Guests : NU’EST Aron, Minhyun, Jeong Daeun, , Angelina Danilova[Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.05.06]

Glenn Chapman


  1. now i repeat my comment at othee eposides korean lifes are damaged cuz of drinking and games addiction that the main stream over there its weird i swear

  2. The third concern is just fucked up, he already had so much "flaws" before even getting married so idk why she accept to marry him if only he stop smoking, it won't stop him to continue becoming a jerk…

  3. Okay but can we talk abt the fact that Aron slaps poor Minhyun all the time when he's losing his shit 😂😂😂😂

  4. Angelina is really Beautiful. I won't want to sit next to her too. She is just too pretty. God is unfair sometimes 😅

  5. something everyone must know

    housing is BOTH OF THE COUPLES DUTIE the wife does half of the work and the husband do the other half along with raising the kids helping your family out GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH PRIDE get that into your DAM HEAD

    edit : and it got nothing to with either you’re a man or not 🙂

  6. How dare the dad say cos it isn't proven, it's totally fine? IT'S NOT. I hate people who smoke honestly. Yes I will even hate my dad bcos he smokes. My dad went from smoking to vaping to smoking again. I've been breathing in secondhand smoke since I was young but I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about my dad. He smokes AND receives secondhand smoke bcos his friends smoke. I hope people stop smoking cos it's bad for them, the environment and others.

  7. Why is the first downgrading herself ? She's pretty in her own way, ;; it's getting on my nerves when they see foreigners as so much prettier Blabla everyone is pretty, why would they push someone who's just normal, average ;;

  8. That bastard from the last concern doesn't deserve a wife who is as beautiful as her. She deserves better. If a guy lie to get married, imagine what else he will do.

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