Ending counselling

so what you're saying really is that we should on the head and just finish the the therapy which is fine you know I mean and I knew that eventually we'd have to do this and that's really fine great so I what shall I do just not come next week then well hang on a minute slow down slow down how would you feel about finishing fine I said be great you know cuz because you're right I'll put to the stage now where it'd be nice just to sort what you know talk to you a friend really I don't want to talk and that that's not really what the counseling is for is it not to have a chat as a friend no no but I mean you know I like you and it would okay so what I'm saying is yeah great we can finish the therapy what I feel strange about is well how do you finish therapy anyway well first of all I certainly wouldn't if you know it's something that we look at together and see if it's what we want to do I certainly wouldn't suggest that you say okay I won't come next week that'll be it if we decide to end the counseling hmm then perhaps that's something we can work towards because I I see ending counseling is a very important part of the work and well it's also an acknowledgement of what you've achieved isn't it and then I hate that then why focus because it's like okay we you know okay you've achieved this you've done that by you know it feels like a dismissal and that's what I heard you doing a few minutes ago when you were just saying okay well that's it and for me ending is a very important part of counseling honoring our relationship and the work that you've done and it isn't just about a bye I mean I see myself as one of my purposes if you like is to do myself out of a job sure what's going on you look I just feel really like if I'm not coming here anymore then it just makes all of this irrelevant like it never happened I can't see a way of finishing it and having it be kind of part of my life it's well that's not really expressing it very well but that's what it it feels like once if I stopped coming to see you then this all just disappears even though you say we've done some really good work did you want to carry on coming at him for Nitin well I guess not realistically but you know why not look sad yeah because I I don't I suppose in a way this is like somewhere that I know is my space you know it's that idea of knowing that I can always come here that there's someone here he who listens to me and just listens to me you you know I don't have to kind of you know and you've held my story I'd so it's like a bit of a sanctuary and I don't want to have to let that go really you

Glenn Chapman


  1. Does anyone know how to get the link to the rest of the video? I tried to go to tcc.tv like it says in the credits but it's not coming up.

  2. the client needs a close trusted friend … is probably an introvert

  3. Dear The Counselling Channel, I would like to say, thank you, to you, for taking the time, energy and effort to both upload and share this video with the youtube family. Thank You!

  4. The client seems very agitated at the thought of ending. The counsellor doesn't seem to notice this.

  5. What a load of bollucks regarding her legs crossed ….bad body language, she was softly spoken & relaxed, not corporate ,she maintained eye contact & kept her distance…………excellent

  6. This counselor is pants. She sits there laid back with her legs crossed. The client is sitting better. The counselor is hopeless. I would never speak to a client like this. 'Did you want to keep coming ad infinitum?? What a lousy thing to say!

  7. I really don't think that matter a hoot, whether it's in counsellor training or not.

  8. Interesting that one would find it standoffish. I'm from the US myself and the therapist seems completely fine to me. For one, the way the client is sitting doesn't seem to me to be inviting for the therapist to sit any closer. In that way the therapist is showing respect for physical boundaries. For another, this is a professional, therapeutic relationship, not a social one or anything like that. Therefore I find her positioning to be very appropriate. For myself she seems very genuine.

  9. okaaaaaayyyy… i dont think i want to have her as my counsellor.. she doesnt make me feel comfortable at all just by looking at her face =s shes kind of intimidating! ANDshe crossed her leg! her body slopped down to the chair.. didnt even sat up straight and she had her hands clasp together!

  10. the counsellor's body language isn't very approachable and she her tone doesn't come across as very friendly.

  11. Just a small criticism. The counsellor keeps giving her a funny look.

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