Guests : DJ DOC's Jeong Jaeyong & MAMAMOO [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.03.12]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Question: How would you feel if your boyfriend was like that?
    Hwasa: my father…

  2. Hope the grandma gets good health ♥️

  3. the grandma being so passionate abt something at that age is so heartwarming 🥺
    and her love for that game is so pure like ppl are just simply “ i can’t stop “ and they don’t rLY hv a reason for being “ addicted “ but she described her joy and happiness like when she gets welcomed and that’s adorable 🥺
    ofc she should be less excessive for her health but she’s such a sweetheart i could see the way she relies on the game for comfort and to forget the real world but feel in the real world 🥺

  4. Too nice is also not good. One day he will meet somebody who will take advantages of him, then he will jobless, homeless and penniless. Nobody want to help him afterward. Stupid.

  5. 30:00 moonbyul approves 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 look at her she so happy ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. 빨리 북 치는거 좋은 건가요? 리듬도 없고 그냥 시끄러운데 어떤 멋인가요?

  7. Host: She is married to her son in law in the game..
    Husband: That's a strange thing to hear..

    Same..I can totally relate..😂😂

  8. the grandma in the first concern is jin of bts in the next 40 years

  9. 1:19:20 this maknae over here being savage and considerate at the same time, like how??😂😂

  10. Every time Moonbyul had a cameo during the two concerns about the boyfriend and the husband, something in me wanted to believe that she was thinking “Don’t worry, I can do better than that” to Solar😂

  11. I caaaant with the last wife, she's so funny😂 when shes done telling them something different he does, she gives him the death stare like 😾 poor thing must be going nuts lmfaoo😹
    I can relate. my ex could never choose a drink EVERY TIME we went out to eat 🙄 for like 3 solid mins me and the waiter are like, "dude just pick one for gods sake😩 it always drove me insane

  12. That damn badass grandma, I even can't use one computer really well to play games. And there she is playing with 3 computers at once. Bravo, granny, but yes you must play less for your own health.

  13. what weight do they want to loose MAMAMOO they are good the way they are,what is wrong with korean???

  14. Would be really funny if someone's concern is that he/she is addicted to the show

  15. That moment when they ask mamamoo which one is a gamer member XD instantly thought of moonbyul though i didnt know it beforehand, and her closing comment is really similar to whats in my brain… Interesting girl

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