helps me to sleep in ten minutes but I’m 40 mins through and wondering if I’m ever going to sleep tonight.

  25. Music is to loud, voice to low, very uncomfortable to listen to, it stressed me out after 5 minute of listening.

  26. I wanted to try this but after reading the comments I’m Afraid. I don’t want a nightmare where I can’t wake up or my heart starts beating fast or I feel like I can’t breathe 🙁 I guess I’ll have to stick to the sound machine that makes rain and fireplace noises I really wanted to try this though

  27. I had a lucid dream I turned into a dawg and went around barking at everything

  28. This is probably my favorite of all of the meditations you have on your channel. I fall asleep quickly every time and I stay asleep until my alarm goes off. As far as achieving a lucid dream goes…. I have had lucid dreams on my own. I found this meditation to try and trigger more.. A few times I've known I was in a dream, but I had no control over anything. I continue to listen to this every night, the more I listen the further into the lucid side of things I get.

  29. i listened to this for the first time last night…i fell asleep and dreamed i was in a house looking out the window watching two men talking…i was watching them when all of a sudden i started yelling to the one guy…"tell him you are in a lucid dream" i repeated myself a couple of times…then one guy walked away and the other guy walked in the house and looked at me a little confused…and i said…why didn't you tell him you were having a lucid dream…i don't really remember what he said…something like he tried but what i mostly remember is his confused look. Okay, so why if i was telling him he was having a lucid dream did that not trigger me to realize i was aware of lucid dreaming in my own dream…go figure.

  30. Hi , I was crying in the night until 3am , i thought i could not sleep now but i will still try this video n i kept my phone on bedside and started to listen first i thought it is not going to work bht then i fell asleep almost after 10 or 15 minutes i was trying to concentrate on video but , i think it was like magic to me

  31. Ive been doing (almost) nightly guided meditations or sleep hypnosis for quite some time now. This is by far the best I've experienced yet. I love the method you use. The way you explain timelines, intentions, and the various brain "waves?" is very interesting and calming to me at the same time. Thank you! ✌

  32. I was really looking forward to this but the volume decreases so dramatically from the opening that I can't use it on my device because it is too quiet to understand anything he says.

    Please consider increasing the overall volume of this video or following the advice of another commenter who recommends higher speech and lower volume music.

  33. His voice really reminds me of Stephen merchant, not just the accent, but the timbre

  34. Thank you so much for your explanations. I have been trying to remember my dreams but they always disappear just beyond my grasp.

  35. This was the first video I had my 1st successful OBE (out of body experience) to.. I know that normally we should be using dead silence and no sort of videos or audio to help but but yeh..

    I gotta get back at it.

    For anyone trying to get to that state, stay very quiet and calm and try to imagine your bed underneath you breathing as you breathe (when you inhale, the bed swells upward, and as you exhale, imagine the bed sinking back down).


  37. Had a crazy dream the whole night but it was awesome because I experienced what I would have later in life. I was in a whole different place and world.

  38. I think your very talented however the music is louder then your voice. I don't find it as relaxing since the music is a little startling to me at times.
    I love your attitude, voice and the premise. I hope you can improve the music! Anyone else feel the same?

  39. Take down the bass in the voice & lower music volume a little. Can barely understand you.

  40. This is my favorite meditation!! Your voice is soothing, and I have dreams filled with colors, sounds and emotions!!

  41. Love his voice! He is the only one I can fall asleep to at night with meditation

  42. Christian I just found this guided meditation and I love it! Anytime you can guide me into sleep and meditation I love it especially the way you provide guidance very peaceful and safe. I need to find more of these with the same type of music and sleep guidance.

  43. Honestly u don’t need music with your voice bro the piano overpowered your voice what a shame

  44. Music is too loud compared to your voice. I can’t relax because I’m straining to hear

  45. Okay I love it. Though I have one constructive thing to add, I think you fixed this in newer videos though— the music is overtoning the voice a bit and it´s distracting. I mean I can barely hear the voice on the device I use to play the video but I can hear the music over it. Thank you for sharing. Maybe you come back to this one later and re-make it?

  46. Sleeping after one of these talk-downs is always refreshing and insightful in terms of dreams, no matter how much or little sleep. thank you

  47. Your video description, while kind of scrambled and repetitive, still shows your intent to be adaptive and empathetic towards a broadly changing audience.

  48. I've had a few crazy experiences with this. Probably one of the more popular topics on my channel. People are waking up to this! Great video!

  49. The ultra aggressive sounding ad just about gave me a heart attack! Ruined the experience completely!!

  50. Whenever I dream it’s ether inappropriate,scary or just really weird

  51. Have you re-recorded this? You said three years ago you would. The voice is just too quiet for me even on a high powered blue tooth speaker next to my bed and with an amplifier. A link would be useful and maybe taking this quieter and old version down

  52. I listen to this every day at work for my nap lol. Today I felt very anxious and tense for some reason but now I feel very relaxed. I even woke up on my own and didn’t need my alarm clock!

    Thank you so much!

  53. Holy cow..like others have said. Immense trouble sleeping..but you help me visualize step by step and I love the balance of music to voice! Perfect. Everytime I listen I get deeper and deeper into your questions with my answers. Thank you so much. And how you give plenty of time for me to think of my response. You have no idea how helpful this is!

  54. it gets me to sleep fast. I tried it two nights in a row and had some of the most creepy/actually scary dreams I think Ive ever had in my life…

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