Guests : TWICE's Tzuyu, Sana&Jeongyeon, Lee Jiae, Lee Minwoong [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.04.16]

Glenn Chapman


  1. My mom always said to be yourself, try to get what you want to be. No matter what, you can do it.
    That's make me feel so thankful of my mom. Hey, be strong girl 🙂
    Show your passion, and never give up. Make your dream come true. Isn't easy to had someting what you want. Fighting 🙂

  2. That mother should go eat poop at home and wash her face thru toilet bowl water and flush her face to sobber her senses up!

  3. That woman is a complete psychopath and I'd love to wipe that smile off her face with my fist.

  4. Im gonna kill that WOMAN damn that woman im really pissed of i want to kidnapped that woman and torture her until she realise everything ……!!!!!!

  5. id file a divorce if my wife makes me drink milk, orange juice, and iced coffee when eating chicken.

  6. The first mom kept laughing at her own daughter and i just wanted to go to Korea and slap her in the face. Its rude to laugh at your own daughter and she says her daughter doesn't have the talent to become a Kpop singer and she isn't supporting her own daughters dream.

  7. 15:47 look at sana. Btw if i have a mother like that i would be depress or comite suicide

  8. My Yoda Tzuyu is the sweetest person on earth. I stanned the right idol skskskk😭❤🙏

  9. saying your kid is ugly must be the hardest thing to watch…I mean even Twice looked shocked despite her compliments on them…with that said even if she IS ugly: kpop is all about makeup, photoshop, surgery…it's just weird…

  10. the last guy just wants a freedom of fart, just pathethic…. i mean how is this an issue

  11. isnt twice a team? where are the others, though im super happy that tzuyu got picked. my lovely wifey.

  12. thats the most disgusting horrible maniac EWW any bad words could describe what kind of mother she is, what made her brain think like that?

  13. SaNa is the most adorable and cute Girl on Earth 😘😘😘😘😘

  14. จื่อวีน่ารักมาก ตอนน้องไห้จื่อก็ลูบหลังน้อง ตอนคุณแม่ดูถูกน้อง จื่อก็จับมือน้อง ตอนน้องพูดจื่อก็มองน้องเหมือนดูว่าน้องไหวมั้ย จื่อเป็นเด็กที่เข้าใจคนอื่น มีความเป็นผู้ใหญ่ และจิตในดีจริงๆนะคะ💕

  15. no joke i cried for that girl. i actually understand what's she's going through. and imagining your own mother saying that you're ugly and talentless hurts a lot. especially for teens.

  16. I understand the mom in the first issue was laughing of nervousness and embarrassment, but honestly I wanted to put my arm through my screen and backhand her…..ma'am she's your daughter, not some stranger living with you…even a stranger had feelings.

  17. Twice is so terrible. They sound like second graders when they sing, their dancing is the definition of basic (not their fault though), and this sugary sweet persona is vomit inducing. To this day, I will never understand their appeal. Are they targeted to 8 year old girls? If so, then that makes sense. Other than that, I'm baffled.

  18. The first girls mom says that her daughter will lose all her self-esteem when the judges say she isn't good enough/needs more practice etc. The mother doesn't realize that she is the one who is making her daughter lose all of her self-esteem because she is saying that her daughter is too fat/ugly and isn't talented enough and says that her daughter looks funny while she's trying her best to do what she loves. thats so upsetting. i have a feeling the actual reason her mother is saying that to her is because she will miss her too much. But missing someone isn't a valid excuse to hold someone back on what they really dream about doing.

  19. I just wanted to punch that mom on first concern in the face. OMG How can you treat your daughter this way?

  20. I can fully relate to the wife in the last concern. I really hate it when people fart in front of me and I would feel so disgusted. I'm not saying they have to hold it, they can go to the bathroom or the other room or any place where I can't smell it and I don't think that would be uncomfortable as jiae and leongyeon said.

  21. 1st concern mother is so annoying😑😑how can she laugh to her daughter concern😩😩

  22. It supposed to be a serious talk, but why the heck are they laughing? So annoying.

  23. ohmygod! that first mom is terrible! i'm so annoyed with her laugh.

  24. Her mom is so rude and mean like tf you on about? Saying she won't do good and shit, ugh

  25. 솔직히 사연 주인공 상처도 많이 받았겠지만, 엄마가 현실적인 사람이라 냉정하게 말한듯. 딸의 편에서 응원해주고 예쁘다예쁘다 해줘야겠지만, 솔직히 패널들도 노래부르는것 보고 놀랐을듯. 기본적인 음이 안맞는데 저 나이때는 보통 가수되고싶어하고 하지 않음? 무한한 노력을 해야 할것같은데 이건 아이의 꿈을 밀어주고 말고의 문제가 아니라;;엄마가 딸을 대하는 태도의 문제.

  26. as a mom .. she shouldn't LAUGH at her own daughter dream no matter what she want to be .. it's reaaaaaaaaaaaally making me angry every time she laugh about her daughter dream of becoming a singer songwriter .. my mom doesn't even laugh when i said am going to marry my bias .. *coughcough

  27. If I hear that shitty ass mom laugh again I swear Imma throw hands.
    If that mom gets like a disease when she’s older and doesn’t have money to afford treatment or something she better expect the
    “why would I pay for your treatment you’re not gonna make it anyways”
    from her daughter I swear

  28. Arghh… That mother sh*t i'm sorry that's too much she's your own daughter WTH.

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