Granite Countertop Restoration Process with Zerorez

My name’s Larry, I work for Zerorez. We’re here to show our granite process. It’s a five-step process. We know granite’s beautiful, we know everybody loves their granite, but it does get dull. The more you clean it, the more you wipe it down, the more the grease penetrates the stone, it starts to getting dull after a while. Not everyone knows where to turn or has solutions. But we have a five-step process that rejuvenates the granite and makes it look really good. First, we’ll apply a stone scrub. You don’t need a lot. That’ll take care of water deposits, all kinds of things. You can…typically we scrub this in mechanically, with a machine. But for the sake of noise, we’re gonna do a bunch of other things with the machine anyway. So we’re gonna scrub it in by hand. Then we’re gonna spray it down with a rinse. Just rinse the stone scrub off. This stone scrub, when it’s left to dwell, it eats away at all the stuff around you faucet. It does a really good job breaking down all that hard water and grime that you get around that faucet. So now what we’re gonna do is crystallize with a synthetic hogs-hair extruding pad with a machine until I get the reflectivity that I want. You can already see some reflectivity. We’ll go over an area typically…you don’t need alot, typically three or four times. Once it stops shining up you’re done. The next step would be sealing. We use a hybrid sealer, which means basically it has two delivery methods and it protects against water-based staining and also oil-based staining, which is important in a kitchen. You have to protect against the oil with all the oil going in the air, cooking and settling from the air all over the place. So you gotta have that. So we’ll spray it on… Move it around…let it pool up. It’ll suck the sealer that it needs into the stone. As it dries up you apply more until it stops pulling it into the stone. With the lambs wool… …and a finishing touch spray, it’s your last step. It adds that last bit of reflectivity. When you’re done with this five-step process you can feel the stone, you can feel the difference. It’s like touching glass. It’s very smooth, you don’t feel any of that grime. We just did this whole kitchen today, and all the water spots came out, all the grime and it feels like glass. So if your granite is starting to look dull, or hazy, or imperfect like it was when you got it installed, give us a call and we’d be down to come down and rejuvenate your granite! Call Zerorez at 949-387-2222 and we can rejuvenate your granite for you! Thanks alot!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Is this a product you sell. We are not local. Our granite in a house we recently bought has a a bad seal job and is very rough. We want to get it smooth. Will this do it.

  2. Stick to carpet cleaning this is not how you polish hard stones like granite. Crystallizing works like a wax you can never bring a polish up to factory finish this way.Stone Pro should be ashamed if they are coaching you thru this process.

  3. Cool video. Has anyone seen the RX7 hand grinder made by Newgrind https://youtu.be/r3mlVyQgcX4

  4. Geez from what ive learnt all your doing is cleaning it, lol this is not polishing everyone. Look elsewhere on utube.

  5. Stone will not dull if the homeowner takes Care of it. This guy is dumb. Stick to carpet. I've been doing stone for 15 years

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