hi everyone so today's video is something a little bit different than what I normally do I am actually getting my eyelashes done in about 15 minutes and I'm getting eyelash extensions which I've never had done before so I thought that I would do a video and just document my sort of like experience of getting my eyelashes done I've always wanted to get eyelashes done but to be honest I find them a little bit too expensive and I've never really had the money to do it and also I'm scared that someone's gonna mess up my eyelashes and all my eyelashes gonna fall out so yeah I've been a little bit of scared to do it but this girl is really good and she's just kind of started but she's got so much experience so I'm gonna take you along with me and hopefully she'll explain a little bit or something and I'll show you the process of getting them done and yeah I leave all of her information linked down below I look a bit funny right now because my eyebrows are done but my eyelashes aren't so I look a bit weird but we're gonna go and get my eyelashes done now I'm gonna leave in about one minute and yeah alright so I'm here now this is Katie she's doing my lashes today I'll leave all of her information down below and yeah I'm gonna get them done now but this I mean like you do in this video is actually really helpful for me because it means I can um like use it from my page and stuff yes it looks really good when you've got a video if you were so I'm back from my appointment now and this is my lashes my eye is a little bit bloodshot here somewhere because I've got the tiniest of glue right now yeah what the tires bit blue like on my waterline but that's fine it will come off apparently so yeah just my lashes I think they look really good to be honest I am looking at the viewfinder right now I wanted natural ish lashes that kind of look like I had mascara on and didn't look too dramatic and I think that is pretty much what I've got so they look pretty much what they look like when I have mascara on which is really really good they just look a tiny bit longer and a bit more curly which is what I wanted anyway so yeah I'm really happy with them she already took a close-up video for me but these are my lashes let's see if I can get a good angle so before I actually went to my appointment I researched how it was like to have them done and what they felt like and stuff like that and there wasn't really many helpful videos out there and I know this video won't be life-changing or anything like that but I wanted to kind of document what it's like over the period that I have them on for so these are actually lashes we're both sensitive glue which will mean that they come off in two weeks which is good which is what I wanted because I'm going on holiday for two weeks so I've got another appointment booked in for two weeks time to get a fresh set in so these are basically just to ease my eyes into it I think and yes so they won't stay on as long they do however feel really light I thought that they were going to be really heavy this I I can't even feel at all it just feels like I've got mascara on to be honest this eye is a little bit irritated because of the glue that's on my waterline but that will come off and that will be fine you can see the tiniest bit of bloodshot in the corner but honestly the only irritation is down here I can't even feel them on top so yeah they feel absolutely fine I'm not sure how they will feel in a couple of weeks time when they grow out a bit more but I will keep you guys updated and let you know how they feel over the next two weeks as well and how they grow out and stuff like that for the aftercare of my lashes she's giving me one of these spoolie things that Jose is ulis Balley oh no no this thing and basically you just have to brush it every day or put some micellar water on this and brush it with that to keep them clean and shape them and stuff like that which is really good I can't go in water for 24 hours or get them wet for 24 hours so that does mean I can't go to the gym for 24 hours which is fine I'll just go tomorrow night or something like that because you can't sweat on them either and I won't be able to shower afterwards anyway she also told me that I can't get any heat or steam on them for 48 hours so I can't go in a sauna or steam room obviously and like no opening the oven door or leaning over a pot of boiling water or like a pan or something like that I can't do any of that for 48 hours which is fine I can definitely avoid that but yeah really happy with them my skin is absolutely horrendous at the moment so they make it look a little bit weird if I had like a full face of makeup on I would definitely love these right now I mean I love them anyway I absolutely love them I think they look so nice I was really really worried that they were gonna look too full but they definitely down and I think I could get used to these pretty easily which is good but it's also very dangerous because it means I will keep going back to her for more this is a very close angle right now but I'm trying not to show you the hideous spots are on my forehead you really don't want to see them but I thought I'd give you a quick lash update it's currently exactly a week later and these are my current lashes if you want to focus look how awful my skin is let's just not talk about that yeah so this one is definitely doing better than this I this one's barely got any left ooh like barely but yeah these ones I've been brushing them all the time they just don't seem to want to go nice so I don't know I think for sure next time I'm gonna get them a little bit shorter sorry I keep looking there because I'm looking at the viewfinder but yeah I'm uh I think I'm gonna get them a lot shorter like especially in the corner shorter and then longer out here they have actually been really easy to take care of the only problem that I'm finding is the fact that I want to rub my eyes or when I wash my face I usually like go like that and I don't do that now I have to like do my forehead separate to my actual face if that makes sense but yeah that's the only really big problem that I've had and it's not even that big to be honest and also the fact that they keep falling out but the girl who did them said that they would last up to two weeks which it's been a week and they're still in they obviously don't look as good as they did at the start but yeah