Guests : Bbaekga, Shinji, Kim Jongmin, Sumin, Lara [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.03.18]

Glenn Chapman


  1. dude, vlogging is not for everyone. you can do it as a hobby but think for your future too, who will feed you if you’re old and with no money?

  2. i am soft for babies that’s why i also cried because all they want is for the betterment of their child but they don’t have communication to discuss and i hate that, i just hope they won’t fight. their son is so precious, his heart is so warm, he’s a blessing! a child watching documentaries is so rare, he’ll grow up and change the world one day!

  3. 2. I feel sorry for the 2nd concern guy. I wonder what could put some sense into him. Maybe if no one streamed his videos, maybe he would stop. but no one i literally meant no one. Not even one viewer. I believe that is the only way he can stop.

    1) Both parents are good looking, no wonder Hayul is so cute
    2) I hope that the parents will talk more with each other.
    3) How can a 6 years old can think like that? Even some adults are still immature than him
    4) The more Hayul talks, the more infall for him. Wish i have a son like him too in the future
    5) Korean should need to mind their own business. In my country, boys that grow their hairs ofc we all thought them as girl at first but when we knew that they are boys, we don't demand to touch their private part as proof or tell the parents to cut their hair

  5. The kid in the first concern is in danger of being a mama's boy and may find it difficult to socialise later when he's a teenager.

  6. Again… hello counselor making another episode where a child is being molested/sexually assaulted and they're LAUGHING ABOUT IT.
    are they even humans?
    It makes my stomach turn. that poor child.
    He should be protected better from his mother. Different culture or not. sexual assault damages the mental state of a person.

  7. That mom is really doing her child justice. He seems like such a good kid. Why does he need to have short hair and eat junk food to be happy?

  8. I'm 27 y old beautiful woman, funny, East African, love to make jokes and laugh and am postive girl. The guy in last concern better marry me😭💓I even drees and look like him with glasses.

  9. 1st part…. both husband and wife thought are good… but wife needs to know the need of education… other activities are on their place… both husband and wife should discuss what good or bad for their child… going by one side… is not right at all….

  10. I really like the way Hayul's mother is raising him. And he's such an eloquent, thoughtful and cute child
    . I know a few people who were homeschooled and they're some of the most intelligent people I've ever met. I just hope Hayul doesn't grow dependent on his mother when he's older or get an attachment disorder.

  11. I am 27 and I want to marry the man from 3rd story. He seems to be a really good lovely person. His future wife will be so lucky.

  12. Ok i dont like saying this but there is a weird,nosy,judgy bunch of people going around in Korea…like how is a boy growing out his hair anyone's business…i dont get Korea sometimes i love you but no WEIRD!

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