Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Favorite Memories | PS4

BY RAY PARKER JR. PLAYING] I mean, the fact that I got to become
a Ghostbuster with the main four guys: Egon, Ray, Peter, Winston. My favorite thing about
Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man boss battle. The first time you catch a ghost at the firehouse,
the basement of the firehouse. Look out.
Slimer’s escaped again. It was the library level. I did not expect it to be actually creepy in part. Using the proton packs to destroy
just about everything in the museum. That very first time where you’re sort of
left alone without the other Ghostbusters in the Sedgewick hotel. And to this day, it’s still one of the most vivid and enjoyable video game experiences I’ve ever had. And I cannot wait to
replay it with Ghostbusters: Remastered.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I agree with Elexus the children library is really creepy, way more than Amnesia!…I've never solved the puzzle(or maybe by accident)

  2. Anyone else extremely dissappointed the physical release its only available at gamestop

  3. I never actually played this back when it originally came out.

    But of course I've seen the original movies, and I'm excited for the new coming out soon.

    I don't consider 'Ghostbusters: Answer the Call' as part of the main movies.

    I view it as like a side story movie.

    So of course I'm excited for Ghostbusters (2020) since it'll be what I consider a real sequel to Ghostbusters II (1989).

    I think I'll pick up this remaster version of the game; mainly for nostalgia.

    I hope the game is decent.

    I'm more excited that it's getting a physical release.

    I hate how it's not guaranteed that console games will get a physical release these days.

    I prefer physical games over digital download.

  4. Loved the original. Played it over and over. Some of the trophies were so difficult and I didn’t get them. The one about doing only $100,000 damage evaded me. I mean, I found it really difficult to not blow everything to pieces..😂 Definitely more scary in parts than I expected too. The library and the maze come to mind. Can’t wait to waste many hours in this.

  5. I remember playing this when i was like 10 and being really scared in the library level

  6. Happy to see Jason in this trailer he deserves it and makes great Ghostbusters content! 😁

  7. I’m surprised Dan Akroyd didn’t shove a Crystal Skull Vodka shill ad in the video.

  8. Quería ver el juego no a las mierdas dando su opinión que no me importan mierda de tráiler y mierda de juego

  9. I'm looking forward to it BUT honestly if the graphics are not touched up to the level that I consider the 8th gen to be at, I may not purchase it. I mean I owe Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and while thats last gen, the graphics were just UNLEASHED when carried over to the PS4. Hoping that happens here, or that they at least go in and add more assets, objects, sharper textures, whatever. Don't just upres it and barf it onto store shelves to promote the new movie.

    My favorite part was any time pulling a ghost into the trap. The visuals and audio simply could not be more on point.

  10. My favorite part of the game is the Black Widow boss fight! GG Giant Spider Lady Scarlet is Lovable from Arachne of Smite 😍😍😍😍😍🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Seriously can't wait for this! It's gonna be amazing replaying this all over again!

  12. Love the game… but I hate this trailer keep pushing the agenda of:
    “Girls like it too”
    Eeegh 😒

  13. "Favorite Memories" All of it. From the look, the feel, to being the new guy with the Ghostbusters, the attention to detail with the proton packs, expanding on the lore of the Ghostbusters universe, revisiting the iconic location and even learning more about the librarian. Really the only disappointing thing about the game was the linearity of it. Would have been nice if it was a little bit open world where we could take on jobs instead of going from one set piece to another, but it was still an awesome game and one that deserves to get a remaster.

  14. My favorite memory was me and my cuzin playing it in the basement and trying to figure out where to go in the spider place I'm sorry its varry distance memory we played when we where 6

  15. Who else had the ps2/wii version where walter peck's mouth never moved while talking? 😀

  16. Unfortunately I don't have a ps4 but I do have the original ps3 version and I love playing for hours all the time

  17. As a kid this movie was so ahead of it's time. To play whay should've been Ghostbusters 3 again and in 4K!!! Is priceless.

    Ps I do wish the preorder theme wasn't static and had different music. Small complaint 😥

  18. I don't understand why this is one of the most underrated games of all time. It's absolutely great. This is Ghostbusters 3 fans have been waited for years, almost all of the main cast is here (except Sigourney Weaver & Rick Moranis). It's very fun and includes all the things you want from a Ghostbusters game. If only they could add a character creation to adjust how we look it would have been perfect.

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  20. My favorite memory of this game is in the library when you hear the Ghost of the lady in the library screams "NO, NOT MY BOOKS!"

  21. yeaaaaaaaaa, the real ghostbusters, and the best: they don't bring politically correct garbage

  22. Games to remaster
    Alien vs predator
    Batman arkham origins
    Spiderman shattered dimensions
    Spiderman web of shadows
    Call of duty Wold at war
    Call of duty black ops
    Call of duty black ops 2
    Lego batman
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    Terminator salvation

  23. I am sooo happy for this game to come out again! I always wanted to play it when I was a child and wanted to get it for the ps3 back then but knowing finaly there is a remaster ?! I’m sooo going to get this!

  24. My favorite moment was beating the game on all difficulty and all ghost scans and all collectibles

  25. Whish they'd add VR support lol I know some think VR is a gimmick yet it would be awesome to have the immersion, I'm glad they remastered it.

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