Eddie Gallagher speaks out after Trump orders his Naval rank restored

Glenn Chapman


  1. Life is hard enough for you already having done what you did for the safety and security of America. Well deserved honor, God bless you and your family.

  2. No one is above the law! Criminals regardless of military status should pay a price. The good news is: There will be no one to pardon the IMPOSTOR when New York State Prosecutors get through with him. Can't PARDON State Crimes!

  3. Military CRIMINALS should be prosecuted. These bad apples are a blight on DECENT Service Men an Women! The White House Criminal embraces all that is DIRTY and CORRUPT! He is a DISGRACE!

  4. These boys are watching our asses day and night, 24/7 we cannot let them down! Thank you boys for your great service!

  5. Clint Lorance order to opened fire on motorcycle killing 2 men not considered to be threats.

    Eddie posed for photos with dead bodies.

    Matthew murdered an alleged bomb maker with no evidence backing up if it was true or not.

  6. Does it real feel the same if Trump restores your rank as opposed to your Field Commander?

  7. Can we start classifying these Leftist as Terrorists? Because all they are causing for this country is terror with their anti-American agendas.

  8. It's a shame how they send people to these illegal wars, put them in danger and then pick a few to scapegoat. I'm glad Trump doesn't make judgments based on media and what's popular, follows his heart and trusts his gut. Since Trump, it's allot easier to see the political elites for who they really are regardless of the party.

  9. Please be the honourable soldiers most Americans believe (hope) & know that you all are. For heaven's sake stop posing with dead bodies whether they are your enemy or not. Don't dishonor American's and fellow soldiers by behaving in such a manner. Don't forget to pray for peace & don't lose hope that we can live in peace once again.

  10. The question really is: Why didn't President Obama do ANY of ALL these things this one has done, in ANY field?

  11. How would a draft dodger know anything about the military? The only fighting he has done is with his ex wives

  12. Donald John Trump….
    Thoroughly versed in this man's situation…..
    Something you will never see from any Democrat ever.
    Yeah I said the windows of the Soul… watch this man's eyes and listen for the last sentence because his fight isnt over

  13. Congratulations Mr. Gallagher! God Love our GREAT President, & God guide you in your NOBEL efforts to start that non profit to help others caught in similar predicaments, and expose corrupt elements of our military legal system!!!!—THANK YOU BRAVE WARRIOR!!!

  14. I was in the Army for almost 8 years as a “ normal” soldier. That in itself is difficult enough sometimes. Regardless if it’s the Special Forces or Seals or some other elite military unit, they do things we don’t want to know about just so we can sleep in our beds at night. I salute them in all they go through for our freedoms!!!

  15. Trump 2020 from England,Our pedophile queen wouldn't pardon her Racist husband for farting,Let alone anyone else

  16. Let this be a warning to any one that  thinks to join the US Military. They do not have your back. An all voluntary military.

  17. Thank You to these soldiers for fighting to keep us safe and Thank you to our President for standing by our soldiers!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Thank you President for restoring justice for our heroes. We should thank them instead of punishing them.🙏🇺🇸

  19. Eddie Gallagher is a psychopath killer. Trump is also a sicko, so Trump can relate to him. Trump is a criminal corrupt con man, who honors the psychopath killers. Fox news is a joke.

  20. Appreciate your President! Support him in your next election. He is so supportive of the Defence force, and the Police force. More than any other President. Love from South Africa.

  21. I guess posing with a dead ISIS prisoner is alright?? When is this acceptable, or ok for someone overseas representing our country. Serving our nation taking a selfie with a prisoner who is dead…

  22. Obama changed the rules of engagement that cost thousands of US soldiers their lives, and several their freedom! Thank God that Trump loves this country & honors its military!

  23. There will NEVER EVER EVER be a greater president then Donald J. Trump! Did I say EVER? I absolutely love my president. I'm just an everyday working stiff with a bad back. BUT, if given the chance, I'd die today for my family, the country I love, and MY president!

