Don’t put off till tomorrow [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

Daddy, everything is “green green.” It’s good to see so many
different things! Mamma (food). You want foods? I choose cheese ~ (Why is it so sweet?) (Isn’t there more?) Then what do I eat? DADDY! DADDY! Daddy… (Just one bite.) Good, huh? You are eating only today? Not eating tomorrow? (Today, tomorrow, I eat.) (What is that?) (One bite for you.) (Don’t you know “three seconds rule”?) What is this? (Let me see…) (Smelling…) Mamma (food)? (It must be it…!) (((You can watch this episode
on KBS WORLD TV channel on October 20, 2019 (KST)))

Glenn Chapman


  1. It's weird but I like kids who eats well. From tae oh (oh my baby) to Bentley.

  2. Bentley and William needs more screen time please KBS 😭💗💗💗💗

  3. Of course bentley thinks all the food is his. Please teach him to share with william

  4. Bantley is so adorable. I hava a nephew who is very picky eater. It is a war just to make him eats. While bentley just eat anything given to him 😂

  5. Since Ben eats a lot I worry he would be the second Sam😅 but at this age food is important too

  6. Ben help sam appa to lose his weight. Trust me! 😄😄😄 but their editing like scene in melodrama when ben want sam apapa's food.

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