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  1. does this work on MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.5?
    please answer my question ASAP
    thank you

  2. I forgot my macbook password, i wanna try this. But really not losing my photos n data ? Thx

  3. will this log me out of everything example itunes asap reply cause don't remember alot of things that i have on my computer and dont wanna lose anything

  4. Thank you very much for the tip it got me out of a big problem on multiple systems FYI it worked flawlessly on OS 10.10.5 👍

  5. Thanks a bunch!!!! I can install my new printer onto my mac!!!

  6. I found your video very clear and concise. Thank you. I haven't tried it yet because I have a question. Are the new password and the "create new key chain password" the same? Or rather, do they need to be the same? Which one is the one that will be used when turning my computer on?

  7. I watched the video again and understand the key chain password prompt. Thank you so much. Saved my life!

  8. Thank you… thank you…thank you sir
    My Mac pro tower had been storage for 2 years and now I’m setting up my new studio and couldn’t remember my password

  9. It worked but its kind of a security breach, anyone can access to anyone’s mac its so simple. Not happy with the MacBook security.

  10. If anyone’s Mac shows up in Spanish or another language and can’t read it, don’t freak out! Everything is in the same place and it will go back to normal after you’re done resetting your password! Also my Mac had the El Captain thingy and my Mac was made in 2009 and it worked! So thanks! X3

  11. Hi, I have the exact same problem and I tried your method but mine didn't show any hard ware. It took me to the resetting page of my COMPUTER password, not the other page used to unlock the settings and key chains. Please help!!

  12. I tried on my computer and the command + r does nothing 😩 And I also tried pressing option key +power button and don't show the recovery option neither. I have a MacBook Pro from 2007 (a1226) but I has a OS X 10.9.5 software, so idk 😐. Pleaseee HELP I'm desperate!!

  13. Thanks so much about this trick now I can hack into anyone's mac they ain't safe from me!!

  14. And u cannot restart on the login menu and now I have to call apple or somthing

  15. It’s me again want to be friends if you play a game I’ll try to get that game

  16. Hello,
    In my mac I can't see the hardware.. what should I do?please help

  17. Very nice. Such simple and straight narration n steps.. This video helped. Thank you.

  18. I want reset my password but i esnt knou if my games or programs delete?

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