DRAW THIS AGAIN – Art CHALLENGE! – (2 Years of Art Improvement)

Hey What’s up, everybody? It’s me Jordan, and I’m back with another drawing video in this video I’m going to be redrawing an artwork. I did almost two years ago It is this drawing of Levi Ackerman from attack on Titan So I’m gonna redraw it and see if I’ve actually improved over the past two years hopefully I have because that would be pretty depressing if I haven’t Two years well spent practicing before I get on with the drawing this video is sponsored by Massdrop I don’t know why I made that voice. I should probably be more serious for a sponsored video Otherwise I’ll get in trouble mm-hmm serious voice Mass drop is a community driven commerce platform They make products with input from their members and give them a place to connect learn and shop with people who share their interests Alright, that’s enough joking around in all seriousness I think massdrop is actually a really cool service the difference between Massdrop and a regular online shop is that with Massdrop the community of online users Get to vote on the products, which they want to be made available When lots of people sign up for a drop the price of the product goes down so the more people who want to buy something? The cheaper it’s going to be Basically you get close to wholesale Prices when a lot of people want to buy them the main thing which I really like about mass drop is that it’s a community Of enthusiasts so the products which become available there are generally all really high quality I’m going to share with you guys some of the products and categories I’m excited about on mass drop at the end of the video, but right now. Let’s get back into the drawing When it comes to the line work of an anime style drawing like this something that I think is really important and often overlooked by newer artists is Having a variety of thicknesses of line So you want some thick areas and then some really fine areas as well And it just creates a really nice Contrast and will make your drawing look a lot more compelling and interesting and I think that’s really Prevalent in attack on Titan artwork if you’ve seen the anime or the manga you’ll notice they have really bold Outlines and it just creates a really impactful image. It feels bold and it really stands out So while I personally like to have some thin lines as well? I definitely tried to have some thicker areas along the outlines of this piece I kind of did that with my first Levi drawing as well, but kind of looking back on it now I feel like I could have had a little bit more thickness to certain areas Maybe not just a whole solid outline the same thickness But having just a couple of spots that kind of thicken up And it just makes the linework look a bit more dynamic in my opinion at least There are always so many different styles you can take with your drawings, so if you don’t really like that look then don’t do it There’s not really a right or a wrong way of doing it It’s just personal preference But it’s something worth experimenting with I know when I first did anime drawings I didn’t really think to do it. It. Just didn’t really occur to me for some reason But when I started studying other artists artworks a bit more kind of looking into Some of the techniques they were using I decided to try it for myself and ever since then I always Incorporate it at least in some capacity into my drawings Not always super thick outlines, but having at least a little bit of variety is always helpful. I Colored the skin a bit different in this piece Mainly in regards to where the shadows are falling on the face this time around He’s got the shadow on the left side of his face, and I kind of brought in purples throughout the whole piece I just felt like it creates a really interesting look I really like purples, and I think they work really well in shadows instead of just using a black Having the strong shadows on the side of his face creates more depth to the artwork You’ve got the highlights on the right side of his face where it’s nice and pale and then that contrasts really well with the shadows on the left-hand side it just makes the drawing look a lot more 3D and Depending on what style you’re going for that can be really effective with anime style drawings I think it also works well because he’s got a really dark brooding look and Having the shadows just really complements that and sticks with the dark theme of the piece When it comes to coloring blood I feel like I have refined those techniques that I use since my previous Drawing, it’s a lot grittier bit darker as well in my first drawing of Levi I think that was when I was really starting to get the hang of drawing blood Since then. I’ve just tweaked it a little bit. I think I generally draw it a little bit darker, but apart from that It’s pretty close now I just add a little bit more texture have some kind of pooling effects and where the blood would dry around the outsides It’s kind of hard to explain, but I think it looks a little bit better Maybe not two years of practice better, but a little bit better I think the big thing to remember here is getting good at any skill isn’t a quick process When you first start learning you will improve quicker, but over the years as you improve It’s kind of just diminishing returns I don’t mean to discourage anyone it takes time to get good at anything And that’s especially true with art so over the years I’m gonna slowly progress, but as long as you’re progressing You’re heading in the right direction, so you really can’t complain. Just keep improving at your own pace Don’t get too annoyed it yourself. If you feel like you’re progressing too slow You can always practice more if you’re getting frustrated But definitely don’t give up because if you give up you’re not going to progress at all so stick with it keep getting your slight improvements over time and eventually You’ll get really good. It’s kind of as simple as that Something that I really struggled with this piece was coloring his hair ughhh I was really worried. You’ll notice I scooped out a bunch of the process first I started by doing the highlights under his hair Kind of the oranges and purples that type of thing and then I go over it with black Now I turned the camera off there because I was getting stressed out that it wasn’t gonna work out at all I was like the rest of the drawing was going pretty well, and now I’ve completely stuffed up the hair great So I managed to kind of fix it up salvage it It looks pretty okay by the end of it, but it was a rough process and I was really worried I Did remember the same thing happened the last time I drew Levi, so I didn’t worry too much I figured I’d be able to fix it up and it looked fine by the end of it That’s just kind of the artistic process sometimes You need to trust yourself that it’s all gonna come together by the end a lot of my artworks Look really ugly in the kind of middle stages And it’s not until you add the last shading bits You add the highlights you smooth it all out, and then it all comes together so if you’re the type of person who gives up on a lot of drawings half way through I Definitely recommend to just try and stick it out and finish it because the amount of times I’ve been surprised at an artwork Which I thought was kind of doomed and looked like it was gonna turn out terribly actually came together really nicely by the end That’s given me a lot of confidence throughout all these drawings because I make these videos for you guys I know that I have to get the drawings done. I can’t just procrastinate and set them aside and not finish them as soon as I start coloring them I commit myself to finishing it I Do have a bunch of line works which I have not colored yet… But that’s a different story when I start coloring it then I always finish it So don’t judge me I know there’s a bunch of people who keep requesting me to finish these certain line works It’s probably not going to happen Maybe one day maybe one day there’s still hope but not much. Hope let’s be honest There are a few different stylistic choices you’ll notice reoccurring in a bunch of my newer drawings Like the dripping effects and the smoky effects in the background I also like to use my white gel pen to do highlights and add more texture That’s just something that I really like the look of having a grimy textured look I try to incorporate that into all of my drawings now And I think it really distinguishes my drawings from a bunch of the other fan art out there. I’m Definitely not saying mine is better or anything like that. I just want people to be able to look at my artwork and Recognize that it’s a Jordan Persegati artwork. It’s just nice to have a certain consistency throughout your art portfolio That definitely doesn’t mean don’t try different styles and sometimes do something completely different to your regular style Not at all, but I definitely like to have a certain consistency at least in the quality of the artworks So to wrap this video up I think I have improved at least a little bit But the big way that I actually have noticeably improved is the speed in which I do these drawings My art. Process is so much quicker than it used to be say five years ago two years ago I know what techniques to use I know what colors work well together and all these little things Just speed up the drawing process a lot more. I don’t have to stop and think for a long time trying to figure out What’s gonna work? How? I’m gonna do this. I just kind of know from experience, and that’s something I’m still going to speed up even more as you gain knowledge of your craft Confidence comes with that with confidence Speed comes with that, and it just feels a lot more natural So don’t be frustrated when you start out, and do you feel like all your drawings take ages to finish art isn’t a quick process? But as you get better it becomes quicker and less stressful It just comes naturally to a certain extent but to get to that natural state you have to Learn it the hard way. I guess learn through practice and applying those different techniques I hope this video is encouraging while it might not look like I’ve improved that much over the past two years It was a little bit less than two years, but two years sounds better in the title so we’re going with that I still have improved and I want to encourage you guys to keep practicing and Don’t give up if you feel like you haven’t improved that much over the year over time. You’ll notice a difference So best of luck with all your art. I’ve got heaps more drawing videos coming quickly before I end the video I just want to thank Massdrop again for sponsoring the video it really helps my channel out And I also appreciate you guys who are understanding of that when I do have sponsored videos My three favorite categories on mass drop the audiophile headphones section where they have really awesome headphones I love listening to music when I draw and also for you guys who are into my? Creepypasta videos having amazing audio with a good set of headphones makes all the difference It’s worth investing in trust me you won’t regret it if you get a good set of headphones Now the category which I really like at the moment is the hobbies section I’ve really been into board games lately So it’s kind of fun to scout that out and see where new drops are happening you have some new board games are out There just a lot of fun, and I like sitting around with friends playing board games That’s just something I’ve been into lately and the last category is their calligraphy pens They’ve got a really awesome selection of pens which I’ve never seen before and they look so good so if you’ve been inspired by Inktober which happened recently and you want to get a nice inking pen to maybe do some of your own drawings Definitely have a look at that. I’m sure you’ll find something that you really like but with that being said Check out mass drop if that’s something that interests you. I hope you enjoyed this video Give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you’re new and I will catch you guys next week in next week’s drawing video Drawing Video which doesn’t look so bland because you’ve only got three colors. I’m gonna continue on with the drawing I hope you guys enjoy watching the process as it all comes together now I’m going to jump into a horror story and to read that for you guys So put your headphones on dim the lights and let’s get into it

