Guests – Park junhyung, Kim iljoong, Dindin, Chungha [Hello Counselor / SUB : ENG,THA / 2018.01.22]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I wonder what kind of stress they have to always be selfish?!!! almost all of them are stressed :/

  2. the first concern… I wish I have a husband like him <3 very understanding and loving husband hope she change and live a happy family

  3. 남편 분.. 정말 천사네요..와.. 남편분 행복해 지세요! 시어머니 얼마나 마음이 찢어지세요..그래도 이렇게 보다 듬으시니 너무 대단하십니다. 기도할께요..

  4. Lol the first story is so stupid. Who doesn't feel stress when working, and even my mum work from 7am to 6pm for 6 days per week. She does chores everyday and always clean the house during that 1 day off. What is the lady talking about … she is just lazy to do and wanted to go play and drink with friends….

  5. Real friends won't get mad at you because you can't drink like before if you are married and have children! I've traveled to Korea two times, but I really don't get all the alcohol drinking stuff it's just silly to me, I have an awesome time being sober, so I don't get it, but it's a big part of their culture, I just wish people would take more care of themselves, and do other more healthy activities! I love Korea, and they have awesome places and things to do to relax, I hope they do well for their own lives! 😊

  6. oh god so many of the problems here are really serious (addiction, depression, opression) and probably need counseling and need to be treated… i always build up this dread and frustration when i see them treat it lightly and brush things off sometimes but i guess that's just the tone of the show, after all it's supposed to be family friendly entertainment but i feel so sorry for some of those people, i hope they get the help they obviously need to get on with their lifes :/

  7. 그렇게 술먹고노는 것이 좋으면 차라리 결혼을 말았어야지!
    사회생활 혼자하냐 이 여자야!
    뭐 그따위 무책임한 논리가 있을수 있어!
    계속 그딴 변명거리로 자기의행동을 합리화할 거면 차라리 혼자사는게

  8. The claw machines literally let the owner decide how many times the grip will work and how many times it will fail. It is pre-programmed to not grab anything far more times than it is possible to win. That's why it is addicting, you get an inconsistent reward. This is a gambling addiction.

  9. I'm surprised that they haven't had GOT7 as a guest on this show. I personally think Jinyoung and Jackson would be perfect guests for this show!

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