Guests : Kim Hoyoung, Park Kiyoung, Kim Nayoung, MONSTA X[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.10.29]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The 4 the people are not figuring in that the dude has no experience or voice training. Also, no audience experience so one would expect him to sound the way he did factor in nerves. Does his singing hurt my ears? no! Does he have potential with training/experience?maybe. He just needs to stop being so full of himself take it down a notch. No one would hire him being so arrogant. I think the issue is not the singing, it's what his not doing as a husband wife feels neglected/poor treatment. Even if he didn't make it as a singer he could be an actor. During the week he should support/pay attention to the family. Then maybe take some voice lessons and maybe like Shownu sweet teddy bear said, sing at a cafe or even outside to gain experience. Under no circumstances, except health related, do I think it's right to tear down someone's goals/dreams. Who are we to say, what dreams/goals another person should have. If by chance the husband got an opportunity money started coming in, the wife wouldn't be so resentful then.

  2. This is why this show is full of shit. They are not encouraging people but rather making fun of them. The guy that singing is bad, but not THAT bad. He got a nice husky voice tho and why they didn't show Kihyun and Shownu reaction at all? Cause they didn't laugh? what a complete joke…

  3. The fact that the audience as well as the other guests and emcees are laughing at the first guy is making me angry. It's disrespectful even though he doesn't have that factor to be a singer. He's just not matured/ maybe he's too inmocent but that doesn't mean u got to give him attitude.

  4. 1:16:12 i feel a little bit sad as you can see shownu is the only child so he don't know what to response but it funny to see kihyun getting mad as he really understand the second daughter lol

  5. 효도라는 이름으로 부모자식간 문제가 있을 때, 자식에게 원죄를 씌우는 문화는 좋지 않다. 부모자식간도 인간관계이고 이 관계에는 언제나 쌍방이 존중되어야 한다. 부모라고 더 크레딧을 받아는 한국 문화는 자식들에게 이중의ㅡ스트레스를 주는 것 같다. 아들은 빨리 독립하는게 좋을 것 같다.

  6. The husband from the first concern I thought he was gay bc I a lot of confident people aren't exactly straight but he's married so I guess not

  7. I totally relate to the last girl but I didn't let it affect my grade and I didnt feel like I had to force my sister to get into it…

  8. I think Park Kiyoung is a bit too rude, even to that 16-yo kids. She is just 16-yo, she can talk to her in nice way, not being harsh on her. Or maybe the subtitles were written in bad way.

  9. The singing guy's problem seems unrelated to singing. It is troubling if an adult with a child still has his personality so wrapped around superficial things. He cusses and drinks at home but smiled trough this whole thing, making very empty sounding promises. Judging by his wife's reactions she didn't believe him for a second, so maybe he only did that for tv.

    This could be just editing, but please be careful around that kind of people in real life! Trying to be likeable and wrapped around appereances, but in reality constanly hurting everyone around him. Chasing unrealistic manufactured ideals, because their own emotional life seems hollow and meaningless. They might actually be unable to feel empathy and feelings like others.

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