Guests : Kwanghee, Lee Seokhoon, Oh Jeongyeon, Naeun, Jinsol [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.22]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The last concern almost made me cry 😢😭 I hope everything will be okay for them from now onwards. 💕

  2. Lee seok hoon is a good observer. At the last concern he really did a good job. It is actually begin with his parents fight so he grew up with no confident. He lost his confident and that is why he got bullied. He became lack of confident and always afraid of nothing. He always thinkin too much and became afraid of what he think

  3. Im very thankful that i could watch this video while my mom was sitting next to me😂

  4. I want Kwanghee to be on every episode of Hello Counselor. He just brightens the mood wherever he goes and he talks a lot. I'm always re-watching the scenes where he comments something.

  5. With The last concern i 100% understand the guy .. i feel like he developed social anxiety because of his bad experiences . The way he palpitates the way his voice shakes .. i def can relate to him . Anxiety disorder together with depression is the worst combination .. like the absolute WORST.

  6. The last concern needs to be handled professionally. it seems like he got anxiety.

  7. 2nd concern: the guy is such an overachiever. I wish I had his drive 👏🏻

  8. the second concern, i really don't think she should try so much to get married to him when they can't even talk about such things and esp since their values don't match. he doesn't seem to want to put her first, before work, for now anyway.
    the last concern, i think he needs to see a counselor/psychologist. i can def relate to him to a certain extent.

  9. In the 2nd concern, it personally think that the couple isnt meant to be. Their values r too different and it seems like they like eachother due to their looks and not personality. These kind of things will effect their marriage alot

  10. why can't the two in the second concern just set up a time both can agree on? if there is no time for that, then it is time to move on. they broke up over silly reasons already. I am not sure about their motivations to marry either. because the other person is good looking? fit? over-achiever? you dated for 4 years? you want a baby (but you don't even have time for a simple date)? a happy marriage won't sustain on weak reasons like that.

    "if your heart and head don't agree, then it is not love". if you really love someone a lot, you won't be in two minds about what you want to do. you will make sure to not overcommit at work, so you have enough time and energy left for a date. if she's not a priority in your life, let her go, even if you like each other a lot.

  11. holy shit the boyfriend's performance (second concern) is one of the best i've seen on hc. my eyes and mouth were wiiide open.

  12. The first guy is indeed a piece of work. He should be presented at a museum as an example of how NOT to become as a person

  13. first concern.. what if his wife is not at home and he want to sleep and ask his daughter's breast instead.. that will be disaster.

  14. For the last concern, it's not like the brother needs to understand, he needs to change. Even if he understands he won't be able to change because he has a fear and can't overcome it that easily. I'm also a very shy person. I never want to call to make appointments, ask where some certain products are in the store, my interaction with people is awkward and when the delivery guy comes i tend to hide and make my family members get it. I understand it's bad to be shy because you will miss chances in life and it hinders your social life, but i can't change it that easily.

  15. Okay so is it just me or does the guy from the second concern resemble NCT's Doyoung??

  16. Although they brushed it off a bit, I hope parents see the last concern and how much of an effect a disharmonious marriage has on a child. The bullying added on to his social anxiety and probably made it even worse, I hope he speaks to a professional after this.

  17. "He keeps posting pictures of his body on social media" ALRIGHT LADIES, MISSION: FIND OUT HIS IG AND POST IT BELOW

  18. In the second concern I really dislike it how they talk her into having a baby. I get her fears. This wasn't exactly a compromise it was just him getting what he wanted. If you don't want to be pregnant yourself there are other options to consider as well. It's quite selfish to want your girlfriend who doesn't want to go through pregnancy to do it anyway. Adoption is also a possibility. I felt like she was pressured in multiple ways when it came out she didn't want to have kids. People reacted like it was blasphemy. Very unfortunate.

  19. Men know when a woman is the one for them. They will drop everything to make their woman happy no questions asked. The woman in the 2nd concern is not the woman he wants, that's why he is busy doing other things.

  20. The first concern…
    I lived with a Korean man exactly like that for almost 3 years. Always touching the breasts, says it calms him doen even when I say it gives me stress. He wouldn't understand when I said "it's my body". Even wouldn't hold back when friends were over at our place.
    He always expected the food to be ready and served when he came home from work.

    At one point I said I'm not happy raising a grown-up baby, and left him. He told everyone he doesn't understand why I left him out if the blue, but some people then actually explained to him, because they witnessed a lot of things themselves.

    Nowadays my complex about my breasts is super crazy. I sometimes wish I could just cut them off with a kitchen knife.

  21. The couple from the first concern,

    Is he aware that the fact that he touches her chest without her consent and her will, is called harassment – sexual assault?

    Yes, even between husband and wife it's exists.

  22. the woman in the second concern looks so much like suho from exo when she smile lol

  23. I think the second concern was serious they didn't talk about it enough
    The guy is too busy they don't have time to see each other to. Talk..

  24. I feel bad for the first wife cause I can tell she makes a lot of effort and compromises with what she wants to match with her husband and keep the peace. I think she is so misunderstood cause no one is on her side which results in her cussing and letting out her frustration that way!!

  25. The air hostess woman and her boyfriend are straight outta manhua character.

  26. Naeun is honestly "BEAUTIFUL", Jinsol is a cutie, the guy next to them ( with the glaces ) looks cool/ funny too👍.

  27. Naeun & Jinsol – I'm proud of you!! 👍👍 April Forever!! ❤️️

  28. The man in the first concern is just ugh soo annoying! Obviously the wife cusses him coz he uses her! Like sookchun said he is just getting revenge! Selfish idiot

  29. I’m waiting on the day when one of the concerns gets 200 votes 😂

  30. That Reply ost makes me tear up all the time :'( btw 2nd concern couple OMG they both are so damn good looking! Happy Married life 😉 🙂

  31. ‘The kitchen isn’t my territory. It’s hers.’ Then by that logic sir, her body isn’t your territory, it’s hers and her choice when deciding to engage in sexual acts with you should be respected! Periodt.
    Wow both the parents in the first concern need to make sure that they take their children’s feelings into consideration…

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