Guests:Choi Taejoon, Park Jisun, Chungha, Austin Kang, Kim Haon[Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.01.07]

Glenn Chapman


  1. yeah that was gangyong the famous dancer we love that guy great dancer

  2. I cannot even look at the name of this show without thinking of how okay the hosts were with talking about how that father molests his 2 and 3 year old children. It absolutely disgusts me thinking how they laughed when he explains how he touches them, and the kid expressly saying he does not enjoy it. These people are fucked up

  3. Can you imagine the chaos, not to mention the amount of money that would be donated, if BTS auctioned off items for charity.😱💜😍😂

  4. HALA!!! TAEJOOOOON! ❣ Now I'm still waiting for Chanuuu 😍

  5. While watching the auction i was thinking "will they put up some pets too" "istg if they gonna put a dog i will buy it with all the money i had" then suddenly it really come. And they up the doggos for adoption, i was crying while watching it i want a pet dog so bad 😭😭 but in our state country, its kinda hard to have a pet, since the rabies virus among dogs and cats are too risky here :(( sometimes i envied other countries that let people have pets freely

  6. when they said hi-fi it actually sent me into a wifi commercial

  7. What if one of the bidders was a child? And what if that child actually won a bid? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  8. 1:16:02 does anyone knows what s the name of this song plz?? 🙂

  9. The diarama or whatever figurine has a much greater value than what it was sold for, worst of all it was sold to someone that doesn't really give a shit about it. Dissapointed at the cast for pressuring the guy who brought it into letting it go…..

  10. oh no..i`m so in love with Tae Joon..I was watching this because of him…

  11. i miss Tae Joon in this show..He was a great adviser, have brilliant ideas in any problems encounter…Hope you guest him often…

  12. The only thing that made me emotional were the dogs. Dogs are too pure and loyal for humans, we don't deserve them.

  13. does anyone else think the guy at 17:35 looks vaguely similar to park jihoon or am I just blind?

  14. Who knows the title of the song that Kim haon put on the speaker

  15. 14:30 omg does anyone else know the guy in the red jacket and red hair?? He's like my fav dancer i can't believe he watches Hello Counselor too jsjsjs

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