ENG SUBTITLES: 3/30/12: Homs, Qusoor; Attempt to retrieve corpses–injured rescued tells of more

-Ready! Did it open?
-No. -Pull harder, pull harder.
-It opened. -These are the injured victims. -Can you see him?
-Yes, we can see him. -Are they alive?
-We can see one, but he looks as if he’s dead. -Bring rope so we can pull him here.
-There’s only one in visible sight. -One of the injured has declared his faith. [Muslim practice of “shahada”.] -We can not bring his body in the presence of the snipers. There is another dead. There is a car over him. That one outside the door is dead and there is another one caught underneath a car by his shoulder, arm, and leg. -One of them came out! Keep pulling on the door! -Pull. Pull the door. -One of the injured was able to escape. -And the other?
-There he is. -Is he alive or dead?
-That one’s dead, but there is another one underneath the car that’s still alive. -We are unable to leave in the presence of the snipers. -These are some of the bullet holes.

Glenn Chapman

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  1. Neighbors try to recover the copse of a sniped civilian from his home doorsteps. This is the truth of the butcher BASHAR AL-ASSAD reforms.

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