Guests : BTOB's Peniel&Jeong Ilhoon, Okyere, Yubin, Han Hyeyeon[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.06.18]

Glenn Chapman


  1. otherwise he wont ever change that shitty behavior treating own father as butler seriously you bitch have a death wish? he basically pisses me off

  2. that bitch brat needs a serious ass whooping who the fuck are you to raise a hand on own father?

  3. The wife is unbelievable…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. The vocals of that guy was ok. But if he can't hit the high notes, he should probably take it down an octave. It actually sounded good, but the high notes um… needed work!

  5. I thought I have the most severe case of singing addiction turns out…

  6. I don't get everyone saying the second one wasn't a concern. Sure they were nice to each other and expressed that they love each other, but he didn't make any commitments to change any of the crazy things he was doing. He could come home after work instead of staying out until 5am, or promise not to wake everyone up with his singing. And even the fact that he talks to 30-40 people a day on the phone and calls his wife 30 times a day, he could be helping out with cleaning or cooking or running errands instead of bothering everyone. But no one mentioned any of that, why?

  7. The last concern makes me think the boy needs a psychiatrist. Don’t get me wrong-it’s just that the way he behaves is just SLIGHTLY better than my 21 year old autistic relative.

  8. I can relate to the third concern😂😂 my cousin is gonna be 17 soon and he's still sleeping with his parents we try to make him go and sleep in his room but it doesnt work and when we ask until when he's gonna be like that he says Im guarding them 😂

  9. from my medical expertise the boy needs a medical/psychological attention… having some sign of development delay and probably autistic features

  10. the first concer I cant believe how selfish she is!!!! I dont think she really loves her family.. I think she only said infront of the TV that she's taking the weekend off for her family!

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