FULL EPISODE: The Turkey Strikes Back | GOOD EATS: THE RETURN with Alton Brown!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Watched this episode on TV. Just wanted to open this vid and give Good Eats a Thumbs Up. Very happy FN decided to give Good Eats another run. Love the show. The only thing that would make me happier is, if they would make all the episodes of Iron Chef Japan available. Loved that show. Would love to be able to watch it again all these years later.

  2. Need to play his show more during the week instead of “beat Bobby flay”, “Guys Grocery Games” and “Chopped” sick of watching those shows

  3. Seeing him use the turkey skin as "leather" freakin killed me! Alton, you culinary weirdo/genius, please never change.

  4. Dear god am I happy this show is back on the Wire! I have not watched Food Network in years as its now the "Food Competition Network" and honestly I don't understand how they are still on the air. Regardless AB is back and all is good in the universe.

    If Food network needs new shows, how about Good Eats Style shows for different types of food. Chinese, Italian, French…. There is 3 show Ideas right there. Have AB Produce it!

  5. 🚨Attention all Good Eats: The Return fans 🚨 We just posted a new full episode! Watch it now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXEpKjt573I

  6. This is so good. Thanks for sharing it for free so us poor folk can enjoy Alton's genius.

  7. This could run for a month straight and I'd watch it every time. So much information.

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