GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

[聲音] [音樂] 我小的時候,喜歡看鳥兒在空中翱翔, 我記得看著鳥兒 立在電線杆上,飛躍而下,展翅 飛翔。 我還記得我對姑姑說:『等我長大後,我也要像鳥兒一樣在天上飛。 』 [音樂] [音樂]
>> Jeb,我們可以談談發生在桌山的那次墜落事故嗎? 你可以給我們講講那天在那裡發生了什麼事情嗎?
>> 好的,我們基本上可以從, 事實上在事故之前就已經埋下了隱患。 [音樂] [聲音] [笑聲] 啊, 多麼, 多麼美妙的人生啊! 美好的人生。 我犯了個巨大的錯誤。 我的錯誤,我最大的錯誤其實 就是我丟掉了恐懼。 [音樂] [聲音] [聲音] [音樂] [聲音] [音樂] [聲音] [音樂] [聲音] [音樂] [聲音] [音樂] 突然之間,撞到了山體上。 [音樂] [音樂] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] 我不知道我為什麼要那樣做。 [串音] [串音] [聲音] [音樂] [聲音] [聽不清]
>> 兄弟,保持清醒,和我講話。 >> 我不想說話。 >> Jeb,我的朋友,你必須要這樣做。 [尖叫] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] >> 你做的事情有什麼意義? 我可能會說:『你知道嗎? 好問題。 』 [聲音] 在恢復清醒的那一刻,我發現 活著是最美好的感覺。 >> 好的,歡迎回來。 [音樂] [聲音] [音樂] [音樂] [音樂] [聲音] >> 我有六個月不能飛行, 很 難受。 我沒有意識到我如此懷念在空中飛翔的感覺。 [音樂] [聲音] Tod Meister,十分感謝,兄弟。 >> 我想我們需要談論很多細節。 >> 太棒了。 你太厲害了。 [聽不清] 太好了。 我現在的目標是盡量保持最佳健康狀態, 這樣我就可以儘快復原,繼續做我熱愛的事情。 [聲音] 好的,各位,現在是 20 秒倒計時呼叫,可以聽到嗎?20 秒。 [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] [聲音]
>> 你準備好了嗎?>> 好了。 [聲音] [聲音] [聲音] 你知道嗎,夥計,恐懼是一件極其重要的事情。 如果 沒有恐懼,你可能會因此喪生。 [音樂] [聲音] 我其實很慶幸發生了這次事故。 我認為從長遠來看,它救了我的命。 我感覺如此幸運,我過去犯了很多錯誤, 然後發生了如此嚴重的事故, 卻沒有死,再次 活了下來。 [音樂] [音樂] [音樂] [音樂] [音樂]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Never fear the man who has lost the sense of fear, for he is nothing but a fool.

  2. Ever wondered why there aren’t any elderly wing suit flyers ? .. You can’t escape the odds for ever.

  3. Could be worse. You crash you fall in watter and shark chops of your leg. The end.

  4. هههه عندنا في مصر بيطيروا المرضي من الشبابيك .. هههه انت اكيد من عالم تاني

  5. Am i the only one who thinks that crash Clip with the music and stuff was super badass?

  6. That wasn't impact. He was extremely lucky he SKIMMED that mountain. He would've been dead if he impacted it.
    Fool should've died. Lucky.

  7. Where's the good stuff? The splat into a mountain.

  8. you're kidding yourself if you think you're flying. you're falling fast at an angle.

  9. Nothing compared to what your doin jeb…unless your goin to the moon…and that takes to long..

  10. why do you just have to fly this place. make distance. always keep distance. Problem? yes it is

  11. Jackass. He had thousands of miles of airspace and decided he wanted to fly a few inches from the ground. Give me a break. This guy is as stupid as the pastor who dances with rattlesnakes. 😂

  12. Sorry, I wish I hadn’t watched this melodrama.
    Watch grinding the crack and avoid this pap.

  13. Today is 7 may, 2019. five years later I'll be hear for the first fly.

  14. Way to GoPro…taking advantage of someones near death to sell your product

  15. If hit, it become like a palstic ball, i think they should make this suit.

  16. GREAT recovery!! I love stories like this. Glad you alive man.

  17. "Proximity flying".

    At best, you're gliding. Realistically, you're falling at an oblique angle.

    If you think you're flying, you've forgotten what you're actually doing and the circumstances you've put yourself into.

  18. I want to see videos of people coming back from something they didn't cause by trying to be a bird

  19. Must be nice not to have to worry about work or bills etc… Just flying.

  20. Surely there was extra fear after nearly killing yourself on the previous jump/flight but you don't mention it. How do you know if the conditions won't change suddenly , downdraft or something. I think the feeling would be awesome but risk factor(extreme) to high.

  21. You appeared to hit someone else's crash helmet on the mountainside. How was that? Where you trying to do a stunt?
    Do you know the word 'FOOL'? Stick to hill walking.

  22. Nobody:

    GoPro: let me tell you the story of Icarus The Great

  23. Haha, let's put a cool soundtrack to this guys near death experience. That would be so RAD!

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