forgot gmail password, recovery phone and email

I think this idiom explaining how you can recall your gmail password or unlock your account so for that one young things that you have to go to this particular data cover account now you have an account you're welcome / your account and over there you have to put the email address and then you connect the last few various questions like last password you remember you can put it there and if you don't remember that you can try a current question then it will ask you the phone number on which the message will be sent if you do not have you on that then you can click on next and then it will ask you to answer the security question if you do not know whether this one as well then you can try different question like when then you create this Google account so you can enter your dreams over there and then you can try a different question if you do not move on that one well here you get into the inner narratives will you say the verification code to that email so you can enter the email address alternative email address like the another gmail address that you know and from there now you can record your and if you do not know any of these questions then you will not be able to sign in to your account and to prevent the situation from happening in the future what we can do is there you can move this my account of google.com slash security and over there you will have to set up this recovery email and recovery for so that you will be able to unlock your account in the future thanks for watching this video

Glenn Chapman

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