Etham – Healing Of Time (Stripped / One Shot)

Glenn Chapman


  1. I LOoooOVEeeeee YOU ETHAM♥♥♥
    what does it take for you to understand
    That all our problems will make us who we are.
    The scars are still bleeding now but am definitely not mad
    With the healing of time we shall make it work (continents away )

  2. Some people have such a voice that makes us so addicted to their voice that we can't resist to listen. Etham is one those people whose voice is the best and calm our mind…😍❤️❤️🖤

  3. Etham there is something so so magical and unique about your voice which heals me :')

  4. Marry me please. I want to hear your voice every morning for the rest of my life 😁 😍

  5. Nice work Etham! I can relate so much. I love your music and voice, you are so gifted and talented I'm so glad I found you. Fun fact my first song from you was: Wish it was me

    Keep it up ♡


  7. Keep doing what you do buddy! I'll always be supporting you, I love your voice sooooo much ❤️ all the emotions behind is so raw

  8. Once again, this guy comes through with yet another relatable song. I’ve only listened to this once so far and can already sing along with the lyrics! I’m going to send this song to someone who left me a few years ago to show them how even though I’ve lived with their mistakes, it’s made me stronger and who i am 🙂 Thanks, Etham. ❤️ Keep showing the world what music should really be about, my friend.

  9. I do not come from broken family but his voice singing this, literally made me cry 😭

  10. This is the first time I'm here, but I love your voice and ya songs dude!!! ❤️ Sending love from Malaysia! 🇲🇾

  11. All your songs hold an unexplainable emotional connection and it's amazing 😭❤️

  12. Ohh dang. You’re truly amazing, I have no words. You are absolutely talented‬ and you deserve the world Etham ❤️❤️

  13. Omg this song is so relatable like I’m in tears rn 🥺 it hits me so hard ❤️love it 😍😍 your songs have helped me through so much and I honestly don’t know if I’d be here without you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 love you 😍 u deserve so much more

  14. This guy needs more recognition to be honest. He needs to explode out there I can’t even absorb how talented he is. I love you so much omg

  15. Man are you kidding me your talent is more then any other famous singers you are pro bro 🌹❤🔥

  16. I never know eargasm would be this enjoyable. Anyway, your voice is awfully outerspace that i might have mistaken it coming from heaven. And im utterly disgusted upon the fact people still sleeping over you etham 😭

  17. istg once u passed through one of Etham's videos, you'll get stuck hearing his voice.

    Then u officially became his fan.
    Just like that.

    I love Etham 💓

  18. Great song ! Etham, my bro, I love your music ! Playing on replay for weeks now!

  19. What's the meaning behind this song? Is it about a mom who was abused, and a son who witnessed this but has grown from the experiences? I love this song though! It's so beautiful, the lyrics are so well written and the melody is so soothing 🙂

  20. This video is awesome! We love it! I'm a talent scout at NEXT Music and would love to work with you. Just sent you an email!

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