Guests: Tiger JK, Kwon Hyuksoo, Risabae, Weki Meki's Doyeon&Elly[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.10.22]

Glenn Chapman


  1. When your daughter is an ARMY and you influenced your father 💜😂😂😂.

  2. My father was a heavy smoker too (he beat his addiction) but I find the smell comforting now, as I’m used to him smelling of Cigarettes

  3. In the first concern I am so frustrated that they didn't talk about how it is so bad for the girl's health that the dad smokes near her..

  4. oh i felt so bad for the first girl… she's so mature and she's only eleven. i really hope her father can quit smoking so she doesn't have to be so worried anymore…

  5. the first concern has to be the saddest concern they've had over the last 10 yrs

  6. whatbdid he mean with international marriage in the first concern? that his wife was not korean?

  7. I still don't get it how could a mother leave her kids behind!! U shouldn't have had children if you're gonna be irresponsible and leave them after having them.. it's so sad how some people are dying to have children and others are leaving their children behind!

  8. this show needs few professionals because these people have real life issues and bunch of uneducated talking about their experience and comics making jokes isn't helpful at all

  9. risabae looks like sunmi lmao. not just in the makeup but out of it as well

  10. The girl in the brown sweater looks like of Felix from stray kids

  11. the last concern is hitting a little too close to home. my mum overworries about and treats me like a wee child all the time like the mother, which was 90% of the reason i got a job out of the country………..

    i should probably call her soon……..

  12. aww does someone know the youtube channel of the first concern? she said she was a youtuber.

  13. Is it just me or the third concern's son's friend looks like a rapper. I can't remember who but seriously

  14. bts is the best than why did he scold his daughter if he liked there songs even

  15. The koreaboo in this comment section jumped out yikes. Anyways the second concern is basically abuse, when will the hosts stop making jokes about it 😩

  16. For the kid in the last concern she is all you have since your father died. She is this way cause you are her son and all she has. If you say you will call set a reminder. I lost my mom when I was 13 and me and my dad were not close he left when I went to college and I have not heard anything in 9 years. I don't know if he is alive or dead

  17. If anyone has the guy in the last concern (or his friends ) sns acc i'd be very grateful …. man they are really handsome

  18. I relate to the last concern so much. I'm also an only child and when I moved out, my mom lost her mind. People don't understand how overprotective single moms are of their only children. We can't live. I had to train her over time to stop calling so much. She had to discover a life of her own, get a hobby, etc.

  19. First concern broke my heart… especially when I saw the father. He seemed so desperate, so sad. You could see that he really feels bad for his daughter but at the same time he seems so done with life…
    I sincerely hope that they will find happiness all together.

  20. I am 21 years old already and i still have no idea why people smoke or drink. like u need to fight the hardships you face, how would smoking or drinking solve it?? Even my friends like smoking and all. Is it just me who is weird?

  21. 21:02 Why are her nails so yellow? Did she wear nail polish or is it because of her father smoking inside the house?

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