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  1. I am a NAION patient and i would like to try this new method. so would you kindly send me an email address or contact details to send my medical report for evaluation.

  2. can this therapy be used in india? do you have any branch apart from germany?

  3. Bilberry tincture is the best tincture for eye:
    I tested on myself

  4. I had implant and stint surgery right eye two weeks ago, next month cataract and stint surgery left eye. Dr Neel in Dallas Texas is awesome so happy to have him as my surgeon. I do wish I could have the treatments to get some vision back hopefully they will be proven and be done in the US soon and be affordable

  5. Ich erhoffe mir durch diese Therapie Besserung… Und glaub daran. Warum wird sie nicht mehr öffentlich gemacht?

  6. I am a vision less. left eye loss in road accident. I am from Bangladesh. please help me for the treatment. my phone number is +088 01828555403. please call me.

  7. Great service to the humanity a real salutation to Glaucoma & Blindness. God Bless the whole TEAM for their Excellent Restoration of Vision.

  8. lm 74 years 2 years ago I went blind complete in my left eye But when eye is closed I can see a shadow .So if any eye doctor would like to try to rectify any small amount of vision I would welcome any treatment .its sad. But for me my rite eye is not perfect but I'm so so gratful Jill Carter

  9. hi
    my suitation is similar as yours, I also want to try this treatment..
    how much money is needed for this treatment?? cos I couldn't work now, I'm just 48 in age..I don't want be blind..
    so pls reply me ASA aftr got my texts pls pls , thank you so much for your help

  10. I am frustrated 😰 and want to help my husband legal blind for now. I am trying to find help. All happen because of diabetes. Is anybody can help me you can email me [email protected]

  11. Dr. Bernhard Sabel, since these methods have been proven successful, have doctors in America been invited to share this information with their researchers and schools, etc.? I downloaded information from the Vision for Sight Restoration and gave it to my doctor at U. C. Medical Center in Sacramento. The doctors there in the ophthalmology department ignored it without so much as a comment. I was very surprised by this. I ask because they seem to have a closed attitude toward these procedures. So that has made me wonder if they (American doctors) have the information or not. If they have the information why do you think they are skeptical?

  12. Try the Bemer mat with the pad.Checkout Dr. Wylie of Spokane, Washington and the you tubes. Quite remarkable. Hope this helps

  13. The Aboriginal indians of Austrailia have a diet that gives them super vision. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two of the ingredients in some of the food they eat..

  14. Anything that relaxes the eyes and brain is a good thing. The therapy that my team offers at, however, is systematic, holistic, and evidence based. For further questions, please visit our website. Thanks. Also, there is another, more general video on youtube that explains some of the science background. Prof. Sabel

  15. I had this therapy in Serbia,Novi Sad…unfortunately it didn`t work to me, I am with eye stroke and my situation gets worse 🙁

  16. I would love to try this out. I am completely blind in my left eye and almost completely blind in my right eye from glaucoma.

  17. Dr. Bernhard Sabel please help me where can i find this machine. My left eye has lost its sight after the Doctor discovered glaucoma. am in Botswana please help me i would like my sight be restored

  18. what is the different between eye restore centre that is also located in germany and you guys and i want to make a appointment. and i want also now what the price is i cant find that on the site

  19. Hi my sister is completely blind she had brain tumor and her optic nerve is damaged can someone help me is are curable or any treatment for her please help us🙏🏻

  20. I have glaucoma end stage so my left eye doesn't see completely so how can I find you and how much does this treatment cost

  21. My mother is compltly blind with both the eyes due to damage of optic nerve. Can anybody help me to restore her vision minimum with 30% if not ,100%? Plz help🙏

  22. Wow i use this machine at my doc for tests. I was told 2 go 2 a new specialist to take my right eye out or scrape it & get a fake eye. I had an infection was in tremendous amount of pain. I started putting raw honey drops in my eyes & infection & pain is going away quickly. Wow these doctors know these simple steps can help yet they would of took my eye. 99% of these docs are quacks & hacks out to get rich.

  23. Where is this treatment available in the States? Can you send any info, thanks a lot.

  24. am from nigeria,how can i access this brain electrical stimulation

  25. Excellent video, Are you working with open angle glaucoma? How much time takes the process? Is it available ony in Germany?

  26. What could cause the trabecular meshwork to become blocked and raise eye pressure?
    Is it possible that our bodies could produce too much fluid and cause a build up of pressure, even though the trabecular meshwork is ok? If so, what causes the production of this fluid? What controls the production of the fluid? If not, then back to my first question?
    Someone has to know why the trabecular meshwork gets blocked !!!