  24. I apologize to all the comenters for only have 1 thumb up to give you red blooded, American patriots. I love each and everyone of you. May God bless you, the United States of America, and God bless Donald J. Trump!

  25. Hardest job in the world and people have the audacity to ask these men to keep their hands completely clean as they sit on their couch under the safety they provide…

  26. Trump is a good leader, ive always said it. He's not perfect and none of us are. He loves his country, unlike the traitors within behaving like children. God bless trump

  27. Has to return in full defense mode, scared of his command? smells like the enemy is definitely within and collapsing our military from within! Who is his command exactly? Who decided to go after them and prosecute= DRAIN THAT WHOLE SWAMP !!!!

  28. The political correct are the problem in the states and any country. These men were chosen for a specific role and its not for the faint hearted. God bless these men

  29. 752 dem (non military) thumbs downs to the 26 thousand thumbs up(red blooded Americans AND MILITARY) HOOAH!!!!!!! US ARMY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

  30. TRUMP 2020 HAS OUR MILITARY HEROES BACK.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. Wow! You have to go in with a defensive posture because many in ranks are not happy with their Commander in Chief ORDER?! Get their names and give it to Trump so they can be fired, de-ranked, and lose their retirement. Let Trump make an example of those cowardly bastards.

  32. Nothing like the scorn of petty government toadies, when they have been exposed as wrong—good luck to Mr. Gallagher and his family!

  33. Trump knows the true value of these men. Imagine the C in C thanking him for his service!

  34. In order for Eddie Gallagher to be innocent, the 7 Navy Seals who testified against him must therefore be dishonorable. Gallagher was convicted on only one of the counts he was accused of. The reason he wasn't convicted of the other counts was because there was no physical evidence. The only other evidence presented was the testimony of 7 Navy Seals.

  35. Sounds like black water, and speaking of the military system being broken, you don't take money from the national defense, to have a parade to impress Putin.

  36. They should have never gone through this ordeal. Good on you, Mr. President. God Bless.

  37. God bless! We are thankful for all Pres. Trump has done while he is being attacked by the other side.

  38. It’s weird how no one in this comment section cares about foreign civilians. Men, women and children, entirely innocent, being slaughtered and photographed for kicks. But they’re vets and can apparently do no wrong.

  39. I think it's funny that we care about isis fighters at all. Like if I was in their position I would pee on those fucks while their still alive lol useless human beings that deserve torture. If anything it should be minor animal abuse charges haha, cause anyone with beliefs even remotely similar to the adical religious are nothing more than animals

  40. My grandfather was a Chief Petty Officer during WWI. Thank you, Chief Gallagher, for your service and thank President Trump for stepping in to right this wrong!

  41. This is what you get when you have a President that puts Americans first. Get ya some.

  42. What happened to Eddie was a crime! I hope your life returns to normal and thank you for keeping us safe…

  43. Good for you Eddie. Now step up while you have the limelight and call for Trump to pardon Julian Assange.

  44. Thank you Chief Gallagher! Thank you Trump! These men should have never spent time in our detainment facilities.

  45. Good looking, asking of his family. This man fought for his family, and his extended family (country).

  46. So glad to see this War Hero being done right after all the wrong done to him.

  47. To all you fake american Christians

    This is sodom and gomorah

    No justice, no morality

  48. Congratulations 🎊
    And thank you to the greatest president ever
    Trump 2020&2024🤷🏼‍♀️🇺🇸

  49. Thank all of you guys for your service best of luck in the future. Well done Mr President . Justice prevails.

  50. The REAL enemy of the people and our military, are these politicians! BOTH Democrat and Republicans alike.

  51. Soldiers involved in hellish war environment get punished but 08’ financial collapse crooks go free with bonuses.

  52. I wasn't there, he was, he has to live with it.

    I have been in the military, I have some faith in the military tribunal system, and as I said, I wasn't there.

    Is this about President Trump, and why did it take so long?

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