Guests : Jeon Nomin, Minju, Eunbi, Giant Pink, Haon [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.08]

Glenn Chapman


  1. The last concern was a bad boss. I feel like because someone is in charge they feel like they can get away with anything but that's not true leadership.

    Yay it was fixed!!

  2. "A girl isn't a girl unless she has long hair."

    Oh boy I'm glad I didn't have a father like that. I like my hair short so yeah, this one's the most annoying for me so far

  3. Why are the husbands ALWAYS like this oh my GOD I hate men holy fuck. Even at the end dhe was being so passive and saying "I know you tried your hardest" no the fuck he hasn't!!!!!! It's a fucking shame the fact that she really had to beg on national tv the father to spend TWO days out of a week with his OWN DAUGHTERS? WHAT?!?!?! I swear men need to be eradicated no matter how much time passes in the history of humans they always stay absolute garbage

  4. The 2ND concern gets me so Mad. Him and his wife are responsible for the children, not just the wife. Of course, he has to work more to pay for the childrens school, food, clothes, etc. But the children are growing up and they need to spend more time with the parents while they're still young. He needs to sacrifice his social time with his soccer friends to spend it on his family. He created a family and he needs to be responsible for taking care of them.
    My mom's friend from work is in her late 20s and had her first child. After she gave birth, her husband doesn't let her work at all. He wants her to spend time with her child while he makes sacrifices to pay for the bills and everything the baby needs to grow well. He even sent his mom to help take care of her and the child. He cares about his wife and child. He also spends most of his off days with them.

    But it's seems like this husband doesn't want to spend time with His children and wife and instead spend his time with his friends. Friends come and go but family is always there. When your sick, when your sad, when your happy, family will always be there .

  5. Jeon Nomin 아저씨 look so young when come to variety show 😍😍

  6. 12:43 When Sojeong (Minju's friend) smile, she look like Jaehyun from NCT.

    41:33 Sinyeong (?), the second daughter look like Hoshi from Seventeen.

  7. Jesus Christ the second guy is the worst father and husband I’ve ever seen. What an awful person

  8. Making fun of disabled people is the worst thing ever that's just so wrong seriously!!!

  9. i’m confused (as i am a newbie here) why do they vote? what is it for?

  10. If I was the mother in the first concern, I wouldn't be there for my daughter wanting to drop out, I'd be there because my disabled son is constantly made fun of even though he's human too.

  11. The first mother those who laughed at her son and talked about her daughter and the one who looks after her son should be kicked ass and jailed they are not different from JJY and his group all of them are not humans

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