During my 4year marriage lived like a baby-producing machine[Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.06.11]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Everytime I watch one of these episodes concerning marriage with children and the father being indifferent or unhelpful, I'm just like, divorce is cheaper than the years of stress that you're gonna handle being in this toxic relationship with a person that claims to love you yet can't see that what you're experiencing or Expressing is having a negative effect on you and by extension the family/children

  2. I have a Friend similar like her husband, but at least he is responsible for his decision. He had 2 kids (so far) at just 2 years. He take care the babies pretty well so the wife main duty is only breastfeeding. I personally don't think it's good. But it's their problem anyway

  3. I want to punch that man's face. You are not ready to be a dad!!!!

  4. I'll rather adopt … Being pregnant for 9 months sucks, its hurts so much I don't want to experience it.

  5. I want to gather all the curse words and throw to him … like wth 😤🤬

  6. I want to beat the husband's face in. 😒😒😒😒😤😤😤😤😤

  7. What a sorry excuse for a husband he is 🤮 only living for himself, that’s not what raising a family is about

  8. mom never show their pain to her children or anyone .. but when they tell anyone that mean she in painful 😕💔

  9. It's nice that the guy likes kids but dude take it easy it's not easy to give birth or being pregnant. I mean when they reach puberty there will be a lot of expenses in the future for just 1-2 children

  10. 3 children considered normal in my country my mother have 10 siblings

  11. How he treats her is not right! Buti am also a women but i found it sooo funny how they reacted when the mc told that they have JUST 3 kids, because in my country its prettier normal that families have more then 3 and up to 6 or in some cases even 10 kids (and most women are even happy about it, because they say its a blessing) 😂 now i can see why in the future korea has to deal with society reduction and old age poverty, do they hate children or what? 😂

  12. 돼야지 자식이네..먹고 엄청 섹스질 할남자같음

  13. The organizers should make him feel d pain of labour by keeping artificial labour pain machine..( I don't remember its exact name)

  14. I seriously hate men who have this type of mindset about mothers and their babies and how depression doesn't exist once the mother gives birth. I can't believe she's been able to live and give birth belonging to a man of that mindset. It's disgusting and I just feel so bad for the mother. I went through depression after I gave birth to my first child…it was a difficult pregnancy since day one…i couldn't handle another child so I decided to get operated to not have anymore kids. I just cannot imagine how difficult it is for that women and being married to a man like that. He acts as though his wife's feelings don't mean anything and his needs are put over hers.

  15. Wow three children that's so much!
    Looks at my famiy…..nah not at all… (10 members)

  16. I don't think she will send this prob if her husband help her to take care their children together. But her husband only know how to make baby but don't want be resposible 100%. If this is my husband I will kick his dick.

  17. Everyone hate the man… but me… I hate the woman… if I become that woman… I'll just leave the man…

  18. You have two choices, get your tubes tied and if he does not grow up, divorce him. Two, live like this for the rest of your life. Remember, you are letting him treat you like a slave, No matter what family or friends may say, this is your life and your children's emotional welfare. You deserve better, make him take marriage counseling with you. If he refuses, got to court and get a divorce. You and your children are what is important. It seems many men need to be taught how to treat a women with respect and dignity. It is your choice if you what to try to teach him but if it seems futile, run.

  19. 1:58 the girl at the left really reminds me of park shin hye

  20. Her holding the 3 kids like that reminds me of those old black and white pictures of mothers carrying their child across the markets…

  21. why does every people who sits infrint of the celebrities and the one who have concern they always say it's not a concern !! 😡 , what kind of a husband is that !!!!

  22. This is a big concern though
    How could he?!?!?!and i was thinking of return of the superman*-*
    And what did he say!??!!?!?!?parents have their role,huh?
    Here let me tell you something,
    A lot of people has no father,they must be really sad and they want a father,right?why do they want father?if they have a wealthy family,why?cuz sometimes being a mom is hard,and sometimes our mom doesnt have time for us and father's role is to fill that time..


  23. If my husband was like this i whould put him inside a box and throw him away.

  24. the part where he said she should be more responsible for going out with her friends once in awhile, and then admitting that he goes out 10 times a month if not more and comes back late and makes more trouble made me want to beat him up so bad 😡😡😡

  25. your husband must try the machine they call labor pain so he kniw how painful to giving birth

  26. Doesn't seem like he played taekwondo with that behaviour and size

  27. He should go on "the return of superman" and learn from the dads there

  28. "We both need to sacrifice" my ass. It's the woman that's sacrificing everything. What is this asshole saying??

  29. IUD was the key mom. This man had to marry the women in other episodes who desperately wanted babies.

  30. Her husband dont know what it feels like to give birth to a child she might die because of giving birth to a child

  31. Let this guy feel what is labor pain/ contractions…Carrying the baby inside the womb for 9 months with all the pain. Plus the pain delivery either C section or through normal delivery.

  32. I'm not usually the type to spout hateful and violent comments since I keep it to myself but I'm at the verge of doing so. And they're not an ounce good at all.

  33. The guy beside her husband like what the heck I am doing here

  34. This is literaly abuse ya'll. Pressuring a woman into giving you children, or refusing to use birthcontrol or purposely using faulty birthcontrol when you've agreed that you will. This is severe abuse. Now he didn't do the second but he really did do the first

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