[EN Sub]【朱一龍水仙】[沈巍×井然]《Kill Me Heal Me》08「誤會」〔Zhu Yilong FanMV〕

Professor Shen, we haven’t seen each other for 2 days and 14 hours now. This is not the ideal situation for a budding relationship, you know? Well, don’t we call each other to say goodnight every day? Besides, both of us had to work overtime, so why does it sound like it’s solely my fault? Hey, I’d just wrapped up my work. Now it’s up to Professor Shen to see if he could make time out of his busy schedule and grant me an audience. I’ll personally go to the lab today to check on the progress, and I’ll try to rush out the research report by this afternoon. Let’s have dinner together. Okay! Then, be there or be square! You get back to work, then. Bye. That was so mushy. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought the two of you are in love. Mom! You scared me. How is it that you and young Shen have so much to talk about every single day? Well, YOU love to chat with him, too, don’t you? How is that the same? You’re so busy with work, shouldn’t you focus on getting a girlfriend during your precious free time instead of hanging out with young Shen every day and setting a bad example for him?! Mom, so what do you think of Professor Shen anyway? Your father praises him like crazy on a daily basis, haven’t you heard enough? I’m not asking you to praise him. Why don’t you name his shortcomings instead. Young Shen’s shortcomings? How is it possible to come up with one for someone like him? If you asked me, I’d say that a kid like young Shen would make an excellent husband or son! Yeah, I thought so, too. What did you say? Nothing. Mom, I’ve got work at the office so gotta run. Try to come home earlier. Greetings, Instructor Shen. Greetings, Instructor Shen. Instructor Shen! Instructor Shen! Ah, Instructor Zhang. Did you wish to speak to me about the research report? I’ve already forwarded it to the school. I helped forward yours, too. Thank you! Um, this….this is…. Oh, this is a cake I got for a friend who is working overtime and doesn’t have time for a proper meal. That’s the rumored girlfriend that everybody is talking about, right? Is that what’s going around? However, it’s not a girlfriend, it’s a boyfriend. Oh, I see. Th-Then, Instructor Shen, I gotta go. Have some tea. We received a last-minute notification that the design proposal needed major revisions. Everyone in the office is working overtime. I snuck over to keep you company. I don’t need you to keep me company. Go ahead and concentrate on work. But, you have to eat first. I rushed over here, so I only managed to bring a small cake. It’s the kind of cake you favored. Hm, you knew I liked cultivating succulent plants, and you also knew that I liked cakes. Professor Shen, may I ask you a question? When did you begin harboring wicked thoughts about me? It’s a secret. How come you have so many secrets? I haven’t even asked you: if you heard me that night, why did you pretend to be asleep? I was afraid that if I made a commitment to you that night, you would mistakenly think that I accepted you on the rebound in order to get over my breakup. You could’ve refused. I honestly do love you, why would I refuse? What’s the matter, mom? Isn’t that your dad’s colleague, Instructor Zhang? She’s the one who came to Rome with young Shen for the project. Your dad mentioned that Instructor Zhang has a crush on young Shen. The whole department knows about it. So what? Shen Wei doesn’t have feelings for her. Eh? Is that young Shen? Are the two of them on a date? Instructor Zhang, here’s the cake you requested. Thank you! you’re the only one who knows the location of that store. Sorry for the trouble. Professor Shen, you’re very honest and courageous. Good luck, and I wish you happiness! Thank you. Goodbye, Professor Shen. He even gave her a present! They must’ve gotten together already. Come on, I would know if Shen Wei was in a romantic relationship or not. Well, what if they’d just committed to each other? Mom! There’s no way Shen Wei would get together with her! Not her? As if it would be you. Let’s go, let’s go! Crap! Did Jing Ran get the wrong idea?

Glenn Chapman


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