Fix: Windows cannot be installed to this disk

so I guess we have to go back to the
BIOS quit exit
so when the computer code turns on press Delete to get into the BIOS so I’m gonna try
something in the BIOS so to get into here you need to keep pressing delete
when you start the computer and then what I want to do is you’re going to
select integrated peripherals and PCH SATA Control Mode and you’re going to
choose AHCI okay AHCI enable SATA as AHCI function so
hopefully that will change something so make sure you save and exit and let’s see what happens this still
doesn’t work I’m screwed costume
and now I can click next amazing okay the tutorial stops here guys thanks
for watching see you next time.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I have the exact same problem. But unfortunately there is not a setting that says "PCH SATA Control mode" Please help

  2. In so computers you actually just have to turn the virtualisation software off…….. That is what worked for me…..

  3. for me it says "native SATA settings" and i can only activate or deactivate it

  4. Hi i have UEFI and the sample setting is AHCI but not works for me!! Same error message!! please help

  5. my pc is hp compaq dc7800 base model small form factor and the bios give me only two choises raid and adi and i want to instal windos 8 please help me

  6. sir i have dell optiplex 780… and when i install window 10 on pc…..they write Ensure the disk controller is enable in the computer Bios manu…. Please Help me 🙁

  7. ,I've same problem but my bios menu is different, I tried didn't work

  8. If anyone is having this issue, and AHCI is enabled, just disable it, go through the install of Windows until it stops you because no drives show up, Then you want to go back into your bios and enable it. Now it will work.

  9. wow mine was on ahci but i had to change it on ide to work weird thanks anyway

  10. I had the same problem installing Windows 10. I had to change it from AHCI to IDE though, rather than the other way around. Anyway, thanks a lot for showing me what settings to mess with – guess I got lucky someone with the same BIOS version as I would make a tutorial on this.

  11. THANK YOOOOOUUU SO MUCHHHHHHH. It works! It took almost 5 hours just to figure this out until I watch your videoooooo! 😄😄😄😄

  12. i have same bios and same motherboard brand. huh. it was pretty easy 🙂

    thanks man

  13. can you tell me what motherboard you have because my Mobo doesn't have that option in the BIOS

  14. I don't have that in the BIOS O.oI have USB Controller, USB Device Legacy Support, Onboard LAN Controller, LAN Option ROM and HD Audio Controller, also my HDD is IDE, i have 2 Sata HDD too but those are for storage, the 80GB IDE is only for OS, i had the OS on that HDD before, something went wrong, managed to formate it, but can't reinstal my OS again…

  15. Thanks for that fix. Spent ages trying to figure it out..You are a STAR !!

  16. I tried so many things including command prompt fixes and spent like 6+ hours trying to get past that screen with no avail. Changing RAID to AHCI finally made it work properly! Nice one, Cheers!

  17. You might want to do something about all those loose cords, it's unhealthy

  18. I had the problem with Windows 10 and this finally solved it. Thank you so much, after 4 lost days, I found this little bugger that wouldn't let me install windows.

  19. +Magic Monk bro its already at AHCI plz help me now what to do?

  20. those who didnt find the option please go to ide configration there will be the option of that

  21. Thanx Very much …. It worked perfeclly for me …. God bless you

  22. Thanks my brother my computers not problem again but not error' hahaha thanks for you solusi im from Indonesian

  23. Wohooo!😊👍,, Thanks to help me You are genius it is really works for me ………….

  24. Resetting the BIOS to its default settings helps also. If changing the SATA mode doesn't do the trick reset the BIOS.

  25. Finally, i've been stuck trying to install windows 10 on my new laptop, this worked! Thank you very much!!!

  26. Thank you so much. Lots of stress for no reason looking for a solution. I appreicte you.

  27. dude, i have faith now, i have god now, ITS YOU DUDE, i fucking love you, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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