it's Friday I am about to the head to work right now um I'd like to see my bra through this strap on the tank top or does it really not matter after I get out of work I have a couple of errands to run after that and then after that I'm gonna go see my mom at the hospital apparently they're keeping her one more day and her other April that isn't broken is severely sprained so basically she just should not be bearing any weight on either leg but I just feel so much better today God has given me so much peace it's I feel like just completely at peace knowing that he's in control of everything and knowing that my mom is gonna get through this I'm gonna get through it and it's already just brought us a lot closer and I'm just grateful for that and just grateful for everything just a new day and just everything I say just everything and it's so weird to me that I'm going through like this hardest time in my life right now and this is when I'm the most inspired to do YouTube so yeah I'm just blowing with it and allowing God to be my strength and just you know keeping faith and staying strong and motivated and um yeah it's gonna be a great day and you guys are coming along with me update my mommy three much better everyone's been praying for you and tell them how do you feel much better with the pain pills yeah you're not throwing up anymore now I could handle the pain pills now yes they take away the pain in my leg so they're doing the job they're supposed to do then tomorrow a little bit yeah going to rehab for the pain feels awesome yeah well being an Amy Winehouse and going to rehab I didn't tell them no no no no Oh Mike yeah you're back to normal but she's got a calf show them you kind of look like this bin and the other one she has like a there's a brace for that one but she's doing much better today eating drinking water and she's sleeping better so every day is getting better I finally slept on yeah I shouldn't sleep for two days so she finally got to sleep and she's really much better but I got her right before visiting hours and did it's been a long day way later from when i last vlog adelante overt but over the day then I had errands and us got into – so we're all here just say hello before she nuts out yeah my medicine are you chicken all right that means it's time to go all right well tell everyone thank you for pre please everybody / thank you to all of Alicia's friends and subbies for four years and for your prayers and your concerns like I greatly appreciate it alrighty guys so it is that time of the night it's time to get ready for bed but I just will show you guys really quickly that I moved my vanity so it used to be on that side of the apartment so you could see like right here for the table used to be in the right behind me as a kitchen so now right from the kitchen is vanity um my kitchen table is a mess but yeah that's worth that now no I will eventually give you guys a whole how tour where my house didn't nicely clean because I realized I've never done that so do that it will be coming soon promise and I just set up a little more good because directly right here this is the reason why I changed it it says right here in front of the vanity is a huge window and so when I would get my makeup over there there's you know it's just a wall and obviously you can see that whenever I do my sit down videos so now you'll get curtains and like my background when I do a sit-down video but the cool thing about it is that when I do my makeup now I open up the curtains and I got direct sunlight on me and it is amazing you know why I have haven't thought about that like before the reason why I'm thinking about it because it makes you still a trend around her room she wear her vanity is directly in front of a big mirror as well and so I was like what did they do like I live here alone and it should be accommodating me not anybody else and why not so I did it this morning and I loved it so yeah it's a mess back there I'm embarrassed about it but anyways yeah it's better today um work was great again I cannot stress enough how much I love my management team at work and my co-workers everyone is so so so so supportive and just you know they were worried and concerned about my mom and worried about how I was doing and I'm just so grateful and honored to be working with the team that really did care about me as a person and I'm not just an employee that's replaceable you know and I honestly did great today my anxiety went down my stress level was down I didn't have a lot of pain today as the day has you know wind down I am feeling chronic pain right now and I'm just you know drained out but that is my usual that's not anything dip that's not anything abnormal for me that just how it is for me usually a lot of me painted in the morning and then at nighttime so yeah but you know just seeing that my mom is in the background just see my mom in a good mood and she was laughing right before Jordan and I left but she was cracking jokes and talking about going to rehab you know rehabilitation for her her late I'm Amy Winehouse they tried to make me go to rehab and I said no no no and like she was cracking herself up but it was making me laugh and she was laughing when to talk to the nurses and it just felt so good to see her back to herself even though she's not fully healed and she's got a long journey to go her personality back is sheet back and it just makes me feel so much better and it took me feel so grateful and so hopeful and you know Jordan and I were talking about it today and the fact that my mom and I have had such an up-and-down relationship and mean just the past week we to it over something so minor and you know all we have is each other here where we live and you know when it comes down to it all we really have is each other after only child my father passed away and then my grandpa who raised me passed away my co who raised me passed away and my grandma who helped raised me as well is not in the best health and so you know when I come down to it all I have with my mom and it just really put a perspective like to be more patient with her and to put aside whatever differences or my moodiness or my anxiety or my depression whatever it may be because you never know like it didn't seem to me like I pray to God that this doesn't change her life in a drastic way but it's unfortunate that it takes something to Shaytan you up you know when it comes to family like you know a tragedy or death happening or somebody you know is diagnosed with a really chronic illness that happening for families to sometime mend relationships and even though my mom and I weren't like on bad terms it really because I feel like I have let go the issue that we did have together I've let it go and they're no longer important and it just want to move forward with being there for as much as I can and support her as much as I can and helping her emotionally physically spiritually and mentally just being there for her in which way that I I need to be well it's been an eye-opener to see who's there for you who's not with these wishes it's with that you know friends family and to my surprise it's been really awesome and comforting to have the people that I least expected but also would want to be there for me to support me that they have been and that has been an answered prayer as well so again you know it would definitely it took something you know traumatic happening in order for all of this to take place I feel horrible that it's at the cost of my mom's pain is that the cost of her health at the same time like I see God working in a way that only God could work during this time and for that I am so beyond grateful for the life that took them out to change and if things are gonna have to alter that is it for today's laws I love you guys so much and again I'm gonna proclaim this right now that at the end of the year before the end of the year we are gonna reach 10,000 subscribers we are on our way we're halfway there I wanted to reach it so I thank you thanks so much for your support please subscribe if you are new join my family and as we just found out we need to come up with a youtube family name for us we don't got one so we need one I love you guys and as always stay positive stay motivated keep pushing and like I always say no matter what you work away through this too shall pass and that applies to me as well and don't forget to be you're all kind of beautiful because you are beautiful just the way you are I love you guys bye

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hi all, Elisha your mom looks so much better in this video, onwards and upwards!!! Sending love to you all πŸ’•

  2. So happy to see ur mom is feeling better and talking. Iam praying ur situation gets better and in the end u and mom are in a better place. Good luck Elisha.I luv ur home πŸ₯°πŸ™

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