  27. My mother is suffering Glucoma from last 15 years lost her sight from both eyes
    Any suggestions for her restoration of eye sight ??

  28. Sabel vicion restoration .i am not blind.but im been losing sight vicion.can they restore my optic nerves???

  29. my father is suffering from glaucoma, has 10 percent vision left(which is blurry) in one of his eyes, visited centre for vision restoration in hope that he will atleast get some improvement in the quality of the vision left in his one eye, but no improvement after the 12-13 day treatment.

  30. Hi! So glad to watch your video…how are you now..? I was confirm to get the glaucoma disease with a normal eye pressure problem weeks pressure is 17 ,i was given eyedrop TIMOL to lower down the pressure once a day n will return to my doctor 2months vision is still good ,im wearing reading glasses of 3 degree..what is your suggestion for my case scared to death of thinking might be going blind some the way,im from Indonesia n im 59years old..please give me advice..Thank You..!

  31. Hi sir I’m from India I have glaucoma.i need this treatment plz
    I almost losing my right eye vision I’m only 28yrs old plz plz give me urs proper adders tat which I can reach u and have this treatment plz my contact number 9945650235 plz doctor show me the way to save my eye vision.i have concealing my test in NARAYANA NETHRALAYA EYE SPECIALIST but it’s nt recovery my vision nt enough to hold my vision to ..I’ll share my all test details..plz doctor

  32. IS anyone working on growing or replacing the nerves that are damages? Regrow them? Stretch them? Maybe stem cells? Unless you can replace the nerves, or repair the ducts that are scarred over…this does not seem significant, more like a parlor trick. Im not discounting this, but from what I understand, that is what is needed to repair the damage.

  33. Hello im 29 years old from philippines, i have congenital glaucoma just found out last 2006 when my right eye was totally blind.. on 2014, i undergo an ahmed valve implantation to save my left eye, but now i can feel that the situation is getting worst.. im still using travatan and simbranza up to today but its been a year since i last met my doctor because it seems like he cant do anything to lower my IOP (25 last checkup).. please help me..

  34. "Current Opinion in Ophthalmology: December 2006 – Volume 17 – Issue 6 – p 498–503
    Robert M McFadzean
    doi: 10.1097/ICU.0b013e3280108544

    Purpose of review The aim of this article is to review the controversial findings for NovaVision's vision restoration therapy.

    Recent findings It has been claimed that NovaVision's computerized therapy results in expansion of the visual field in optic nerve and occipital lesions, but the outcome has been challenged on the grounds of unsatisfactory perimetric control of central fixation and disputed mechanisms.

    Summary In clinical practice NovaVision's therapy should not currently gain acceptance in view of unacceptable perimetric standards and equivocal results. Possible effects on a relative scotoma at the edge of a lesion have not been adequately explored. In the interim, research should also be focused on compensatory eye movement strategies."

    "Current Treatment Options in Neurology

    January 2007, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 41–47 | Cite as
    Homonymous hemianopia: A critical analysis of optical devices, compensatory training, and NovaVision

    Authors and affiliations

    Victoria S. PelakEmail author
    Mark Dubin
    Edward Whitney

    Victoria S. Pelak
    Email author
    Mark Dubin
    Edward Whitney

    1.University of Colorado Health Sciences CenterAuroraUSA

    First Online: 19 March 2008

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    Opinion statement

    Homonymous hemianopia (HH) results from damage to visual pathways posterior to the optic chiasm. Due to the significant functional impairment that can result, rehabilitative techniques and devices intended to improve visual function after HH have been explored and are reviewed here. Two basic treatment strategies include use of optical devices and compensatory training. A third strategy, purported to be based on the principles of neuronal plasticity of the visual cortex, is aimed at visual field recovery by computerized training. This strategy is trade-marked as visual restoration therapy (VRT) by NovaVision (Boca Raton, FL), which began marketing its commercialized therapy program in 2003 for the treatment of visual loss related to stroke and traumatic brain injury. In regard to compensatory training and optical devices, a standardized methodology is lacking, and very few controlled studies exist in regard to efficacy. Outcome data regarding effectiveness of VRT are conflicting, as are the opinions of investigators who have studied and reviewed VRT. There is some evidence that expansion of visual fields by VRT may be the result of very small eye movements. Functional outcomes for each strategy reveal subjective, but limited evidence or no objective evidence of functional improvement; therefore, it is difficult to recommend a specific treatment based on evidence for most patients. The decision to treat and the type of treatment to pursue for patients with HH should be individualized and guided by the type of injury, associated deficits, available resources, and the level of functional impairment manifested by the HH. Consultation with a low-vision specialist (preferably a specialist endorsed by an ophthalmologist or neuro-ophthalmologist) for treatment guidance is recommended."

