hey no one's gotten me my coffee and I've asked for it for hours please somebody get me my fucking coffee I actually recognized these hallways just more dilapidated look at me I am no one okay let's do it oh shit well you say it's sort of complicated there are actually more than 1,000 different types of gender so I don't think that this binary choice is really giving me a good scope that's the loading screen is then pulling the syringe of blood that's a long-ass needle who needed needles like that this is so exciting oh my god oh my god I have tits patient Blackwood Pines sanatorium oh my god fucking frightened oh my god oh I wish I had the motion control then I could touch my crotch oh you fucking know me oh my god there's somebody over there I'm worried that you're tall did you just tell me at a speed of the vision why am i restrained fuck you why am i restrained [Applause] I've never felt better that affects something well great I'm a toy he touched me all right fucking bitch I think you're handsome it's funny little laugh you have there what is this place Who am I oh fuck you I thought we had something I should have said where we go my feet look black I'm so 10 go for it none I hope there's some kind of rape or something in this it'll make it more fun I kind of want to be virtually molested you want every woman that looks at you you don't even want to know who I am though fuckin horny guy okay what what what I'm having so much fun I love choices LOD those choices I love this music don't look down on me don't you touch me woman is he addressing me I'm excited for that alright that's cool I get up what do you want from me how are you that fucker you sure cuz I kinda wanna pull out why don't you stick together well actually we're in Canada it's it takes place in Alberta sure you can stick around it wouldn't hear me that's not haha that's hmm oh it's a fucking hint

Glenn Chapman

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