[EN Sub]【朱一龍水仙】[沈巍×井然]《Kill Me Heal Me》05「遲鈍」〔Zhu Yilong FanMV〕

Grandpa Zhong! Ah, WeiWei is here. Yeah. My flight is tomorrow, so I wanted to visit you today. It’s amazing that you’re still keeping an old man like me in your thoughts. It was worth raising you all these years. Go do what you have to do, you don’t have to worry about me. Grandpa Zhong, I found him! That’s incredible! Then bring him back here. Bring him back so I could meet him… …the boy whom you’ve held dear for so many years. I’m curious to see what kind of person he is. Shen’s text: I’m arriving tomorrow afternoon. Jing’s text: Do you need me to pick you up, Great Professor Shen? Shen: Allow me to trouble you, then, Great Designer Jing. Son. Mom! You scared me there! What have you done wrong to make you this jumpy? You’re chatting with young Shen again? Why don’t we just have Professor Shen stay at our place on his business trip? Mom! You’re so busy with work, you’re never home. It would be nice if young Shen could keep me company every day. You’re behaving too familiar towards him. It’s not like young Shen is an outsider. A person like young Shen, with his good looks, high level of education & proficiency, impeccable character & personality… if he were a girl, I would’ve forced you to marry her! Shen Wei, you are now the favored one in my home. My parents can’t stop talking about you everyday. Even I, their real son, can’t compete! Whenever you’re free, come over to our place for dinner. Once I’ve settled in, I’ll definitely pay a formal visit to Professor Jing and auntie. Professor Shen, this is the living quarters we’ve arranged for you. The students are staying downstairs. The research center is a mere 5-minute walk from here. Do you find the place agreeable? Yes, very much so. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Shen Wei, this is a pretty nice place. It’s well-ventilated and bright. Most importantly, it’s pretty close to my house. My mom doesn’t think of you as an outsider and is looking forward to your company to relieve her boredom. I’m afraid that I’ll have to trouble you to frequent our place from now on. Jing Ran! This is for you. Consider it my thanks to you for helping me settle in. How did you know I liked cultivating these? Well, thanks! Excuse me. Everybody take a break. Boss is taking personal phone calls at work now! He must be in love. Trust me, I’m sure of it ! Am I disrupting your work? Professor Shen has just learned how to use video chat, therefore I must pick up no matter how busy I am. One of the students had a birthday today and saved a slice of cake particularly for you. I’m heading to a meeting that’s being held near your office in a little while, so I’ll drop it off for you. Great, I’ll be waiting. May I ask who you’re looking for? Ah, I’m looking for Jing Ran. I’m dropping something off for him. This way, please. Shen Wei, have a seat. What would you like to drink? I don’t need anything. I have to get going after dropping off the cake. I have a meeting to attend. You’re in that much of a rush? If you really want to treat, then let’s meet for a coffee this weekend. Boss, that gentleman just now, is he your boyfriend? What? The shift in your behavior lately is too obvious. You don’t need to feel shy about it, Boss. This is Rome after all, a romantic and liberal place. This is for you. Consider it my thanks to you for helping me settle in. How did you know I liked cultivating these? Well, thanks!

Glenn Chapman


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