Guests : Kang Hyeonguk, Kahi, Chungha, Kim Sohye, Heo Kyeonghwan[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.09.10]

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  2. For the second one i feel really bad for the mom, i respect her for staying with her own family! TBH I WOULD’VE LEFTT! I WOULD START THROWING PUNCHES I WOULD TAKE A CHAINSAW AND SHRED ALL HIS ITEMS AND CLOTHES!

    Wow that story was really sad though ;-;

  3. First concern the girl might have OCD. How come the mother is so clueless .

  4. My thing is like with some of these concerns instead of writing into the show, no one ever thought of going to see a counselor/psychiatrist? From the first concern it sounds like her daughter has some level of mysophobia.

  5. The 1st concern the child obviously has OCD or some type of obsessive disorder it's not her fault and watching this really pisses me off like why she needs help yes, but the way you went about it. No. And phones are really dirty anyways they're dirtier than toilet seats soooo

  6. Im so frustrated during the first concern!!! It was obviously OCD or mysophobia. Are they living in under a rock or what? Its a general thing to know. Just because she is a little girl doesnt mean she cant be diagnosed with it! Things like that cannot be treater with shaming and faulting the girl. The family and others are saying like everything is the girls problem. She said it all started from her friends coughing and that is plausible cuz she could be traumatized by it. They should recommend her to a psychologist instead!

    Sorry if im being to sensitive but mental health is very important to me especially in a young age

  7. I like how they used the girl's idol album & poster to distract her mind from thinking about the germs & actually be in contact with any surfaces & this is a positive reinforcement which is great start to exposure therapy

  8. 53:32 I have huge respect for Dongyeop to ask that question. For him to notice that, I wonder if he has experienced the same thing in his childhood. It’s so sad to think about it and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable 😣 I feel bad for this family. I don’t think that any of them has ill intentions but they really lost their way somehow. I hope they can find a solution.

  9. The child in the first case is showing so much signs of mysophobia. Instead of bringing her to the show, bringing her to a psychiatrist would have been so much more beneficial to both the mom and the daughter. I'm surprised that when the hosts said that they asked a expert about why this is happening they didn't mention anything about mysophobia. Maybe they didn't mention it so that the parents won't freak out but as a audience, that frustrated me so much.

  10. I’m sorry but the first concerns infuriates me. As someone who is very interested in psychology and learning about various mental disorders, it is so obvious that the girl has OCD, and that makes it something she can’t just change on a whim because people tell her not to be so sensitive to things. The parents and hosts should not write this off as just another “silly habit that the kid needs to break”. They need to seriously and professionally treat her for the mental disorder that she definitely has, as well as treat her with some respect. OCD is not something that can be so easily changed, especially since it can be so engrained in someone’s psyche. I sincerely hope that that girl was able to get some professional treatment and help so that it doesn’t progress.

    EDIT: And when the hosts and guests bring up small scenarios of when they had cleanliness or OCD-like tendencies as a kid or saw it in someone else, it just made me even madder because it’s insinuating that this is just normal childhood behavior that is irrational and will therefore sort itself out. At some level, yes, all people are clean freaks or have those types of pet peeves. But what she has is NOT at that normal level and should be treated more seriously.

  11. the girl on the first concern broke my heart when she said “thank you for not hating me”:(

  12. the second concern made me burst out crying. the poor little girl have great instinct, she scared that if she takes her mom side then she going to get hurt.

  13. I have a question. Did Chanwoo quit the show or something????? I haven't seen him on most of the recent episodes

  14. It's really sad how people just make fun or do not understand mental problems … the girl of the first concern clearly has symptoms of compulsive obsession, I have this and other anxiety syndrome and it is very hard when the people around you do not he understands you and speaks from ignorance .. I hope he receives help.

  15. Please..Please Please make it available us to watch the next episode here in the Philippine's..

    (it says the uploader has not made yet available in your country..) 😢

  16. For the first case, anyone can tell right away its OCD and she needs to see psychologist. How could it take them that long to notice that in this day and age?

    I don't have OCD but I could really relate to some of the things because when I was younger my mom and teachers at school would teach us that things like public bathrooms, hand railings, door handles etc shouldn't be touched bc of the germs. After taking food safety class I became even more paranoid about germs and I began washing my hands so frequently, after touching anything, that they would become dry and peel. I would use toilet paper to open doors, and wouldn't use towels only clean napkins to dry my hands bc i thought towels were full of germs. Eventually i slowly started fixing it by trying to do all those things normally and not think about the germs too much. I still have a minor phobia of germs, nothing that hinders my daily life or others. But I still have that habit of washing my hands more times than normal so I carry a small jar of vaseline with me EVERYWHERE at ALL times to avoid dryness.

  17. yahh! i'm jealous to that kid who receive a poster and album that have astro's sign too.! i'm crying rn! 😭

  18. In the first concern "Sensitive Girl" the mother was trying to tell her daughter that it's okay and not everything it dirty, but commented "don't touch the handrails they're dirty!" when she was okay with other surfaces.

    The funny thing was that…actually Handrails are relatively quite clean, my graduation project was to study the bacterial growth on surfaces of different areas, and escalator handrails are clean, this is because of the heat and friction it undergoes underground.

    Just wanted others not to be extra cautious of them and stand unsupported because they are scared of it being dirty.

    ~Hope you all continuous Health and ultimate Happiness~

  19. im in korea and this is the only video from hello counselor that kbs forgot to block 🙁 i miss watching this show

  20. 나이 많은데 무리해서 다이어트하면 뼈 약해지는데ㅠㅠ

  21. Witnessing ur parents fight is scary af. Most of the time i cover my ears with headphone n blast music on high volume just to shut them out. I cant wait to get out of this house. Majority of the ppl are like "home sweet home" but i dont have one. This house is just another pain i have to endure

  22. After watching Hello Counselor, I feel like I need to get on there….. but my family don't speak Korean at all….

  23. Chungha and Sohye mini IOI meeting, the last family is so cute, the 2 daughters are really pretty

  24. The husband should be thrown into jail unless he changes his ways. It's ok to get angry and normal to have arguements but pushing and hitting is crossing all the limits. I just hope he started treating her right after this. And the last concern left me so mad. The poor mother has to deal with two horrible people who unfortunately are her daughters. They really need to learn how to respect their mother and be kinder towards her. They are way too hard on their mother. She's in her 50s for god's sake!

  25. let the mom eat! like she's past that age for learning and being fit and she just wants to be comfortable! stop forcing her!

  26. she's a fucking germaphobe let her live this isn't a concern that can be cured by telling her some things

  27. I think short hair looks really cute on sohye!!! 😍😍😍😭😭😭 I feel like I wanna adopt her as my younger sis as my younger brothers are like non existence presence to me 🙄😂

  28. There’s this girl who won’t even touch something dirty and here i am biting my nails and cuticles. 😅

  29. Please make it available to view the next episode here in Philippines ..Thank you..❤

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