Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science | Harrison Gillott | Curtin Graduate

Alright boys bring it in! My job involves keeping the players fit and healthy throughout the football season. And on the way back we're gonna go carioca step, change it up half way. I monitor how well they're playing on and off the field and create tailored programs that optimize their fitness and performance. Boys group it up here drive over to the coaches. Hi, my name is Harrison Gillott and I'm the head of Strength and Conditioning at Peel Thunder Football Club. I work closely with the head coach and physiotherapist to make sure the players can bring their best to every game. My Curtin degree in Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science was a starting point to my career. The course covers so many different areas, including physiology, biomechanics, exercise and sports psychology, motor control and skill acquisition so you can really find out what interests you. Curtin gave me access to some of the same technology used in the elite sport industry such as Gym Aware equipment, which measures speed of movement. We also use GPS tracking technology, force plates, timing gates and motion analysis to learn about strength and conditioning. What I enjoyed most about the course was the practical experience. I had multiple placements with local football clubs and in my honours year I undertook a collaborative research project with the Fremantle Football Club. Working with Fremantle was an awesome experience. My research was adapted by coaches and added to the club's training program. and I got to work alongside experts in the field. It also prepared me for the working world so when a position with PEEL Thunder came up, I was ready to go. Every day I'm able to apply my uni learning to my job with Peel Thunder. It's so rewarding to help an athlete to go from being injury-prone to having a successful season. It's a role you can really make your own and I can't wait to see where it will take me next.

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