    Dr. Sabel's name is on 99% of the research regarding this, making those articles essentially advertisements for his clinic and its licensees. In my opinion, this treatment is at best unproven, and at worst, a scam.

  35. My mother now is blind both eyes due to glaucoma for almost 3 years I am begging a help from you guys. Thank you

  36. Please,where is this doctor? I have glaucoma and cataract in one eye …….I want to cure my eye with this technique …

  37. um… is this treatment available in North America yet?? what the hell is going on?

  38. Great video from a patient who has actually had the treatment. There is a lot of fakery out their with third world countries offering sham stem cell therapies. Brain stimulation is being used in a lot of places, I'm annoyed it isn't more widespread. The results may not be fantastic, but for what is such a non-invasive and inexpensive procedure, it should be a first line option in the U.S.

  39. As believed with proofs ancient indian Yoga practices like Pranayam and Kapalbhanti stimulates the brain cells by provided enough blood to cells ,So is there any practically proven way that practicing these yogas can work stimulate and give similar results like using electrode? Moreover Ginko biluba ,Aswagandha,Bramhi are herbs said to have strengthened the brain nerves.Having them regularly can be of any help?I have been taking Luetine 20mg daily and there is in stagnent stage of Glaucoma but at times it makes the world really hazy specially while driving.

  40. Prof,Sabel, I'm 65years female,met with an serious accident,heart at the back side of my head also.five years before.two months before Dr told me clucoma in both eyes,I have vision with glass at present.what should I eat in my everyday diet or any medicine to improve the health of my eye sight.please help n guide me.God has saved me. I have Full faith in Him Than you.

  41. Sir I have lost a my right eye vision in bike accident 2 month ago my optic nerve r damage can my vision r back please suggest sir and help me

  42. its been almost a year since i had the set treatment, it was a waste of a lot of money and a waste of time, however i feel it is very cruel to give someone hope when it is unworkable treatment especially when i have checked with numerous other patients with impaired vision due to glaucoma and not one has gained any sight what so ever. since then i have sought top glaucoma specialist in the uk japan and in the states, who inform me that the only way for a successful treatment hopefully in the near "future" is stem cells.

  43. So happy for you
    I have glaucoma and live in the UK there is so much faķe info and verý costly scams and a don't know what is real
    watching u and reading people's comments has given me hope
    Plz how is ur vision now how could I get help

  44. My girlfriend has a disease called wolframs that has shrunken her optical nerves and she is almost completely blind…if anyone has information that could help her see again please please post a response. Thank you in advance.

  45. I have also glaucoma maybe for almost 7 years till now and im 26 years old can u help

  46. I would like to speak with you to know more about it. Coud you please write me?

  47. hello sir, I had surgery of viterectomy for retina detached after that macula pucker surgery after that macula swelled after that got cataract with 2' open angle glaucoma after surgery vision is blurry so what's the reason? How long to get clear vision? Please let me know

  48. My Central vision loss phtopheral is okay as well as all vision so much blurred pleasure guide me I am from india

  49. Hello
    my wife is birth blind
    not full blind. Doctor told her eye nerve is not ok. May be look like this problem, can u help me to get a better treatment.

  50. Glucoma took my right out completely which was my dominant eye, I have learned to adapt but my left I suffered and I have tunnel vision, please help what can I do ….?

  51. Could you please update the present status of this treatment in ophthalmology and provide supportive evidences in the form of publications in the peer reviewed journals?

  52. How much time this guy in video to reach at this level. I mean when was glaucoma found in him

  53. I request to docs to all those who are at that level, who can cure patients by inventing, its about eye sight…. Do something… Affordable and do concrete invention, for all human being where ever they stay….request to make it affordable for humans as they might be dependent on others.

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  55. Very good this. Im suffering with glaucoma in last 5 years. Im from india. Not any branches in india

  56. Very good. I was looking for a something like this to how to Reverse glaucoma . This is wonder full but i I don’t know how much it going to cost this . Program.

  57. I have glaucoma and both of my eyes and I'm on 4 eye drops to control my pressure.

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