Dolores Cannon: What is QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)?

when I started teaching my classes and
was in 2002 and I was just doing the past life regressions and contacting the
subconscious part I’d hadn’t done much of the healing yet so at that time we were just calling the class advanced past life regression but then as the time went on and we found how powerful this was and what we could do with it a lot of the students began saying, “you know advanced past life regression doesn’t really tell what it’s all about. This is so much more than that,
we think you should change the name.” So it was a few years ago, we decided to change the name to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Because that’s really what it
is. It’s quantum it’s so big and so important. So we called it QHHT because it’s way beyond past life regression and that’s for the name is
stuck now and this is the healing technique that we’ve now been teaching it well since 2002 that’s 12 years. I encourage anyone interested in Quantum Healing Hypnosis to please take advantage of the training the training that is now
available online You can find it through my website DoloresCannon.com

Glenn Chapman


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