Forever One Team [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

Daddy, the weather is great. Yes, it really is. Is there another car?
Can I go? Yes, you can. (The weather is awesome.
Let me take a look at my sister.) (Who’s staring at me?) What is Gunhoo doing? Doing nothing. Gunhoo.
Gunhoo. (Why is he looking at me?) (Because I like you. Why?) Gunhoo is looking at me. Why? /
I don’t know. (Shy) (Give me your hand.) (Hey, sis. The sky is so beautiful.) Gunhoo is holding my hand. (Where are they heading to?) Gunhoo, it’s okay. (What’s okay?) (Where am I?) (What is all this?) (WHAT IS THIS?) Gunhoo, Naeun, you all right? (I’m not!) (This episode is scheduled to be aired
on October 20 on TV Channel KBS WORLD)

Glenn Chapman


  1. They both are so cute!!!!! It also touched my heart when gunhoo hold his sister hands!!

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