up to two weeks it was sensitive glue and I kind of didn't expect this because my friend got it done as well and it was lasted about a week and a half so I did expect here and this time was only to just like see if I likes them see how they foul on my eyes and stuff at that so I'm kind of glad that they are falling out already because they are too long for me I think which the girl who did them actually told me to go a little bit shorter so I probably should have done that so for the first two days that I had them done they probably fell out maybe like ten to fifteen lashes on each eye which is a lot each day but they didn't look sparse or anything like that they just looked normal to be honest and then now they've probably fallen out maybe like five a day on each eye not really sure I think about five a day but it is normally when I'm sleeping and I think that this eye is a lot less because I sleep on this side so maybe I need to try sleeping on this side a little bit more because otherwise I'm gonna get uneven nurse but I am still gonna go and get them done I'm getting them redone on the 12th or the 13th of June maybe it's the 11 I remember I think maybe the 11th Ashley get them redone on the 11th of June and it is currently what day is it today it's the fifth of June so I know that these aren't going to last until the 11th but that's fine and I'll give you an update of one day completely fall out and then I tell you my thoughts on having them and how I found them and everything like that but so far it is good the only thing is that they have fallen out quickly but yeah okay so it's been about a month and a half since I had my eyelashes done the first time and I actually did get them done a second time with like the non sensitive glue so the proper glue that is meant to last for like four weeks I think more than that but I thought I'd just come on here quickly to end the video and tell you my honest opinion and basically give you a view on the eyelashes that I had so the first time that I had been done they only lasted about a week and a half that I ended up like pulling the rest of them out because I had about two left in each eye and it just looks silly so I like massage them so that they didn't pull my actual eyelashes out but yeah that was fine because that's kind of what I did expect because it was the sensitive glue but I absolutely loved having them on it felt so good to not have to wear my makeup or anything like that so when I got them done the second time I was really really excited because I wouldn't be looking like a baby anymore so I had my second set done on the Tuesday and then I went to Butlins on the Friday for the weekend and by the Monday I noticed that like a lot of them had fallen out especially on one eye and I hadn't been sleeping on that eye in particular I've been like sleeping on my back and stuff so I didn't really know what was going on and it was with like the non sensitive glue like the proper glue so yeah I didn't really get what was going on I then had my granddad's funeral and I ended up crying a lot obviously and a lot of them actually did come out so when I went on holiday I can't which was the next day after my grand oz funeral I kind of looked a little bit weird because one of them one of the eyes had barely any honor and then one of the eyes had quite a few so yeah it was really weird and I don't know why that happened I did actually end up messaging Katie and I was like is this normal or whatever and I don't think she really understood what happened either so that's still a mystery really but it doesn't change my opinion I still really really love to get in and done and to be honest two hours it took two hours of time for saving me like loads of time my mascara in the morning and like mean and I can just look good all the time it's actually really really good yes and that basically is what my opinion is I do absolutely love them and I really want to get them done again they are so addictive it's unreal but it did actually make my eyelashes like weirder like it I lost quite a few eyelashes especially I don't know when we can tell but I actually had to stick some of these like individual lashes on today because there there's like no eyelashes and then here there's like no eyelashes as well so I have to like these ones are really full and lovely but these ones are pretty sparse so I have to kind of fill them in sometimes with these and then put mascara on over the top just so that they don't look kind of weird I have also noticed that my eyelashes do grow pretty straight now straight out instead of curled up which is quite annoying and it makes it really hard to put mascara on and makes it looks funny but I have been using where is it where is it where is it I have been using like an eyelash curler more so that's kind of been solving the problem so it's not really you know that big of a deal but I guess if you're having eyelash extensions done all the time then it really doesn't matter whether you get like one off eyelash extensions then yeah just be warned that it might make your eyelashes grow in a different direction yeah so that's basically all I've got to say about them I wish that they did last a little bit longer I mean one to two weeks isn't a long time at all really but I've seen some people's last up to like four weeks or like I was watching a video the other day and it was like four weeks to three months or something like that that someone's lasted so if that is the case and that's really really good but yeah I would definitely recommend going to Katie especially if it's your like first time having your eyelashes done because she's really good at like recommending you know what's good for your eye shape and things like that and she really did help me out to see which ones would look best with my eyes so yeah that's pretty much it for this video let me know down below if you actually like this kind of content and whether you want to see more of it like me getting my eyelashes done in different places or maybe getting my eyebrows done you can message me on Instagram like into is talisha he'll underscore and I will most likely reply sometimes I don't actually see your messages so maybe just send me like two and I'll reply to that and yeah that's pretty much it for the video thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one

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