Ear Piercing Aftercare | How To Take Care of Pierced Ears

[Applause] hey guys it's Matt Haines Sacred Hearts tattoo in Bradenton Florida if you haven't seen it already we have the video where I actually pierced Rory's ears and today we're going to talk about proper ear piercing aftercare before we get into it I want to say one thing your body will heal in spite of not because of your aftercare aftercare is designed to aid the healing process not guarantee it so hypothetically you could do nothing and heal just fine but that doesn't make it right let's get into it your little piercings aren't too finicky but there are a couple of things that you're going to need for proper after care the first thing is some antibacterial hand soap brands not important as long as it's antibacterial hand soap it will do just fine the second thing you need is a sterile saline solution that you can use to clean your ear piercings keeping your ear piercings clean during the day is very important you can use the soap in the morning and at night when you're in the shower but don't wash your piercings with this during the day during the day I want you to clean your piercings with that sterile saline wound wash do it between three and six times a day you're an adult use common sense somewhere between three and six will do just fine make sure you hit front and back another important note is things not to use to clean your piercings such as alcohol hydrogen peroxide neosporin or other forms of antibiotic ointments or too frequently washing this hand soap they can all clean but the problem is they also have the risk of causing unnecessary side-effects that can actually hinder the healing process or cause complications while you try to heal now when it comes to touching your piercings it's important that you leave them alone as much as you possibly can if you do have to touch them for any reasons such as hair getting wrapped around the jewelry fabric from your clothing or string something along those lines always make sure you wash your hands for that antibacterial hand soap do what you got to do and then leave them be remember that's your golden rule and do not and I mean do not twist your piercings don't twist any of your piercings ever again that's outdated advice created by somebody who had no idea what they were talking about and no knowledge of how the human body heals leave those bad boys alone and you'll heal just fine another thing I want to touch on that you don't want to clean your piercings with is any kind of sea salt soap or anything like that there requires you to mix some kind of solution in a cup using q-tips or any other kind of non sterile cleaning materials quick side note if you're enjoying the video and you find our information useful so far do me a favor hit that subscribe button share this video with your friends and family so that they too can have healthy piercings and tattoos the last thing with aftercare is don't panic pus redness irritation swelling all of these things are totally common for piercings we did just shove a needle through a part of your body after all so remember stay calm these are all things that are perfectly okay and while I'm not a doctor and I can't legally tell you what an infection is just remember if it's something you're concerned with consult a professional don't take any drastic measures go talk with somebody who can give you proper guidance and how to take care of your piercing from that point moving forward and it will be okay that's it for aftercare everybody remember if you have any piercing or tattoo questions that you can't find a straight forward answer to on YouTube or Google let us know in the comments below we would be excited to help make some videos that kind of teach you guys what you want to know what you don't know and make sure everybody can have some healthy happy tattoos and piercings be sure to match that subscribe button and we'll see you guys next time remember we're sacred arts tattoo in Bradenton Florida thanks for watching our video guys

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  1. Sir I priced my ears before a week I wash them regularly morning and night with salt water solution but sir some puss came out from my pricing is this normal????

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