Elderberry Jams–Music Activities For Seniors

hey friends it's Kathy Lindberg here I am here with some exciting news but I've got a question for you first I'm wondering how many of you know the song June is busting out all over if you're unfamiliar with the song it comes from a Roger & Hammerstein musical called carousel and I'm kind of feeling the way that this song is portraying feelings and I wanted to share a little bit about what I'm going through today and why I'm so excited to be here with you for this short video but before I do that I want to share a couple of the lyrics that come from this song June is busting out all over the lyrics for the chorus of this song say June is busting out all over the feeling is getting so intense that the young Virginia creepers have been hugging the bejeebers out of all the morning glories on the fence because it's June and I'm gonna put a link in the comments section that you so you can go and watch this video and listen to this song because it is hi Tracy it is it's just it's an infectious song and I feel the excitement that this song portrays because I have been working on something for quite a while and I am almost ready to launch it into the world and I feel like I am busting with excitement so I want to share a little bit with you about what's going on so I have been creating what I hope will be a incredibly valuable resource for elder care professionals and people who care for older adults hi Chuck in maybe at home they don't necessarily have to be working in a facility but I'm so excited my project is called elderberry jams and it is hopefully I want it to be a resource for elder care professionals to help empower you and support you to bring music and music activities to the lives of the residents the people that you care for as a music therapist working in long-term care for a while now I have such a heart I cannot adequately express to you how much I love the folks I work with I love older adults I love working with them I love sharing with them I love them sharing with me and I love to help inspire them and bring joy to their lives through music and music activities and I want to empower you as my colleagues and my friends who are also working in elder care to do the same so that is why I have created elderberry jams and I hope it will be a place not only for you to find resources for bringing activities music activities in particular to older adults and folks you're working with and caring for but I want it to be a place where you find support not only support for new ideas and inspiration for what you do do with the people you care for but I want it to be a support place where you feel valued and you feel understood and you feel heard working in long-term care I recognize the challenge I see the challenge as a music therapist in this industry but I also see the challenge that the activity directors in the facilities that I work in have as well and often people don't understand what we do they don't understand to the extent that we do how important leisure activities and music in particular can be to the lives of the folks that we work with and I'm just so so so passionate about what I do and who I work with that I want to empower my colleagues I want to help you guys bring more joy bring more it's a good word more creativity I want you to help your residents thrive and so I'll be bringing more information soon in the in the next several days and weeks like I said I'm almost ready to bust out and into the world with this and hi Melissa I see you watching as well hope you're well I haven't seen you in a while but so I will have more information coming shortly but in the meantime I created a free Facebook group which I will put a link to the cop to that group in the comments as well and if you're interested in taking this journey with me and and taking advantage of this community and this resource that I am I am building I would love for you to pop over to Facebook and join the group we're getting to know each other and we'll be able to share ideas and and sort of start that way but more information is coming I I don't know how much longer I can keep it inside because just like I said at the beginning of this video I'm ready to bust with excitement and it's not even June right so I for me it's gonna be July is busting out all over maybe I'll write a new song but in any case come on over to Facebook join the free group I'll put the link in the comments I would just love to see you there and start to get to know you and support you and interact with you and as a fun activity I'm just I'm also gonna put the link to June is busting out all over if you're unfamiliar with that song go click through that link and taste let's take a listen to that song one final thing I want to say before I go is if you know anybody who you think would be interested and could benefit from what I'm building please do not hesitate to share this video with them or the link to the Facebook group soon I'll have I'll have a link where we can actually go to the site but for now let's I'd like to just send people to the Facebook group so share it with anybody you think would be of benefit because like I said I have such a heart for all of you I want I want us they as a team as they try to bring more music to more older adults around the world around the country so thanks for watching please share the video and stay tuned and I'll see you soon bye I can't actually stop this so see you later guys

Glenn Chapman

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