Glenn Chapman


  1. I draw anime to. My best one was natsu from fairytale. But I can't draw this amazing and I can't blend like that. You are my motivation

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    Also, for those whoโ€™re saying they clicked because of Levi, that could really be offensive to Jordan because โ€œjust because itโ€™s Levi, they click, more views. Unlike the other ones I makeโ€
    (But I really love Levi but pls donโ€™t state that)

    The new one has improved in colouring, though! Something I suck at XD

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  19. I say your newer one is better as it looks more like Levy from the series with his delicate looks, instead of the masculine older version of him in the older drawing. But that's just me, good job and continue the good work. I like listening your creepy pasta videos by the way it has just the right amount of creepiness to send shivers down my spine!~

  20. I was big at drawing when I was in high school. My first character I drew was Trunks from DBZ. I would grab one of my VHS tapes and sit there for an hour drawing it. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad for my first time. I just kept at it and before I knew it, drawing was all I was doing. I drew mostly with my headphones on and that blocked out the noise around me. I even took art classes in school and got really good grades. My longest drawing I did was Piccolo from DBZ and he took me two hours ( I was a big DBZ fan back in the day ).
    I haven't drew in a few years but watching you're video makes me want to pick it up again. I would love to try and draw Levi or even Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

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  28. Certainly. If you donโ€™t give up, you will eventually get better! I started drawing when I was 4. Im now 5 years older than that. I used to draw stick men/woman, but now i have improved lots. Just donโ€™t give up on skills you want to improve, practice alot, and youโ€™ll get better!

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